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  1. If you can’t w**k to a good crowd, what can you w**k too?
  2. Honestly happy with this, as folk say, it could be lex trying to take the pressure off. But for all Lee has given to the club in his two stints, I believe he would give this post his absolute all.
  3. Happy enough with this intern appointment, would like to think there is a view to making it permanent should results work out. But two experienced players, should bring a wealth of knowledge, coming from out with the club also is a bonus as it means they aren’t going from player to manager at their own club.
  4. Think we would play better football under McKinnon than Caldwell
  5. Chance of a league winners medal though, as opposed to play off winner next to his name. Don’t think east fife will win the league but deffo a shout through the play offs.
  6. Actually forgot about houstie....would love to see him come back. Miller is untested as a manager so I wouldn’t want to take the chance
  7. Order of preference Jim Duffy Danny Lennon Darren Young Martin canning Any of the above I think would do a good job with the team we have
  8. Know the one that got me, was where the Forfar goalkeeper handled the ball inside his box (just), even if it had been out it was at the goal line so was in no way denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity and the boy is screaming that’s a red card [emoji23][emoji23] watch them with the sound off now.
  9. Went to my local co-op, closed at 11pm, arrived at 10.56 and the fuckers had locked the doors and were putting the shutters down. Nearest 24 hour shop is a 15 minute drive and I’m no driving that far for cashew nuts.
  10. Couple of gigs booked to take place at the stadium probably sweetens the pot to get McKinnon sacked and have a small fund for January
  11. Maybe not popular but I’d take Duffy, after what he did with a bang average Morton team, he could do a job for us
  12. Are Forfar still looking for a new manager? Local man needs a job
  13. Would still rather eat rubbish than be fellated by my father.
  14. Managed to get sorted with a ticket for the away end. Ideal.
  15. “We looked nervous after conceding a goal” (paraphrased) No Ray, we were god awfully shite today...
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