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  1. Can s1 explain why everyone wants fufc to move to eos when we have all these local Derby’s I got one would take a derby game every week than going to Coldstream etc every second week
  2. The smuggle thinks he knows it all when he don’t
  3. What strange about it park flooded what more do u want us to do boys we’re up for it cannot help if it rains trueteller so stop stirring up shite and hide behind a name
  4. Like to wish Jc and dunny all the best thanks for all you did for fauldhouse
  5. As far as I know fufc have not made a decision on anything yet
  6. Derek don’t fall for it
  7. Burnieman u had ur 2or3 games run against us be back to the hoose having u in our back pocket lol what do u think Jc 3games enough lol
  8. Burnieman yes still hurts getting beat from u
  9. Burnieman 2wins in 20yrs not bad going
  10. Well done to the hoose today 3point that’s wot counts
  11. Disappointed yesterday not to get 3points thought the boys would it to n a good shift but didn’t get over the line just need to look forward to next weeks game and hopefully we get the 3points all the best to Jc dunny Stacey and toddy and the boys for the new yr mon the hoose
  12. Alan the Cameroon fan maybe am reading this wrong what’s up with our manager as you a Cameroon fan so you would not have seen us much he still have a team in the Scottish and in all the other cup and 4th in the league think he would do ok in eos if fufc were interested but as far as heard there’s not
  13. Well mr Bryce come on wot have u got to say since we won or do u only comment when we get beat the lads were excellent today
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