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  1. Think they have a point when they can produce more fans than the average burd has friends on Facebook.
  2. In my job I work the now I work nights as it allows me to go to uni during the day and get more family time. I was acting assistant manager for a while, and my general go to speech was “I’ll get back to you” after about two weeks of this folk worked out I had no intention of getting back to them, and nor did I. This wasn’t out of arseholry, I didn’t want the job and came in one day and was told I was the acting assistant manager with a view to permanent appointment. When the three months were up I said I didn’t want interviewed for it and wanted to go back to my old post.
  3. In Saudi, sex is only permitted in the missionary position. Any deviation from that results in the following penalties; Oral: punch in the face Anal: fisted by the strongest man Doggie style: eaten by the dogs All three: dick chopped off
  4. Always feel like I’ve had a good w**k when I’ve a blocked nose and you get that belter of a sneeze. Post w**k nap required after. Aside from that I hate sneezing.
  5. Right, I can’t be the lone sufferer. Who else sneezes an excessive amount, but triggered by a single solitary sneeze. Like no build up of a sneezing fit, one sneeze and that’s it. What’s even worse is being asthmatic and it bringing on an ever so mild asthma attack.
  6. And heaven forbid you turn the light off before she’s in bed, resulting in her walking past the light switch to get to bed and you have to get up and turn it off? If so then I absolutely feel your pain
  7. Been to Arbroath as a neutral, it’s a cracking ground, cracking food, and with a good away following on the terraces there should be some noise.
  8. To be fair the actual street named white hart lane is the other side of the railway line and probably a half mile walk?
  9. Cause Fans would rather go to the leven community sports hub than places like tannadice, east end etc [emoji23]
  10. I’ve started making a bit more noise when I get in, have a bite to eat, and a shower now.
  11. Gets up first thing and fires the light on, at 6.30am. I’m usually back in from work about 5am...instead of getting ready else where she insists it’s must be done in the bedroom...
  12. I’d dread to see the score line of the 2002/2003 squad against the current.
  13. Not from bayview according to our twitter, I’d imagine if the club shop is open before you set off then you’d be able to get one. Worth phoning them and asking
  14. This, and when you consider the average attendance of Stranraer that’s about 8-10% of their average home gate making a 220 mile round trip in the build up to Xmas. Absolute respect.
  15. The application was incorrect too. McManus didn’t interfere with play, therefore under the laws of the game play continues and he be sanctioned at the next stoppage in play. Only if he interferes with play do you stop immediately.
  16. I’d like to say I’m in the same boat. Bairn slept till 9.30 this morning and we went to our bed at 12. 9 and a half hours sleep, forgot what that felt like. Still had a cheek to say I was knackered when I woke up.
  17. I know mate, fucked the grammar on that. Sorted now petal x
  18. I heard it’s cause they’re still looking for the missing link between the rest of Scotland and the montrosians, going by the photo of the Montrose crowd.
  19. The Montrose vs Raith Rovers thread [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Alleged peados and fights [emoji23]
  20. Random fact about Latapy, he scored in 29 games for Trinidad and Tobago, they only ever lost 2 games in which Latapy was a scorer.
  21. Today, I felt like McCracken is the more senior of the two. He spent more of the game right on the edge of the dugout with miller sat back a bit more. Possibly due to McCrackens previous role at Peterhead and the experience he brings to coaching. But, I’m prepared to give the guys the backing. I really hope it works out well for them, in the few interviews I’ve seen they are full of exuberance, which long may continue.
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