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  1. Don't think there's too much to love about Todorov's pressing or build up play, but he can bag a decent goal and scored a couple pretty important ones in late stages of big games. I don't think he's starting quality, but as a different type of threat, and an option when you need a goal he can do a job at this level. If we're struggling to find a quality replacement, then I wouldn't be against another year.
  2. Graham saw Dzeko's goal in the UCL semi final and decided he wanted in on the action. Peach.
  3. So? Club still has a duty to inform the player officially before announcing it to the public. It’s common decency apart from everything else, especially when the player in question has been at the club for 9 years.
  4. Kick off 7pm, closest station is Dunfermline City. About a 15-20 min walk from there
  5. Would be quite unprofessional to announce that they weren't renewing his contract without telling him first tbf, even if the statement they came out with was equally unprofessional.
  6. Both delighted and massively impressed with that. Everyone could see that KRH was thoroughly enjoying his time here but I was convinced that we wouldn’t be able to cope with the financial demands. Huge props to all involved. Absolutely buzzing for next season already
  7. Bit of a shame this one isn't on the tv, much more interested in this playoff than any of the other offerings. Hard to justify the PPV from a neutral standpoint though when there is both UCL and PT v QP being broadcast. No matter, hope there's goals and red cards coming out of everyone's eyeballs.
  8. Think Breen’s involvement this season has been quite underrated. I suppose it’s understandable given how Bene strolled it, but all the same Breen has been a cut above this level. The goal threat he offers at set pieces is a nice bonus, but I think his pace could be critical to the success of our defence next season (providing he can stay fit). It covers what is probably Bene’s one big weakness. Encouraging stuff, especially when we’ve confirmed it this early on.
  9. The phrase "you make your own luck" is as cliché as it comes. You did nothing to make your own luck on Tuesday. We could quite easily trawl through our last 27 games and find a bunch of horrid decisions made by officials that are unanimously considered awful at this level. You may have "battered" most teams this season, but you've barely laid a glove on us. Maybe if you did, you'd get a lucky decision your way.
  10. Been an age since I’ve been this excited for a game. This is what it’s all about. Even though there’s a whole round of games after this it really feels like this one will set the tone for the final stretch. Must win for them, must not lose for us. Anything other than a draw and it will live long in the memory for sure.
  11. 3 decent goals (although our first looked like a howler from Kelty’s defence, but well worked from us all the same). Wighton and Mochrie both standouts for us but a very good performance from everyone. Also a big fan of the halftime change, that gap on the left side needed plugging up as Agyeman was causing all sorts of problems, and the switch had a massive impact on his effect in the rest of the game. Enjoyable game, with a great result. Take that every day of the week.
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