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  1. His first booking he was lucky it wasn’t red. Stupid to then leave him one of I think only two back at our corner and that left him one on one as the ball wasn’t cleared. What he got sent off for was a nonsense though. Liddle has got pulled back first and then the Hamilton player falls over him- every single Hamilton player then runs over to the ref to get him sent off, pathetic.
  2. Debayo is worse than a man down. Liability. That is not the first time. Shouldn’t play another game this season. Fuming.
  3. See we are as long as 7/1 with the bookies to win on Tuesday. I’d have thistle as clear favourites, but still seems like mental odds.
  4. 2nd or 3rd April when I’m unfortunately on my stag. Really professional performance second half. Some effort from the fans that went up tonight. Really pleased with that, keeps up the momentum. Edit: Just seen you asked where. Central belt whoever wins the semi you’d think.
  5. Not as pish as Debayo. Get him off.
  6. 3-5-2 with can’t defend Fitzpatrick in midfield? Is very open.
  7. Can’t believe we’ve not scored that. Odd to feel so disappointed with a draw.
  8. You prefer the Stewart Kean mould of forwards do you? He’s not going to run about like a headless chicken, but he’s been one of the few players showing a bit of class. Think he’s been good, should have scored though.
  9. So much better. Still lacking in quality, but improvement is huge. Fitzpatrick has been excellent.
  10. Government grants are by definition free. It’s a loan if it needs to be paid back. Championship clubs did seem very generously dealt with in terms of Covid funding. No idea if we’ve seen any money from the last set of government restrictions though which will have cost us a fair bit, especially missing Kilmarnock’s away support.
  11. I’ll play a bit of devil’s advocate, but something should be coming from the Board. It’s a financial objective of the Board to deliver a balanced budget. We are already making losses this year, so have overspent. Signing better players at higher wages is not sustainable. Especially if we are trying to offer two year deals this increases the risk. We can’t afford to keep making losses by paying unsustainable amounts on players. For me, money at that scale shouldn’t be doing nothing. Having reserves is good as a buffer- having reserves at a really high level is not. This is a time where interest levels at a record lows (albeit might increase). Is there really no positive investments we can make that will deliver a return? The club is in such a precarious position at the bottom of the table, I would be using some money to roll the dice. Be that punting the manager (my preference) or pushing the boat out on 6 month deals on better players before we get relegated.
  12. Would the Tanner fund consider changing the purpose of the fund to consider funding the cost of a new manager? With the club bottom or the table and the stadium in a state of disrepair, I don’t think a million pound should be sitting in the bank doing nothing.
  13. What is going on at the club? I can think of no justifiable reason that the club have not engaged fully with this really admirable venture. Clear purpose and has gathered a not insignificant amount of funds. I would expect enough for at least one player in this transfer window. Is it time for an organised protest to make our feelings known about what appears to be clear failures of governance at the club? Transparency is such an easy thing to achieve and there has been serious failures in this department. Between this and the SLO departures there are serious cause for concern. A closed door AGM by the way does nothing for transparency and Covid shouldn’t be blamed for this.
  14. AJ’s latest interview should come with a trigger warning. Would not recommend, absolutely rage inducing. Praising the second half performance which was also utter shite. What half chances second half? Dunfermline were as comfortable as you like. Looked more likely in the second half to score than us. The interviews are usually pretty grim, but that’s particularly bad.
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