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  1. Felt, like last week, that there are minor signs of improvement today. But, none the less there is still significant work to be done. Doyle and Durnan still looking very liable at the back. I though longridge looked like he was putting more effort in, not as many wasteful chances from him like last week. Happy just to get three points in the league.
  2. Am I right in saying that New Bayview is now Astro? Feeling quietly confident, there are minor signs of improvement but overall still a lot of work to be done. East fife will obviously be looking for an improvement on their last two weeks with the defeat to BSC and Airdrie so no chance for us to be complacent. If we are going to win this then we need to get into the game a lot quicker than we did today.
  3. Glad McManus was able to continue after his slip. That looked a sore one. Wasn’t sure if it was his neck or face that hit the board, but, could’ve been a broken tooth or nose. What I wondered, who did a risk assessment for a raised board right next to the pitch. Clearly a hazard and could’ve caused much more serious injury.
  4. Twice Doyle has been miles away from his man on the right hand side. Thankfully both went out for a goal kick but f**k me he really is dreadful
  5. Why does that remind me of standing on the hope street terrace as a bairn [emoji23]. Genuinely would love to do an open uni degree in theology. It’s a fascinating subject area, but I’m already in the honours year of a politics degree and trying to get into a teaching post grad haha.
  6. I had tried to find something. But what I did research is that there is a general error somewhere. And that one of the stories were true and the other not. One would assume Matthew as it was the first written, therefore in theory the one nearest to the timeline of events. Although was there not some couple hundred years between the books, obviously the stories were passed in via story telling at first. Can imagine the Chinese whispers effect here.
  7. His argument was that Mary, Joseph, and Jesus didn’t flee as refugee from king Herod. They were attending a census. I’m not a religious person, but a small bit of research shows that Matthew 2:13-2:23 states that Joseph was wanted by an angel of Herod’s desire to kill the new born son of god. Hence the fleeing. Also, the first census occurred 9 years after Herod’s death. Ergo, he can’t pick and choose what aspect. He recognised the role of Herod. This all came about when he I called someone for being racist to refugees then stating if they are truly Christian then they cannot celebrate Christmas with those views, given that’s surrounds the role of refugees fleeing to safety.
  8. ^^^^ sneaks into edinburgh zoo and beasts the polar bears at midnight
  9. Had the pleasure of destroying a racist, declaring their hypocrisy, then destroying their counter argument about religion. Wonderful.
  10. Takes an hour per unit of alcohol to leave the system Seriously though, I don’t mind if I’m not drinking. Would rather travel with other fans as opposed to driving to places like Montrose on my own from ayrshire.
  11. I’d be driving to falkirk for the game, it’s more for the games north of the tayside as obviously airdrie, Clyde, and Dumbarton aren’t too far to travel.
  12. Off topic, I usually drive to games but thinking of getting a supporters bus to a few away days. Any recommendations and what’s the usual price etc?
  13. 1st December...got the bairn one of those big frozen advent calendars. She gets Elsa and Anna to start with then gets to create their room or castle or something. Either way looking forward to seeing her face when she gets it on the 1st
  14. At the time, when we just had one stand it will great as it could accommodate the home support, but I feel like we should’ve just built it smaller and put up four stands. Thus, we wouldn’t had no need for an oversized main stand. If the fourth stand ever goes up, I feel we are going to have four disproportionately sized sides, unless they opt for a boca juniors wall with some seats
  15. I had read back what I wrote and realised I missed out the part where I bought the ticket [emoji23]
  16. Airdrie 2 - 1 East Fife Clyde 2 - 0 Dumbarton Falkirk 3 - 1 Stranraer Forfar 1 - 2 Peterhead Montrose 1 - 1 Raith Rovers
  17. Was getting the train through to the Linlithgow rose game last Friday night. Used the machine at queen street, bought my tickets. Now, I couldn’t get through the barrier as all the machine had on offer was off-peak, yet this was peak time. Explained to the guy that worked there that the machine is goosed, and I’ve now missed my train. Instead of an apology and a correction of tickets, I still had to pay the excess. Now had it been my human error I’d have accepted that, but, this was scotrails fault. An error that had caused me to miss the planned train and caused a half hour weight that ate into valuable pub crawl time.
  18. The bairn has her first dancing exam a week on Saturday. Haven’t seen her more excited about something.
  19. Had a successful two weeks of classroom experience to support my application to study on the PGDE for modern studies.
  20. New AM at work...walloper [emoji23][emoji23] nae sense of humour, he’s going to love me...
  21. I always felt we never needed the top tier of seating in the main stand. You just need to see the number of empty seats in the main stand to realise how grossly oversized it is
  22. I mean, Who doesn’t enjoy taking their burd to the brink of socialism [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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