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  1. Don’t even know where to start. Mutch and Gomis again this week appear to be the only two who are playing consistently. But in the case of Gomis, what’s the point in having a quality play maker when your strikers aren’t interested or looking for the ball. He has no opportunity to play that killer pass he can play. Doyle, Dixon, Durnan. rotten, couldn’t stop a car with a red light. Buchanan....absolute waste of space, why is he captain...he has shown zero leadership from the off. He’s a useless defender into the bargain. His specialty appears to be half arsing a header to the ground or in the air. McMillan and McManus...never look like scoring. Longridge, he has so much better in him. Yet he has now shown an ounce of what he is capable of. Miller and McLean, non existent today. Sammon...same as last week, poor first touch and the amount of wasted chances to progress is unfathomable. Best for last... McKinnon...is he delusional? He’s a fraud for sure. He is absolutely clueless. Zero tactical awareness, no passion in the dug out, couldn’t even look the fans on his was back in. His time is up. His office should be cleared out tonight...it won’t be. That penalty at the end probably bought him another couple of weeks, but, the BoD watched the same game as us. We did not deserve a point. I don’t know if dumbartons second goal was off or not, but irrespective we did not deserve a point today and McKinnon did not deserve the saving grace of a point.
  2. East fife playing a friendly today? Saw the bus pass by on the 737 but saw they don’t have a fixture
  3. I’d have thought it’s a pair of trousers that are two sizes too small that cause his mood swings
  4. Is there a tv in the bowling club? Be good to watch what ever generic football match is on before the game.
  5. Question for Dumbarton fans. Where’s good for a pre match beer. Might just take the train instead of driving.
  6. How much do the club make from the concerts or do they funds for straight to Falkirk council. ETA: could this be the “investment” MSG were looking for
  7. Anyone fancy a game of squash in Ayrshire. Just a once a week situation? Looking to get back into playing it. Not played now in a few years sadly.
  8. Absolutely detest those who come off a round about on to a dual carriageway from the outside line and instead of merging into the outside lane, cut off the car in the inside line to enter the dual carriage way on the inside lane. Nonces IMO.
  9. Tonight’s dinner was a vegetable stir fry, with Quorn instead of chicken. Absolutely outstanding. Dessert of strawberry Greek yogurt.
  10. At this rate I’d take noddy...his entourage seem more coordinated that what McKinnon puts on display
  11. Even more reason to fill out the away end on Saturday and make our feelings known. With the board in such close proximity we have nothing to lose by ensuing we are loud and clear.
  12. ^^^^ Wears an overcoat to expose himself at passing trains imo
  13. Know what would be a good idea, set aside a percentage of the fantasy football money for charity. And the winner keeps the rest, see if the company you work for will match the amount raised come the end of the year and donate it annually to a charity. Partly cause she would seethe, but strikes me as she’s got to be outraged about something and no doubt she will find something about the gesture and the company contribution to expostulate about.
  14. Tried eating granola bars instead of a bar of chocolate, moved onto Pepsi max from irn bru, onto the vape from the cigs. It’s no easy man.
  15. Interesting group of people people I work with... One in particular who decided he was done with his deliveries as he wouldn’t get finished at 4am and was instead finishing at 5.30am (we are paid until 7.30am but it’s job and finish) brought the van back and just left. Never came back. Spat the dummy over his finish times.
  16. That actually sounds good Haha what I’m trying to avoid, already eat my portion and what the wee one doesn’t eat [emoji23]
  17. Just submitted an ethics application for my dissertation.
  18. Just looking for some good food ideas that are healthy, not talking Veganism or things in the ballpark of cancun bullshit. Just straight up basic healthy eating. I keep myself fit and active, at the gym four days a week with cardio, but I realise at 26 metabolisms start to slow and an improved diet is needed. Particularly things I can eat on the go at work and uni. I work nights in a van and trying to take something filling and healthy just is a challenge.
  19. Launch RM back to Dundee in one foul swoop. I like it.
  20. Saying help without giving any clarity or instruction on what she needs help with. I.e can’t find kitchen roll. Will just shout help and stare blankly at the worktop
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