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  1. Mark Docherty and Kyle Hutton the CB partnership this afternoon? Wouldn't be surprising considering all things. In fact have Irvine at RB and Harkins sitting behind Matty. Screams ambition!
  2. As horrific as it sounds but I don't think so. Dumbarton are top of the league so the board will view this inevitable loss as a free hit. Mind you, losing the L2 relegation playoff to Brechin would be viewed as a free hit by the board too - "oh, it's a local Derby, you can't judge a whole season against a local rival" or some nonsense along those lines
  3. To be honest, the state of our defence at the moment even current Bolo would still add something to our team.
  4. A fat aging midfielder and Gary Irvine, that's weaker.
  5. I admire your faith in Forfar but have you seen out results this season? I'm sure the match will play out like most weeks. We'll create 3 or 4 brilliant chances but not convert any of them. While Dumbarton will score one good goal and then get a bit of luck (due to a defensive error) and score a second. Forfar will respond by hoofing the ball up to Matty and wonder why he can't win any aerial challenges.
  6. Think it was lower back. He jumped and either slipped or landed awkwardly jarring his back, so probably not another ACL injury for a Forfar player, but depending on his back could play next week or could be out 6 weeks
  7. I think we've always known we rely heavily on Slater but him going off injured today really showed us up. We were creating chances and dominating the game (yes we couldn't score but that's not surprising). After that we were in disarray. Yes Abed and Jack put a good shift in when they came on but we never looked like getting back into the game. As for the Garys playing, was it their last chance to play a professional game of football? I doubt it.
  8. We look completely lost without Slater! Nditi leaving with an injury, yet another defender probably on the sidelines for the next couple games.
  9. That's Slater getting stretchered off, our season is done for, if it wasn't already.
  10. Interestingly, Forfar have announced Jaden until January, whereas Hearts have announced he's out for the rest of the season.
  11. Jaden Ferguson announced, it's worth a punt, could be a stellar signing or a bench warmer so that we don't have to put Harkins on the pitch, so I guess that's a win-win ?
  12. A Hearts B striker or Matty Aitken. That's like choosing between Messi & Ronaldo
  13. After finally getting a win, will Forfar be able to pick up another 3 points or will we go back to dominating the stats but not winning due to terrible finishing and silly defensive mistakes?
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