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  1. I can understand your frustrations with him, but he had a cracking half hour on Friday and fully deserves his place in the team of the week. 0-0 when he came on and it was Murray who absolutely turned the game. Unpopular opinion, but I don’t think he’s been much worse than any others this season. Going on this season alone, he’s been more effective than Connelly. He’s our second top goalscorer as well. I expect he’ll start on Saturday and deservedly so.
  2. He’s been the best player on the pitch since he came on… by a mile.
  3. Where do people usually park? Is the Meadowbank retail park a safe option? Recall parking there for Easter road and you got 3 hours free parking.
  4. Yep don’t disagree with that, and was surprised at that given he’s 25. Bartley spoke pretty highly of him in his post match interview, and sounds like he rates him so wouldn’t be surprised to see him here next season.
  5. Shakey. He must be about 6 and a half foot and looks a commanding presence, but he dropped a couple after coming out to collect and we were fortunate Clyde didn’t score from at least one of his fumbles. Distribution was decent and at no fault for the goal. I’d feel much more assured with Dabrowski back.
  6. I’ll take SD’s word for it that Gibson has played right wing back at youth level as well, but I’m not convinced it’s his best position either. He tracks back ok for me, but he’s poor on a one on one situation when somebody runs at him. He’s also pretty suspect positionally. There’s not been enough evidence to say for sure, but I strongly suspect he’d be more effective as a winger with a full back behind him.
  7. Confirmed from the post match interview that Bartley is looking to send Rico, McKenna and Reilly out on loan. No doubt all three have been disappointing this season, although pretty bold call from only being in the job about three weeks. Surely a financial aspect to that decision (will we get somebody to pay even a percentage of these guys wages?). While we’ve added to the squad, I don’t think we’re bustling with good quality options in those positions. No natural left back cover and not seen anything yet to suggest Ruth is a better option up front than Reilly.
  8. Can see what they’ve been working on in training. Much more passing on the deck, goalkeeper playing from the back, passing and moving quickly and getting to the byline. Poor first 20-25 mins then played well thereafter in the first half without any cutting edge, until giving away an idiotic penalty. Second half started the way the first ended, but we moved it quicker and with about our 20th ball in from wide we eventually found Paton with an open goal. Kabia was excellent when he came on - harrying defenders, goalkeeper (led to 3rd goal), quick and superb composure for the second goal. Good day out. Can’t be many places where you can get a pint at half time.
  9. I think the way it usually works is we’d get a percentage of any potential sell on fee Livingston have agreed. If Livingston have a 10% sell on, and got £300k (may be less if sale on is just based on profit), and we had a 10% sell on we’d get £30k. Hypothetical figures clearly.
  10. Game might be a total shambles on Saturday looking at the weather forecast. Strong gusts for kick off time. Can remember a few matches at Palmerston ruined by the wind. Quarters I think of the Scottish cup at home to Falkirk one I remember most where I’m sure Falkirk scored with a heavily wind assisted goal.
  11. Aye, but he was at Palmerston this morning rejecting an 18 month deal because our budget is pish.
  12. Can we get Grant Murray to f**k tonight? We were pish with 3 at the back, so I don’t know how he thought going down to two centre backs having seen how pish we are defensively was going to yield anything other than a pumping. Fair play to Dave McKay and Stephen Hendrie for two of the worst defensive displays I’ve ever seen in my years watching Queens.
  13. Anybody want to hazard a guess at our shape? 4-2-3-1 with Gibson at right back (miracles do happen), Irving left wing potentially and Connelly just in behind Paton?
  14. The headline of the article in the daily record which I assume has come from the standard is typical journalistic hyperbole, but what Gibson has actually said is pathetic. It’s not even true either. The numbers at the game were shite, but I heard nothing negative all game and the young guys were fairly vocal. Get the feeling that Gibson needs to grow up a bit. Should be feeling good after a 4 nil win, but that’s really pissed me off.
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