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  1. Agree 100%.
    Bit of a minter when we play in this and then the board want us to be considered as being a Lowland club rather than a Highland one:
    Eta:  For those not aware, Glencadam is the whisky distillery next door to Glebe Park.   A delicate, non-peated and balanced dram that makes for an ideal and somewhat different gift for any friend or family member.  

    Not that you’re on commission or anything ;)
  2. Remember a guy I worked with taking a contractor to do some work on the prison grounds. He took him round and had to stand with him all day.

    He said he told the contractor about this area being where the last man to be hung in Scotland was. So he took the contractor down to the staff room for his lunch, he fucked off to the kitchen and got some bones that were taken out of what ever was for lunch that day.

    Buried them roughly where the guy was working. Says the boy about shit a brick when he came across them. Proclaimed it in front of the staff room to us all and the usual types went straight to management whilst the rest of us found it quite amusing.

  3. Really disappointed not to have won that. Can’t help but feel what could’ve been at the draw.

    Hearts looked really poor, only clear chance was the penalty. If I was a hearts fan I’d be concerned at what the rest of this season holds.

    Bonus, I though Buchanan and durnan looked really good at the back. And I’ve been a big critic of both, so was happy to see that. Sammon was utter dross the whole game.


    Just a random thought, as a Falkirk fan I do like our colours of blue and white.


    But, and I don’t know why, I’ve always felt white should’ve been our dominant colour and blue or secondary colour.


    What about any other team? Or your own? Right colours or what alternative?




  5. IMG_3309.jpg

    Saw this. I know it doesn’t work for everyone but I know for me every Saturday football has been a release from the stresses of life...aside from the stresses that come with being a falkirk fan.

    I just wanted to say I hope everyone is doing ok, I know January can be a horrible month. New year, same stressors, linger wait for pay etc. I hope everyone has made it through ok.

  6. Well, I was glad to see the back of 2019, but holy f**k this year has been bloody awful so far.
    Friday was my last day of employment after being fired only 4 months into the job. A bit like[mention=78512]FalkirkBairn93[/mention] above though, I was really just feeling relief at that miserable period of my life finally being over.
    But then yesterday, the younger of our 2 dogs died. She’d been sick for a few days, having a hard time breathing and off her food. The vet was treating her for bronchitis and while she seemed to have improved a bit Friday night, on Saturday morning she took a turn for the worse.
    The vet recommended we take her down to the Emergency clinic in the city as they had more specialized equipment and could care for her over the weekend.
    They put her on oxygen straight away but after about an hour, the doc came out to tell us she wasn’t responding and basically her brain had shut down. Euthanasia was the only real option at that point but by the time we made it through to the back room, she’d already gone. The bronchitis had turned into pneumonia and there was just too much fluid in her lungs.
    We’d been mentally preparing for losing our older dog but this came right out of nowhere. We didn’t even give her a proper hug before they took her back.
    So now it’s after 1am and I’m stuck on the couch almost too afraid to go to sleep. Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck.
    Although I suppose if my truck won’t start tomorrow, I could write a Country song. (Feeble smile)
    God, I’m going to miss her.

    That’s natural mate, your pet becomes such a big part of your family that when they sadly are no longer with us it that it leaves a big hole in our hearts.

    I hope you are all ok, as it’s not an easy thing.
  7. You know something, having been fired from my job for taking my second sick day in 9 months, I feel somewhat liberated. I’m on a high not a downer.

    It seems mad to say it but it’s how I feel. I think probably because it gives me a couple of weeks to get ahead of everything for uni etc. But still, I actually feel great. After the cursing my former boss for a few hours straight haha.

  8. Will u pass the PVG? 

    Aye mate I was a warder no a con just now looking at anything that comes up, can’t plan too far ahead as I’m waiting to find out the outcome of my PGDE interview, and as teaching is my first choice I can’t really start pressing onto anything else until the Uni’s have got back to me.
  9. Union basically said I have no rights as I’ve only been there 9 months, still, pissed off at a 30 second phone call saying it’s no working out cause I phoned in sick...

    Bright side, I’ve an interview working nights in a rehab centre. I worked in care during my first couple of years in uni after leaving the prison so feel like this is a good chance to use those skills learnt from both.

  10. The "Old" prison is well worth a visit, you get a set of headphones that gives information as you go along so you can go at your own pace although I think they do guided tours as well. If you are taking the car over to the game there is a limited amount of free parking at the ground but unless there early it a case of finding a space on the streets around the area. Don't think the forecast is great but hopefully you & your folks enjoy your trip.



    Aye I worked in the old Aberdeen prison then Grampian. Never had the joys of old Peterhead but given they still had slopping out i don’t think I missed much. My grans grew up in Portsoy so think that’s on the cards for Sunday.


    ETA: is there any soft play centres nearby or other things for kids to do? She’s not coming to the football so she’s going to do something with the wee one.

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