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  1. Remember a guy I worked with taking a contractor to do some work on the prison grounds. He took him round and had to stand with him all day. He said he told the contractor about this area being where the last man to be hung in Scotland was. So he took the contractor down to the staff room for his lunch, he fucked off to the kitchen and got some bones that were taken out of what ever was for lunch that day. Buried them roughly where the guy was working. Says the boy about shit a brick when he came across them. Proclaimed it in front of the staff room to us all and the usual types went straight to management whilst the rest of us found it quite amusing.
  2. Really disappointed not to have won that. Can’t help but feel what could’ve been at the draw. Hearts looked really poor, only clear chance was the penalty. If I was a hearts fan I’d be concerned at what the rest of this season holds. Bonus, I though Buchanan and durnan looked really good at the back. And I’ve been a big critic of both, so was happy to see that. Sammon was utter dross the whole game.
  3. As an snp voter I’ve never been a fan of Mackay, but within the party such statement gets you hounded.
  4. Thank you, that’s much appreciated
  5. After the shite of getting fired last week and feeling alright about it, and not how I thought I would, I got an email today saying I’ve been accepted into the PGDE in secondary education. Honestly haven’t felt this good in a while. I hope it will last.
  6. Just had a google of that, what a colour that is btw. Much nicer than the shade they use now.
  7. Just a random thought, as a Falkirk fan I do like our colours of blue and white. But, and I don’t know why, I’ve always felt white should’ve been our dominant colour and blue or secondary colour. What about any other team? Or your own? Right colours or what alternative?
  8. Saw this. I know it doesn’t work for everyone but I know for me every Saturday football has been a release from the stresses of life...aside from the stresses that come with being a falkirk fan. I just wanted to say I hope everyone is doing ok, I know January can be a horrible month. New year, same stressors, linger wait for pay etc. I hope everyone has made it through ok.
  9. That’s natural mate, your pet becomes such a big part of your family that when they sadly are no longer with us it that it leaves a big hole in our hearts. I hope you are all ok, as it’s not an easy thing.
  10. You know something, having been fired from my job for taking my second sick day in 9 months, I feel somewhat liberated. I’m on a high not a downer. It seems mad to say it but it’s how I feel. I think probably because it gives me a couple of weeks to get ahead of everything for uni etc. But still, I actually feel great. After the cursing my former boss for a few hours straight haha.
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