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  1. Interminable, relentless ? Spectacular wrong ? Get a life….
  2. Two year deal, with likelihood of doubling his wages, at 26 can’t grudge the guy who at least tried his best when he pulled on the jersey, good luck and hope it works for him.
  3. Give credit where it’s due, great bit of business by the club, and as mentioned two attacking FBs should set our intent.
  4. Your forgetting the add ons, he’s not going south without a sizeable signing on fee, a paid flat and most likely paid returns north. The transfer fee isn’t the issue….as said start this with one or two players it’s not long before you’ve got a split dressing room….only exceptions would be Stainrod esq
  5. Think your FB friends may have got this correct
  6. Agree, however don’t think we’re the only club that suffered from the jobbers signed. The gulf in finances between the top division sides and below is huge, which impacts all budgets. It’s probably a given, that players we've identified, four/five higher end championship clubs will be chasing. The recruitment this year has got to be spot on, as SD mentioned, it’s not just the past three years ( 70 players In/out) it’s been a decade.......
  7. Any team requires a strong spine, GK - CBS - MID - CF - at best we’ve probably got Dixon as a safe bet for CB, imperative we get a proven CF, McManus type would be fine, like many on here Keena leaving wouldn’t upset me.
  8. Better away, shone for two or so games, a passenger and serious questions asked about why he declared himself continually injury prone. If it’s a two year deal he’s bought a decent ticket
  9. Couldn’t have put better, and wages will be off limit unless he takes a wage cut. It’s a pass from me......
  10. Never got the hype with Mutch, decent and much the same as most keepers in this league. Would definitely be looking at bringing in a serious competitor for this position.
  11. Someone touched on this earlier, were a difficult sell to anyone and after listening to Sheerins interview would consider Hall to be a squad player who can play a few positions if required. For me I’d expect the CB pairing to be MCKay & Dixon.
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