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  1. I quite like the signing but why did Livi release him?
  2. Hanley is one of our quickest players….
  3. …and he will turn Hanley the same as he did the Israeli boy
  4. The point is though that St Mirren are gaining more than us and you are direct rivals. It’s not about McPherson as I think he has a lot to give, so if we had signed him proper then no problem.
  5. Like a bad hangover you wake up and try and process the last moments of the night to make sure nothing bad happened. Then it comes flooding back ….
  6. A bit boring listening to meltdowns. More fun is watching the names recently browsing…. A few dees there Shout out to The holiday song and Pedrolambada for good name choices
  7. Hats off to you season ticket holders because paying 25 quid a game here in Scotland is pretty shite. We can’t stand, can’t drink, can’t have flares, can’t have fun and there’s no decent fan areas. Union Berlin has 18000 standing and most German clubs keep ticket prices down as a social duty. 10 quid a ticket I watched Hertha play Munich in a stadium full of history. At Bohemians 1905 in Prague a tenner would get me in with a couple of pints and a large bbq sausage . Flares and flags aplenty. We even got free public transport on game day to get to Brisbane Roar games and we lived 1.5 hours away We need to do a lot more to get people coming to the games every week as 25 quid for the current game experience is a rip off. looking forward to Thursday …..
  8. That would be an awesome away trip. Standing is the way to go…
  9. Aye, when it was played like a cup tie we looked dangerous and pressure was good. Don’t want more of the last 10 minutes.
  10. We have a big chance here.. This is not how I thought the game would go like playing Aberdeen
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