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  1. Must admit I was surprised when I saw that, but, not going to complain one bit. Did expect Raith to take something from Forfar; as opposed to a draw. Although, I reckon east fife and Clyde would’ve had a draw written all over it.
  2. Funny cause I’m no where near Dundee or the river dee of Aberdeen [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  3. Rather comfortably, Linlithgow came at us and raised there game. It’s not as black and white as oh we are league one and they are east of Scotland. If that’s the mindset then how can we compare us to stenny, despite the fact stenny beat us last year. Thus, that argument is flawed. Did I say we are the complete package? No. We have several areas we need to develop. Has it been an improvement on the aforementioned games. Yes! Irrespective of their league, we played better against a team that was relishing an attempt to cause a cup upset. Than we have against airdrie, Clyde, and Dumbarton.
  4. Based on what was played in front of us. Were we playing a non league team? Yes. Was there small signs of improvement? Yes, there was more link up play and off the ball movement than has been in recent weeks. Players fighting to get to the ball. Not saying that we are a million times better but improvement is based on comparison to other. In contrast to the Clyde airdrie and Dumbarton game it was an improvement, or is that beyond you?
  5. This is our first real test for LM and DM. Stranraer will be no push over, especially given their result last weekend against Dunfermline. We need to make home advantage count and be clinical with out chances. I thought we were more clinical on Friday, but, we were still incredibly wasteful at opportunities. Longridge put in a good shift, but, held on to the ball too long and missed good opportunities to take a shot. McManus, good to see him get a goal, unlucky to have strayed offside for one. But hopefully that gives him confidence going in. Defensively we still show frailties. I’d like to see more passion from our defenders. Doyle, id like him to be more switched on. Durnan needs to up his game in every respect, Dixon should have a confidence boost from Friday. We have a long way to go to team stability, but I believe we will be on the right path now. 2-0 Falkirk.
  6. Congrats to yourselves and wish you all the best in the next round. Deffo not a team I’d like to face away from home.
  7. For all those who have built new stadiums. Would you rather the new or the old? For me I’d much rather be watching in the hope street terrace than the south stand.
  8. I think Stephen swift is the manager, he’s a good non league manager. He will do well by them. Hope to see them grow in the future
  9. Was there a good turn out by BSC supporters? They have been accomplishing a lot and improving every year, I’d hope they are starting to build a solid fan base
  10. But but but juniors but but but devils illumination... Congrats to everyone who took part in this round successful or not, you have all come on leaps and bounds and expect a few of these teams to be in the SPFL soon.
  11. So east fife are smaller than BSC then [emoji848][emoji848][emoji848]
  12. I reckon they’ve surprised their own fans at how well they’ve done
  13. For intents of crowd wanking, we had 2/3 the number of fans in the away end that attended the Morton game today. Cue a tear ridden response from virginton after his teams embarrassing draw against some shinty team.
  14. Would love to see these teams, particularly those that took the steps of moving over and now working for a license to get a big away day. Improvement for them can only develop the game long term.
  15. Also, look how many junior teams made it this far...one...there is really quality building in these leagues and within ten years I can see a lot of changes to the natural order of lower league SPFL
  16. Congratulations to Bonnyrigg, BSC, Broxburn, East Kilbride. Commiserations to Linlithgow and Penicuik. From what I saw yesterday Linlithgow made a really strong account for themselves and the reception they received from their fans at full time was nothing short of first class. Wish you lads all the best for the rest of the season and thanks again for the hospitality you showed us visiting supports, and please know the wee idiot that spat on Coyne is by no ways representative of the majority of fans here at Falkirk.
  17. Clearly, we left no one up front, there was spare men as to not sacrifice his place on the post. To be fair, Doyle could’ve been on the post and it still would’ve went in seeing as he’s as useful as a chocolate teapot
  18. What I’d add, Doyle was on the back post, shouted on someone to pick up the lithgae 14, instead of staying on the back post he came off. If he had stayed then they aren’t scoring at the back post.
  19. Got to be some sociological studies on the behaviour of fighting. See cause that’s slowed down you actually see the animalistic bouncing and trying to make your self appear bigger through subtle subconscious movements...none the less, wee fannies on both sides. Back on topic, Falkirk to break Arbroath 36-0 record and a statue to be erected of LM and DM in front of the steeple... All seriousness, even with a new management team we can’t get complacent. Rose will be right up for this. I suspect a tight 0-0 until 70 mins then the FT PT difference kicks in, and Falkirk to win 3-0
  20. Probably still have more in the away end than the home...
  21. Also love the confidence sky have in their ability to name the women’s leagues in England
  22. Excellent from sky at the weekend, never knew we had semi finals with three fixtures on day and one on the Friday night...
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