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  1. True, we all knew Petrie was the best person to bring in after Campbell, all except Alistair Donald and Gary Bollan.
  2. Decent performance from Forfar, annoyingly we are so surprised that we take the lead that we must instantly give it back otherwise we're scared we'll get a nosebleed or something. So much so we did it twice last night and then concede the final blow in injury time! That's one of the many areas Gary needs to improve ahead of next season.
  3. As I previously said, I wanted him to stay on as a coach but give the manager job to someone more experienced. However, maybe Gary was appointed because there was very little competition for the post. There were no names mentioned of who might be interested in the job except for Gary. No rumours on here or through the grapevine. Maybe Tony Docherty never even applied for the job and was just willing to help out an old friend until the end of the season. So, maybe that's why Irvine is now the main man. Obviously I wish him the best and hope he can win a league title in his first full season of management. It'll be interesting who he chooses for his backroom staff. I expect Wayne to stay as GK coach and Mark Farell as sports scientist/fitness coach. But not sure if Docherty will stay on now.
  4. Two wins on the bounce for Forfar, will we make it 3 and then officially Gary Irvine will have won more games in 1 week than Stuart Malcolm did in a whole year!
  5. I didn't like Gary to start with. He was past it and then the fight in the pub made me dislike him more, even the start of this season I didn't want him on the field. However after the injuries to Whyte and Anderson, Irvine has been fairly consistent and dependable. So, yes I was one of the folk who lambasted him but credit where credit is due my opinion of him has softened and I would be very happy for him to stay next season as a coach (definitely not a manager though). I'll just make sure I don't upset him when we're all allowed back in pubs proper. 😅
  6. Interesting interview with Gary Irvine on the club website. He hasn't made any comments about taking the management gig but he says he would be happy for the club to talk with him. The fact it's mentioned on official club media makes me think the board might be keen on keeping Gary. Would that be the right decision, probably not. But he might get a coaching role at least next season. Just to clarify, this is my ramblings and maybe reading too much into it.
  7. 2 wins on the trot is really nice, but all in vain. It's a relief our relegation is confirmed now, be interesting to see how free our players feel, and how they go on Tuesday.
  8. I'm of the same opinion, don't mind Irvine staying on the coaching staff but need an experienced manager to lead the club.
  9. All Forfar fans know we're doomed but, the inevitability keeps getting delayed. Tuesday the Clyde match being called off saved us. Now we win a match with virtually the last kick of the ball. That microscopic glimmer of hope is still there, not sure if it's good or if it's killing me!
  10. Allan is definitely not hanging around sadly. I'd keep Murray for his versatility, Hoban (although he definitely deserves being a first-team keeper), Travis (he's fantastic to have around the club) and Nditi, because he's a great prospect to have under the right tutelage.
  11. Since the Clyde game was called off it means Forfar still aren't officially relegated yet, just prolonging the misery.
  12. Had a serious injury at Arbroath, Stuart Malcolm then swapped Hilson for Doris, I think only then did Stuart Maloclm realise that Doris hadn't played for over a year and spent that year eating popcorn and Haribos! He did lose a fair chunk of weight in the first half of this season but when the season was paused in January he piled on the pounds again. Still he's not as bad as Mark Hill who returned from the USA double the size of Doris and hasn't lost any!
  13. I know, just as I was starting to think Allan would play more with Docherty and Irvine calling the shots. Sure Fenwick has bagged a few goals for us but Jimmy Scott! Even Doris has contributed more than that scary looking man.
  14. First Saturday off for the Loons in a long while. Hope they're using the Saturday for some decent training sessions. Will it make a difference? Of course not!
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