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  1. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least, the above article highlights the shameless hypocrisy from the people running our game. Anything to protect this Sky deal at any cost. Almost wishing for the next village idiot to break the rules for the SG to act.
  2. Hit it this right on the nail, clubs are a law unto themselves. The top position is occupied by a donkey who is told what to do by a select few. Let’s not fool ourselves if the two recent breaches were from clubs out with the top four, I’m sure there would have been a different outcome.
  3. Warped to the core, how on earth can we expect the chairman of Celtic who has been elected to the SPFL, to make any decisions to penalise his own club? As posted they will undoubtedly play their get out of jail card, bin the guy who according to Celtic fans is shite, and Griffiths to follow for being a troublemaker. Wool pulled over the Gov eyes...
  4. Unfortunately the board at Celtic are the SPFL board. You can bet there is F... all done.
  5. Get out of jail card for Celtic, chance to bin two players, one is just shite, the other is continued trouble.
  6. Where the hell are the SPFL & SFA in all this ?
  7. Every club, and every one of us. Just listened to the pathetic and appalling Aberdeen player trying to apologise & say the eight players weren’t sure about the COVID rules? My f... arse, pure and shear arrogance of those who lead a privileged life and couldn’t give two f... s about anyone else. I was Sturgeon I would asked both Abd & Celtic to instantly dismiss all those who seen fit to break the rules.
  8. Scottish Football, laughing stock of football, full of liars from the very top. Gimme a f.... break, they didn’t know ?
  9. Wouldn’t be surprised if the authorities are already reading the small print on the Sky contract...
  10. You can see that Leitch & Sturgeon are completely f....... off and already been on call with club managers & captains prior to today’s new breach. I reckon one more incident and football will be suspended. As for fans attending beginning to write off the whole season now
  11. Morrison looks like a decent signing, going by a few EF posts he’s very quick direct & can beat a man, and looks and looks like he’s finally got over some injuries. This ticks all boxes for me and looks like M&M have recognised that in this division we need young, hungry and quick players. Happy with the signings so far
  12. It’s increasingly looking like the Scottish government will pull the plug on football if there is any further breaches. Being reported that Celtics Bolingoli is the latest to break the rules. Would imagine next breach will see football suspended... Will the SPFL would lead the investigation? oops 😬 Celtic are the SPFL
  13. Fair point, just checking his season with Hamilton, 19 appearances, one goal & one assist. Surely good enough for this level ?
  14. There’s an ex player we’d like to bring home, unfortunately many clubs in mix
  15. I’ve now heard Cormack two faces, McInnes and now the players. Genuinely thought that McInnes first public statement was decent, beginning to wonder what rules they thought we’re wrong now. What about eight players out socialising after getting gubbed, and knowingly going into one of the most packed and popular pubs in the city centre ?
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