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  1. I know. We’ve incorporated a few things in too so a wee weekend away from it as opposed to just going up and down on one day. Going to the prison museum before the game, sunday a wee trip along Banffshire before back home.
  2. What was the initial stadium plan for dumbarton? Was it to be two equal sized stands? Or three smaller set ups getting the capacity to 4000?
  3. It’s brilliant you have someone like that. You’re both able to share your emotions like that. I’m sorry to hear about the miscarriage, That’s a horrific thing for anyone to deal with. I’m glad your father in law is on the up and I hope 2020 is a much better year for you all mate.
  4. I don’t disagree that on paper our defence is solid, but out of those twelve goals plenty have come from defensive mishaps. I don’t think we need a whole new defence, but we need rid of the weakest link.
  5. Berra for durnan? Just solidify the defence. Would get Buchanan, Dixon, and Doyle in line
  6. Grants dad could still do a better job than durnan [emoji849][emoji849]
  7. Another BMW today, cut up the jnside and tried to force his was in. Then pulled up beside me at red lights asking what’s wrong. I told him are you fucking stupid you almost crashed into the door my daughter is sitting at and you endangered her safety you fucking idiot. His response, aye well I didn’t crash into you get out the fucking car. My response, no chance I’m not going to act like a moron In front of my bairn.
  8. I already picked up a ticket for it. If there are still seats going can you pay to upgrade on the day? If it’s raining heavily I’d rather be in the stand if not I’m happy to stand
  9. My other halfs pal came back from canada and brought back a vancouver whitecaps top. just makes me wonder what random tops you guys have
  10. But no meet up in the howgate for a coffee? Gutted...
  11. Heard lee Wallace was in the Dumbarton end...could it be possible?
  12. Good old darren “he snorts to the left” hill
  13. To be fair he still opted to lump the ball out the park instead of to Doyle, Buchanan, or Mutch. But no stupid errors.
  14. Looking forward to this, hotel booked, going up with the mrs and wee one for the night. Proper wee night away. Hopefully rounded off with a solid victory for falkirk too. Just hope the rain stays off seeing as there is no cover for standing. But, having lived in Aberdeen for five and a bit years, and having had to commute to Peterhead for work, I know that there is every possibility it will...
  15. Aye when it’s the opposite side it’s the refs call and she just went with him. Didn’t set a foot wrong all game.
  16. What did piss me off is an old p***k sat in front of me in hospitality say, about a fifa listed official, “that’s why women shouldn’t be in football”. Which was absolutely out of order and why women are still fighting for equality...
  17. Booked a wee hotel for me the mrs and the bairn for the Peterhead game next week. She’s going to entertain tiny whilst I go to the game. Looking forward to it.
  18. Clyderus or what ever saying he would still cheer on someone even if they had sexually assaulted a close family member to try win an argument is a wee headsgone
  19. I’d search for that moral compass of yours then. If anyone had done that to my family there is no way I could 1. Cheer them if they played for my team. 2. Live without ensuring they pick up their teeth with broken fingers
  20. And what esteemed legal position do you hold and what years of legal experience do you have to be considered to become a judge? Compared to the judge that ran the civil suit and the three appeal judges? I know who my bet is on...and it’s not you only live twice. Not denying judges get it wrong, that’s why there is an appeal process, the odds of four judges getting it wrong within their legal remit is very unlikely.
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