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  1. On a larger scale, Weinstein has paid 25M to victims in a civil suit. This option is the only option to women in cases where the defendant is a high profile individual with power/status/influence etc.
  2. Whilst my mental health has been up and down, my physical health has felt like I’ve had a constant cold now for about a month and a half.
  3. Was it just a flash or was he no giving it a wee tug in the drivers seat?
  4. Aye I deleted that as auto correct absolutely ruined it. I thought so, I remembered it being one of the midlands teams with a dark colour and white striped kit.
  5. There’s a sociological theory about football that I’ve got in my dissertation that for most football becomes a “moral holiday” be that the abuse the shout at players, officials, etc or the past actions of a player.
  6. Perception eh, I thought that was one of my funnier jokes...she does tell me I’m no funny but [emoji23]
  7. I know haha despite dodging a massive bullet we took the hit with
  8. Well you guys are in for a treat...mackinnon is an absolutely atrocious manager...good luck, or hope you have a cooling off period in the contract
  9. Here’s hoping durnan goes out in loan think that may be too wishful
  10. As someone who spent a years working with sex offenders, as the father to a daughter, I feel I second your sentiment. How could I in good conscious say I’d fight tooth and nail to protect my daughter then give money to an institution that hires a rapist...
  11. See at first I thought that was like a 50/60 year old manager in England managing his boyhood club to a victory...
  12. Make it interesting, a hell in a cell, or tables ladders and chairs...
  13. Posted but it wasn’t working, Some good songs there, and good that you’ve found some that reflect you and your life. Mines would be; The rapheals-learning to row Runrig-the story The washboard union-feel like that All have different meaning to me. But all very personal. P.S should get hearthammer by Runrig as a wee warm up song.
  14. To be fair with all the empty shops in the high street it’s not like he would detract anyone from it anyway haha
  15. Amazingly no attempt at a joke but a real life recollection of an awful morning after
  16. I’ve found the pleasures of the loofah for a deeper clean with the soap.
  17. Probably would be a link, domestic abuse can have a serve psychological effect. I know it’s an extreme away, but individuals who were sexually abused as children tend to go on to do the same when they are adults. Similar effect, there can be a causal link between someone who has been domestically abused to someone who then goes onto to carry out similar actions themselves.
  18. Is this really the sort of player we want sporting our steeple :/ ETA: he’s nothing more than a rapey wee ned...
  19. Any update on transfers that may be happening in the next couple days
  20. Philpy, run mate, run. These people most probably brush their teeth then drink fresh orange...contact operation yewtree.
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