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  1. I see we're all really excited about this game...
  2. It's just been officially announced. Hilly has gone to Arbroath "for a five figure sum" plus Steven Doris. According to the Facebook post Hilly was probably not going to sign another contract with us so to get at least £10,000 is much better than him going on a free in the summer. Hopefully Steven Doris gets fit, and I agree with tbsouth, playing him alongside Coupe could be really effective. Although Coupe needs to really improve his finishing him harassing defences, creating spaces for a (hopefully) clinical finisher in Doris to score. Really sad to see Hilly go but no doubt he'll be back as a 35 year old and finish his career at Station Park. One Forfar legend leaves for Arbroath as an Arbroath legend leaves for Forfar, quite poetic and hopefully works out as best for both parties.
  3. Surely that's not true! If he did leave we'd be relegated for sure, pinning our goalscoring hopes on Forbes (that's not too bad) and Matty Aitken (who I like, as a person, but wouldn't trust to get us out of the relegation zone).
  4. 5 CBs? Travis, Whyte, Stanger and potentially Morrison. Who have I missed? Stuart Malcolm putting his boots on? I agree though we have a plethora of defenders but only Hilly and Matty Aitken up top, and only Coupe as a true winger.
  5. In the long-run a draw against top of the league isn't bad for Forfar. I thought we were good in the first half, and played a good quick-passing game for about 5 minutes in the second half and then we just sat back and let Raith have chance after chance, thankfully they were pretty poor otherwise we definitely would've lost that game, glad to see Raith are somehow cursed at Station Park. No surprise Bairdy scored, and I knew he would celebrate like mad because that's exactly what he did for us last season at Stark's Park. Don't understand how Gary Irvine got the man of the match award, it should've have been Baino, he was tremendous, our main attacking and creative outlet in the first half bombing down the left flank while Kirkpatrick cut inside to support Hilly & Forbes. Tapping was invisible today and how he didn't get hooked off the pitch after 50 minutes I don't know. Docherty as well, really think Robertson or even Mackintosh should start in CM over him, really hope Stuart Malcolm can sign a decent CM because our midfield is way worse than it was last season. Stanger & Whyte looked good together at the back so hopefully the Kiwi can help us in our climb up the table. McCallum was brilliant as always, we'd be below Stranraer if it wasn't for that Forfarian between the sticks.
  6. See he's gone on loan to Brechin, that makes sense financially for the Hedge. Anyone heard any rumours about Stuart Malcolm's transfer/loan targets now Stanger has joined and Jacko has left?
  7. When Jacko signed I thought he'd be a good backup to Hilly but he has never been fit, and even less so now after his head injury. He also signed a 2 year deal with us so could Brechin actually afford a transfer fee? I wouldn't miss him if he left, however, it would leave us light in the striker department (lighter in both senses 😁) as the only true strikers we have at the club are Hilly & Matty Aitken, as Forbes and Kirkpatrick are more midfielders than strikers, in my opinion.
  8. Raith victory all week long, Gullan will probably find the net, and I'm sure Baird will want to get in the act. Game will go one of two ways. Comfortable scoreline for Raith because Forfar will attack and be very open at the back. Or, Stuart Malcolm will tell Forfar to park the bus like we did at Airdrie last week, in which case Raith will get a goal or two in the second half, and we'll not be able to make a reply.
  9. What a surprise Rory Currie's, Russell McLean's & Archie MacPhee's loans have not been extended! Here's a list of all their contributions: Rory Currie: ... Russell McLean: Scored his only goal on his debut in a 2-1 defeat to Raith at home. Archie MacPhee: ... Excellent loan signings, not.
  10. 1-0 defeat for Forfar. Could've been a lot worse!
  11. We're scoring for fun but conceding for fun also. We have a really tricky January games against yourselves, Raith and Falkirk. Airdrie will win 3-2 Forfar probably conceding the 3rd goal late on, just like we did against Montrose last week.
  12. Looks good to me, I'd agree with most of that squad. Nice to include a substitute's bench. No surprise Malks is looking at someone he had on loan at EK for reinforcements, hope this lad can make the step up. Would be nice to have a current U21 international in our squad.
  13. Forbes is very similar to Dylan Easton, everybody knows how brilliant they are but can be lazy and go missing when the going gets tough, which is why fans tend to be very decisive over so called "luxury" players. However, credit to Ross Forbes he seems to be working harder under Stuart Malcolm and that is showing in his recent goal return, scoring from open play as well as set pieces, so criticism may dwindle. As for Irvine and Docherty, with Travis and Kirkpatrick having been out injured recently we haven't had much choice but to play these guys. With some decent loan signings in January Irvine and Docherty may get relegated to the bench.
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