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  1. I’m assuming that if we are paying rent, this was the best deal for the club ? not knowing the facts it seems we are top heavy with costs before a football is kicked. Makes sense that although we have a great intake of STs and crowds year after year, our budget for players now matches teams ie RR Ayr ?
  2. Whether I’ve picked up incorrect or bullshit information on the two end stands, I was under the impression that we were paying back a mortgage to SA and not renting, can this be clarified and/or confirmed.
  3. As posted earlier incompetence of the highest order from sale of Brockville. Promised a new beginning, a stadium that would be envy of clubs, no debt and chance of being one of the top teams after the usual top six. Whilst we have no right to be in the top division, we got one stand ( like it or loathe it ) and a lovely perimeter fence, I remember saying to my mates hope we’ve not run out of money......😞
  4. Incompetence at the highest level when the deal was brokered with Morrison’s for our beloved site, we allowed people with limited knowledge signing long term contractual agreements which they were simply out their depth, today and for years to come we suffer. If there was a case for renegotiation nothing like the present time.
  5. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/spfl-ready-declare-celtic-champions-21810379?utm_source=linkCopy&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar Look forward to what’s the plan further down the leagues, this is certainly hotting up. Guess Sky’s new deal far outweighs the possible financial clawback from BT. Very interesting times
  6. Hats off to Bruge grew a pair an used them, how refreshing in our beautiful game that they didn’t use “ UEFA” a corporation filled with corrupt blazers.
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52148955 They'll just need to park up the Bentleys and Rolls short term, oops forgot they can bring out the Audi R8s and Range Rovers out their converted stables. Spoilt fc...n knobs Just announced that the EPL are releasing early £125M to the lower leagues, pretty obvious how the whole of English football is so reliant on TV cash, absolutely bewildering.
  8. There's not a hope in hell that even if the lockdown is lifted soon and we have some sort of relaxation of the current guidelines on social distancing etc would we get football back ( as we know it) If I’ve understood the Scottish expert on health last night, the grave fear with this virus is it’s ability to quickly accelerate/ cross contamination is through coughing/sneezing droplets & direct human contact. Some press reports simply say that breathing and perspiring are also a way of this virus cross contaminating/multiplying. Even playing behind closed doors I just can’t see it happening for quite a time, but only my opinion.
  9. For me I hope the TV companies go the full distance. The salaries paid to players in the EPL are simply obscene and immoral, and fed up watching these guys cheat and fake injury game after game and to a lesser extent down through to the national leagues. A recent article about the English fifth tier confirming average salaries of £80K to £120K just mind blowing. Hope reality hits them full on. Our authorities? as previously posted 42 clubs and we have two senior authorities running our game, an absurd and absolute joke, jobs for the boys ? and a cut of 10% ? Can’t make it up, when most of the 42 clubs facing severe financial restraints and many chairman just waiting on the gun being fired, A chance in a lifetime to restructure but what will we do........ Today’s English press: Premier League executives from all 20 clubs are preparing for a showdown video conference on Friday afternoon, but there are growing concerns that football authorities will be unable to formulate a plan to salvage the season. And according to the Athletic, as the top-flight desperately scrambles to finish the season, one club has even suggested exploring the feasibility of completing it over 5,000 miles away.
  10. As previously posted this season will be cancelled, what the authorities decide to do will be very interesting as it either gives Celtic nine in a row, with Rangers probably applying the 9 - 1 voting rule, then it’s a lottery in our leagues. My guess is simply to nullify and repeat this season next season.
  11. Still think it’s the season that never happened, not sure if they will call it void, or abandoned, and the only feasible way out in my opinion,. Forgot to add no winners or relegation
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52138270 Very interesting, SPFL SFA must be sitting with pampers on after this announcement.
  13. I would assume that in these unprecedented times our BOD have put everything connected with FFC for renegotiation ie all existing contracts with stakeholders, partnerships with council and stadium group etc etc
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