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  1. How much we can trust Deans ? FFS give me a break, the guy has came into the club and steadied the ship. After the disastrous last few of years of incompetence, and infighting we should grateful we’ve got someone on board who for me has got rid of the poison upstairs and the ability to identify new directors who are Falkirk people. These guys are foremost Falkirk people and supporters of the club who have the experience and business acumen to attract and get people like Rawlins on board . Yes it’s not all rosy at present with our playing side, but to criticise Deans when we’re top of the league, and attracted our biggest investment for many a year, get a grip......
  2. If earlier posts are correct, Petrie has a decent day job, and therefore unlikely to give up the security to join, Young not quite sure about, but unless we have a queue of correct people looking to manage us, and in the event of our current managers failing why not.
  3. If you’ve followed my initial post, I was referring to who would we attract that would be acceptable for the role. Like all vacancies we’d probably attract tens upon tens of people applying but completely unsuitable for the actual role......so far we have T Wright...
  4. Subjective baloney? Contradictory? Aye ok....
  5. I’ve no doubt the list of applicants would probably extend beyond 50+, of which through a proper selection process would see a whittled down number of single figures and most likely a top five selected for interview. For my fixation who would be acceptable for the role ?
  6. I think we all agree that the two guys were brought in when we had sank to a new low. Not sure who would have touched us with three previous managers punted in the past couple+ years. Inexperienced yes, but for many was seen as getting some identity back. Roll on eighteen months and we’re top of the league and yes we’ve witness some woeful football, and a crap three games where we’ve performed very disappointingly (or shat one as posted) The new set up with Rawlins will have undoubtedly looked at all aspects of club, including the managers and will no doubt have set up targets which if not reached will end in change.
  7. Yes but arguably so do most teams, we’ve had our two top players Keena and Alston missing from action most of the season ( in Alstons case he’s been a huge disappointment)
  8. Agree, stepped back after earlier post, FFS can’t make light or sense of some of the comments, you’d think we’re bottom of the league with relegation staring us face on. I stated on more than one post that our footballs been shite apart from a couple of forty fives. Yes we’ve got two rookie managers but still top of the league. Rawlins will have asked for DD on M&M and probably anything that he’s now looking after. I’ve no doubt that if we don’t get promotion, changes will follow. And for those that chose to post three pages on Martindale get a grip 🤔
  9. We have two managers whose combined wages won’t even touch what the previous two chancers (and associate coaches) were on. We’ve appointed a DOF who we’ve all been crying out for after the disastrous decisions of the previous board. Considering that the new board don’t take any salaries from the club, a DOF is surely a wise investment?
  10. On a slightly different note, just reading that Dundee U have went back to their fans for more bail out money (£100K 2nd time) While no one can argue that the Pandemic has caused serious financial implications for all clubs, the statement released just sums up why Scottish football is f........d. Paying Shankland £6K a week and actively looking to strengthen before the transfer window closes. ”“Mr Ogren said that United were in a unique situation in that he had invested a lot more money than he expected to win promotion and he did not have a contingency fund to draw on for the unforeseen Covid-19 crisis and the drastic reduction in income that this has caused.”
  11. Goes with the territory, wouldn’t worry to much they’ve got the Ginger one centre stage who’s doing a fine job. If they allow us to commence leagues 1&2, it will most likely be end of February at best.
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