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  1. Mark McKenzie signs on loan from Ayr United. He's a striker so it's obvious Malks doesn't rate Matty Aitken, and, Ryan Shanley who we signed on loan is going to be out injured for a while. Imagine he'll be on the bench and Forfar will start with Doris and Kirkpatrick tonight.
  2. If only it was. Our drummer boy and his mates haven't been to a match in ages. Fell out with the supporters club and were bullied by our incompetent stewards.
  3. The fact we didn't play on Saturday, not sure if that is a benefit to us or not. It's a shame we won't have Travis but Whyte and Stanger are decent enough. I don't think this will be a great match to watch.
  4. I assume he'll miss the rest of this season but how much of next season is the question. I guess Stuart Malcolm's one remaining loan signing will be a CB now.
  5. Difficult game to call this one, both teams in woeful form. We'll be missing Travis but hopefully Stanger & Whyte have a decent match together.
  6. I really hope that doesn't happen. However, I thought McCallum has a contract until 2021.
  7. See we're joint 7th in the Pie and Bovril League 1 Buzz Index along with Peterhead. Suppose that sounds about right. Not amazing on the park but content with off the park ventures at the moment. A popular chairman, a popular manager (although he's not doing amazing at the moment) and coaching staff. Just hope we can survive the drop. At least we're nowhere nearn as bad as Brechin, understandably, the hedge is a very grim place at the moment. Surprised Montrose are so high, there having a great season but would've thought Arbroath would be storming the buzz Index. Anyone else find the Buzz Index interesting, or just me?
  8. It's the same every week. We absolutely boss a period of a match and then have a switch off period where we usually pay the price. Definitely taking the draw because as many have already said we probably should've been down to 10 men and lose the game. Really hope we beat Peterhead otherwise we are all but guaranteed bottom 2.
  9. It's definitely the biggest game of the season for both sides. I don't know which way it'll go, but I'll stick my neck out and say the Loons will get the 3 points but it'll be a really close game.
  10. Guess our stewards didn't follow your advice and act as a wind break! 🤣 Fair to say I doubt many Forfarians will head back up to Peterhead for the Tuesday night rearranged fixture. 😴
  11. One change for Forfar. BJ Coll in for Baino. Not sure about the 18/5 but do hope the Loons get 3 points, but our record's not great at Balmoor.
  12. If the game is on what are the odds of Marc McCallum scoring from a goal kick? 🤣
  13. Jordan Kirkpatrick making the SPFL Team of the Week. Think that's the first time in a long while since Forfar Athletic have had a player in the TOTW. McCallum was probably the last Loon in the team of the week. Really hope Saturday's victory spurs us on to survival, we need probably at least 9 points out of 15 from the month of February to give our chance of leaving the bottom 2 a boost and we've bagged 3 already, hopefully Peterhead is another happy day.
  14. Forfar stewarding is infamous for that. Probably the worst stewards in Scotland!
  15. I'm very glad I was wrong. Kirky did well. I thought Doris got in some great positions in the second half and his back heel flick on for Kirky was sublime!
  16. Waiting for the inevitable collapse in the 2nd half from Forfar.
  17. I hope we do survive and I'll support Malky and the squad but have any of the signings made the fans go "wow, that's a brilliant bit of business"? They haven't they've all been a little underwhelming.
  18. I agree with you, Malky hasn't sat back, but I think judging by his recruitment that he's planning for life in League Two, hopefully with a instant return, and hopefully this time, we won't bottle the league title like we did with Bollan.
  19. Won't miss Docherty, I'll swap Docherty for Leitch in my starting XI prediction.
  20. Tough game to predict. I could see a 3rd 0-0 between the sides, wouldn't be surprised to see Malcolm park the bus after our embarrassing 6-0 defeat last Saturday. Who I think Stuart Malcolm will choose in his starting 11. McCallum Meechan, Stanger, Travis, Coll Barr, Irvine, Docherty, Kirkpatrick Doris, Shanley Just to make it clear this isn't the XI I would choose but a prediction of what it might be.
  21. Tell this to a neutral: A squad struggling against relegation sell their top 2 goalscorers and brought in three players from mid-table sides two divisions below. What do you make of their chances of survival? The question I've just posed is a reality here at Forfar. Hilly and Forbes out. Stanger, Coll and Barr in. Doris may improve but is uninspiring, Leitch I haven't a clue if he's good or not. Shanley may be a great player but could also be another Rory Currie.
  22. Glad to see we're spending the Dale Hilson cash wisely! 🤦‍♂️ I always thought Bobby Barr is a decent player one that opposition fans hate, but when he's plays for your team he's alright. However, the fact he's been at ES with Eddie Malone (nothing against Eddie himself) and the fact we've paid a "nominal fee" gives me a wee shudder. Where is the new CM signing we're calling for, I can't bare seeing Docherty and Irvine "controlling" the middle of the park as we plummet into League 2. Mark Hill please come to us or someone equally as good!
  23. There is a small car park next to the stadium, but there is more parking behind the stadium at the Forfar Mart. The highlighted bits show where the best parking is. Hope that helps!
  24. Ryan Shanley scores a hat-trick for Hibs Reserve. Doubt he'll recreate that in a Forfar shirt but I think that performance will get him in the starting 11 on Saturday. Hope he does bang goals in for us, but not getting carried away yet!
  25. I was a big fan of Stuart Malcolm being appointed as he is a club and fan favourite, but I did say to my mates when he was appointed he'll either be a Frank Lampard at Chelsea or a Solskjaer at Man Utd. Sadly it looks like he's the latter. He seems to be slightly out of his depth, maybe this job came a bit too quickly for him. Hope he turns it around but am already planning for trips to Annan, Stirling, Coatbridge etc.
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