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  1. I know which keeper I would want out of the two today, maybe some of the Clyde fans can comment, but yet again he’s (Mitchell) pulled off some saves yet again
  2. Agree, thought we played some decent stuff, the usual cardiac 10 minutes, Neilson reminds me of a young Gary Gillespie, great young player
  3. You did and that’s why fans in their droves are turning against both them. Your post is spot on.
  4. Great post and puts the record straight before it .......... thanks
  5. Let’s face it and regardless of timing they’ll know exactly what’s going on at the club. Forget the niceties you don’t pump a serious amount of cash into any business venture without expecting positive returns. If anyone expected them to rip into the club on the interview, that was never going to happen. Yes the football has been howling not only this season but since Houston’s departure. Tuesday was brutal and although I’ve supported the duo, it’s clear both are out there depth. So what’s the answer ? Sack the duo and bring ask Holt ? or try and bring in a new manager for half a dozen games ? As said for me I think the decision has been made to replace but guessing Saturdays game will nail it.
  6. Decent interview and happy with what they have planned. It’s what they didn’t say is probably more important. He thanked everyone apart from the managers, for me I’m guessing their fate is sealed...
  7. Tbh just waiting on the announcement that they’ve departed. Can’t be arsed talking about them anymore, cracks interview was embarrassing, factually incorrect and as earlier posted completely out his depth.
  8. Holt has made it clear he doesn’t want to be a manager again. However he will need to take the reigns once M&M go. My guess it that will happen very quickly.
  9. It’s all about opinions and respect your post. I mirrored some of your points until we shat one at the three Christmas games. Had a chuckle at “moaning groaning OF fans” Don’t You know we’re worse ? Until very recently I was trying to give as much support to our management duo, however it’s clear that the pair have been out their depth, last night was the final nail on the coffin, and for around 75 mins we looked no better than a Sunday pub round up of 14 or so players, apart from the three young guys. Yes we have no divine right to win this league, and yes these players may still pull it off. However it’s clear to all that unless we get an immediate change the league will be gone. Like thousands of supporters of the club, we just want the best for our club, unfortunately and regrettably............
  10. Last night finished it for me, apart from a 15 min spell we looked clueless and finished the game like a circus act. Any chance of getting out this league will require the immediate removal of M&M, if it’s Holt for the hot seat (temporarily) I’m not too fussed, just get it changed !!!! Apart from the two young guys and Mutch, the rest can hang their heads in shame, a gutless couldn’t give two Fcks attitude apparent to all of us.
  11. For me not ruined us, totally out of depth, just bloody wrong and an absolute embarrassment......
  12. Very difficult to post as LM was a player I’ve seen as a young player who’s deservedly enjoyed a descent career. Accepted a role many would have said no too,but absolute respect to his love and commitment to our club. Now evident that it’s beyond reach hopefully the board will see fit to let go and appoint a manager that can take us forward.
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