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  1. They still haven't had time to find their place in the structure, with just the one opportunity so far for promotion, and no teams yet relegated into it to serve as a yardstick to see where they really are.
  2. Hawick beat Vale of Leithen in midweek. When was the last time they recorded back-to-back wins?
  3. The third division will be down to nine next season as things stand. If EoS/Lowland league positions stay as they are, the EoS loses a further club and it's down to eight. At what point does it become no longer viable?
  4. If he's right, it does simplify things rather, as there's then no financial benefit to having a license, and losing the license gets rid of the big disincentive of getting relegated to the colts' leagues if you win the league. Insane, of course, but since when has anything around Scottish football been based on common sense?
  5. Talbot still have to play Beith twice. Win those, and they have 7 games in hand to close a 12 point gap.
  6. I think I'd want a bit more before selling my soul. A tropical island and some of those blondes that Colonel Gadaffi used to use as security guards, for starters.
  7. Why on earth are the likes of East Fife going to vote for potential relegation to a league filled with a majority of B teams? It actually makes the current Lowland League seem like an enticing prospect.
  8. Dale need to win those games 9-0, 9-0 and 8-0, all other things being equal.
  9. So, just to clarify - if Hearts B continue with their current form and finish bottom of the table, they don't get relegated, but the team above them does?
  10. I would not underestimate VoL's powers when it comes to avoiding relegation, though would be astonished if they didn't finish in the bottom three this season.
  11. They'd do well to relegate a good few clubs from the Second Division and increase the size of the Third as soon as possible. A lot of the clubs that will be circling the Second Division relegation plughole next season have been in conferences they have had no hope of competing in for years, and being in a division they can actually win will no doubt come as a blessed relief for them. Restricting ventilation just means that the West Lothian clubs hoover up the promotion positions for the rest of the decade instead.
  12. OK. Suppose you have a full membership of 80 clubs, the EoS team wins the playoff and Caley Braves are relegated to the WoS. What happens then, do you kick out an existing member in good standing?
  13. Syngenta still look the team to beat - whilst their promotion rivals have five games against teams outside the promotion race, Syngenta have nine, and just two games against their rivals as opposed to three/four. If no-one slips up - and all four contenders have been consistent against weaker opposition so far - then Syngenta are the best placed of the four.
  14. There's something amiss with the tables here. I know Bathgate are having a bad season, but they haven't lost 26 games out of 20, and unless I'm missing something their points total doesn't add up either. Sorry for complaining - I really appreciate the work you put in to this each week!
  15. This doesn't show a lot of common sense either. 12 months ago Whitburn were a division above Lochgelly, next season they would be a division below, with nothing that's happened on the field in this time justifying this. There's a perfectly adequate solution staring the EoS in the face - three conferences of 14 leading to First-Second-Third the season after, but for some reason they can't grasp it.
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