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  1. Your post is spot on, if you can remember probably the only decent request/statement I’ve ever heard from the SPFL way back, they asked all clubs if they could survive the season, it was put as a kind of amnesty in a weird way. Gary Deans was interviewed by the BBC after this and he publicly stated that he knew of many clubs already in trouble and was shocked that many clubs didn’t step forward. Unless these clubs have won the lottery I don’t see what’s changed. With an educated guess, wouldn’t be surprised if many clubs are hoping (praying) the season is cancelled due to the horrendous virus, however with the bigot bro’s still fighting for/against the number10, nothing would surprise me what the mafia will decide from within Hampden.
  2. Just read that article, what a f...... arse hole of an owner. Still servicing millions of pounds worth of debt, still breaking wage structures paying abhorrent wages to nearly players and then goes public with a begging bowl. Another administration in the waiting but never mind about private investors and the fans. As posted would never wish anyone going bust - but this lot I wouldn’t give two F...., about.
  3. As earlier posted the day for picking up loaners for peanuts are finished. Most clubs are looking at recouping a decent part of the players wages. With the new subs ruling the availability of players have reduced substantially. I know that one player we wanted was only available for loan at full wages, a sign of the times.
  4. Broadcast last night late news, FV taking in Lanarkshire patients
  5. First option for me is a winner, gives us balance and a threat each side. That’s assuming Kelly is drafted into LB.
  6. Reviewing some of the football articles/releases over the past few days and astonished by some of the remarks. Do we really have so many football club owners/directors banking on Covid disappearing? Sorry but I don’t know who they’ve been speaking to or what news reel they follow, but like the majority of people on this site, we accepted before a ball was kicked, that the likelihood of getting to watch a game was unlikely, and our real concern was to have a football club period. Thankfully our board have sensibly considered various options ensuring that we can get through the season. But let’s not overlook the fans/business contributions, ie; 50/50 draw, sponsorship, and STs sales. From what I’m hearing the STs sales are close to 2200, if confirmed for me it’s another terrific support and gesture during these horrible times. I don’t want to see anyone going to the wall, but do you know what, some of them absolutely deserve what they’ve got coming...
  7. Well put, and their noisy neighbours up the road are (allegedly) paying a certain guy over 5K per game. Tbh I don’t really blame players for getting a decent wage, as with most it’s a short career, I’ve no doubt we’ve got two or three players on a higher wage than some others to an extent, however it’s the obscene greed of clubs prepared to jeopardise their own livelihoods and when it all goes tits up, it’s administration and then the local business people/fans that are screwed and as many have found out, lost their own businesses and livelihoods. Absolutely no doubt we are going to see many clubs disappearing very soon...
  8. Certainly would give him a chance, if it wasn’t for his block last second of game, we would have lost the game. Highly rated by the Killie fans.In this league we’ve nothing to loose.....
  9. Tip of an Iceberg; Dundee United: Club in talks with players over wage deferrals or cuts.
  10. Many St Mid & Ross C fans all saying we’ve got a very good player ( especially in third tier) happy we’ve got changes for the better, still need changes in midfield
  11. Based on rough calculations and on the exact same principles of last season ie awarding the club sitting top of the table, with the promotion with a quarter of a season to play, the scenario could be 21 games played and whoever sits top would be promoted? Let’s not be fooled, the way in which the second wave is engulfing the UK, I certainly wouldn’t bet against anything....
  12. Peterhead just announcing twenty or so redundancy’s, say they are ok now, but could be a different story by December/January, further comment on many other clubs being in really bad way. Id be astonished if we have the same number of teams that started the season still with us after the new year.
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