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  1. Our double winning kit is easily our best and pretty much our only decent kit. What was better was the Scottish cup version and the only Saints top I’ve ever bought.
  2. Didn’t watch it but Sinclair apparently performed very well against Denmark
  3. According to the Ukraine narrative…….we are fucked! Reality though means we are winning 3 - 0 You’ve made me feel better about this game
  4. Sang looked ropey defensively against the Midden. Better today?
  5. After seeing the line up I’m almost regretting not going. I always like to see a player compete against his old team especially when there’s a point to prove, so happy with Cammy in the starting eleven. Is this a new Calum?
  6. Always wanted us to have a striker with a double barrelled surname. Charles -Cook can now head of to England and let Hector-Ingram be the new goal scoring star
  7. Quite a few wide attacking players flying around this window and so far we have not grabbed any.
  8. If he does come then that’s 3 strikers more than we had before Christmas. …plus 3 new defenders who needs midfielders let’s just counter attack at will
  9. Ooft! First time in a while I’ve watched Saints while reading / listening what’s going on. We have no threat, only desperate hoofballs. Best case scenario we draw the rest of our games 0-0 to have a record breaking run without defeat
  10. Getting pissed of at Kilmarnock as well. Deek, Lafferty and now Montgomery….
  11. Wonder if McDonald can move ok after his kidney transplant. Only 4 years since his last Scotland call up
  12. Unless he was getting recalled anyway due to the relegation battle that’s pretty shitey by Goodwin. Pure comedy handling by St. Johnstone though
  13. On point number 2…. yes,yes,yes. I actually think this was unanimous. If we had won one of our tires in Europe we would not be in this position
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