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  1. “But the manager believes Monday’s team meeting could be a pivotal moment in the team’s season.” [emoji849] Pivotal in that the team have probably sussed out that he doesn’t have a clue how to manage a team at this level. I think his only relative success as a manager came at Brechin City. It should never have got to this stage, he should’ve been asked to go on Monday. Give us some time to get a new manager who can utilise the January transfer market. ETA: quotation marks
  2. When I comment on a post, I leave and come back and the post still says, for example, that the last post was 39m ago, and it hasn’t moved to the top of the thread. Is this an issue for anyone else?
  3. Interesting religious perspective is pantheism, what paganism is adopted from. The idea that the universe is your god, that the universe is your provider in the way other religions feel god is the provider. When you consider things such as the anthropological principle of the position of the earth to be able to sustain life as we know it. It creates an opportunity to consider is it chance or is there more to the functions of the universe than we know of
  4. People who can’t modulate the volume of their mastication... It’s repulsive, firstly, close your mouth when you eat. Secondly, how can you not hear that. Lastly, have some considerations that others don’t want to hear you eat.
  5. What I can’t believe is that my little girl is now three and a half. Say to her hello baby, and her response is “I’m not a baby daddy, I’m a big girl” Genuinely think no matter how old she is, she will always be that little baby.
  6. Gutted to not have a ticket for this, but, it’s on the telly so I suppose I can still watch it. Would love to say it will be a comfortable victory, but if we still have RM in charge then expect the unexpected.
  7. Right now I’d take half of what they are doing. As it would be a significant improvement on what is currently on display.
  8. Not work related but university related. A lassie in my class who is roughly in her 40s and has two kids will accuse any man of being sexist if they disagree with her. Eg I had said I would rather have went to Glasgow Uni but due to my qualifications and work experience of having worked in the prison service it wasn’t deemed enough. This was sexist, and I was to stop it with my patriarchal bullshit. Merely for pointing out that at Glasgow uni an A is between 90-92% where as at UWS an A is 70%.
  9. I think we need to make a point. Sell out the away end and be as vocal as possible. As mentioned earlier not only does Ray have to walk across the pitch, we will be in close proximity to the BoD. Ray can’t just hide by waking straight to the tunnel like he did vs Airdrie.
  10. What strikes me is that part time Arbroath are excelling by all accounts in the championship. On paper Falkirk should beat Arbroath (purely an example) but, what Arbroath have that we don’t is a team that believe in what the manager is doing. Something we lack. We have no accountability, players don’t appear to know where they stand. Which is a stark contrast to what’s going on at Arbroath. He doesn’t have the dressing room, and Saturday there was the straw that broke the camels back with the spectators. I took my misses with me in Saturday for her first Falkirk game and her response was don’t ever bring me back.
  11. I get that we aren’t in the financial position to sack him, yet I do wonder what would be more financially detrimental; sacking ray and paying him for the rest of the season whilst appointing someone else, or sticking by Ray and potentially remaining in the league for another season. If we don’t get automatic promotion then I don’t hold high hopes for the play offs. Looking at the teams in the bottom half of the championship I’d fancy any one of them to take a result off us at the minute.
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