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  1. Good hard win for the hoose today also thanks to the west Calder committee for there help today when our player got a bad injury also big thank to west Calder physio/first aid man who was great with him and to our physio stacey and committee lady Chloe
  2. Disappointing result today for the hoose beat 3 2 from Bo’ness today big dec and a beauty of a free kick from Connor
  3. Derek boys are playing well we’re scoring goals for fun just letting in daft goal st our end
  4. So you a expert on our park them no game next week will give it a wee rest for the following week hopefully our 1st league game
  5. 2d score fufc 4. Pumpherston 4 other good workout for the boys
  6. Other good win for the boys 2d against the dale boys begin to gel 2g in to next wk mon the hoose
  7. Fufc 5. livingston United 3 good hard game for the hoose 2d livi made it hard going 2 or 3 up b4 the hoose stared to play thanks to livi for the game the gaffer getting a bit happier every game and the boys begin to gel 2g big dec on the score sheet big German had to come of at half time ripped his tights again lol
  8. Well gogsy we played a young hearts team John rankin is the manager of them is that good enough for you
  9. Today’s result ft fufc 3. Hearts under 23. 3 good game very good hearts team fufc played well and that’s other 2goals for big dec
  10. Ur a smart arse nothing wrong with the park at parkview u should give the guys up there a hand to fixed it before nov then since u seen to think it’s a shite park
  11. Today’s score shotts 3 fufc 3 united won 4 3 on pen
  12. No supporters allowed today’s score sauchie won 2 1
  13. Mon the hoose looking forward to game tomorrow
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