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  1. Even if Josh was rolling about is the answer to break his legs? Moron.
  2. Attacking me on two threads yet not giving a thought out response to any post? Why?
  3. Had a quick glance through this thread and it's all remarkably similar to the situation at the Pars. A few posters will always back the manager for whatever reason and it just steamrolls into a slagging match between the two factions. The percentage will be 95% for and 5% against then it will change over time and the 95% will deny all knowledge of ever backing the now sacked manager and give it the 'let's all just move on' or 'why don't you give it a rest' BS to escape the spotlight. I think that because our two sides have the biggest budgets and full time training we should be much more critical, when it's merited, and expect better results and tactics on the park every week when playing against part time sides. It seems that sadly many fans forget this fact and are quite happy seeing part time sides rip the piss out of full time players nearly every week. We should just be happy with what we've got apparently. What a world that would be if that was the case. Hi sir, no you can't return your new tv that doesn't work, you should be happy with what you have. What, your neighbour bought a tv for half the price and it works all the time? Please don't blame that on us. We only design,build and sell the tv.
  4. Bought a jawbone up last year, it's good but really unreliable. Think it broke down due to getting bumped at fives. Should be ok for running. Charge lasts about ten days and you can log your food and use it as an alarm too.
  5. http://dafc.info/forum/read.php?f=1&i=1430726&t=1430726 Posted from the Android app Topic Originator: Frank Grimes Jnr Date: Wed 24 Dec 12:22 Quote: wee eck, Wed 24 Dec 11:44 I've never understood newspaper tipsters. If they are good tipsters why do they need to share this information with others? It's always interesting to look at their tips after the event. Some people love to sound like they know everything, their the old wind bags who prop up the bar talking like they know it all, but they know jack sht.
  6. Peterhead need to have a good look at their general conduct and sportsmanship. Do their fans really condone their players' behaviour? Kicking the ball at the linesman, slagging off fellow professionals on Twitter, pushing players into the track or sidings, telling injured players to get up. I've watched football for over thirty years and have never seen anything like it, that includes the Airdrie side from the 90's. No excuse for Geggans assault today but I felt it's all traced back to the first EEP game. To any Peterhead fan please go away and watch the highlights from this game and try to defend what went on. You have lots of decent players you don't need to resort to this kind of game, it's obviously planned which makes it worse.
  7. How can you judge the team if you're not there? Several players were just brushed off the ball today. We faded badly in the second half. A Peterhead fan confirms that we didn't exploit their weakness, which is pretty obvious apparently. I'll admit to being a bit ranty and annoyed but I'd rather point out what's going wrong rather than just throw in the towel and just roll over and accept part time football as if nothing could have been done about it. The board seemed to have found money for yet more players, why not spend that on a decent coach? We could get so much more out of these players and I've talked about their weaknesses. It's not acceptable to ask fans to contribute to this complete waste of resources that is our current coaching staff. What the feck do they do all day? Shite at set pieces, poorly organised formations that don't make sense, lack of shooting on target from anywhere outside the six yard box, poor bizarre substitutions, lack of adaptation or any study of opponents players or tactics. All Potter has introduced is to try and stop the pointless passing about the backline and got them to chip balls forward into the channels. We couldn't even do this most of the time with several going out of play under no pressure. Why are we not trying to match other teams physically? We have options like Ryan or Spence but no let's pick the untouchable Geggan. Millen unbalances the entire side going forward so let's not sign another right back and get a 35 year old left back? Martin gives away a pen and gets bullied yet will not be picked out for criticism or dropped like Page or Urquart for doing less. Moffat just has to play regardless of form, does he have to end up on tears or what? The man is finished. Ugwu is let go despite being the top scorer along with Chemin who I thought was as good as Fais, certainly had a better footballing brain anyway. We are getting the piss ripped out of us big time, too much has happened too soon and the directors have to sort out this mess next season with a part time budget and almost an entire squad of diddys.
  8. Really can't believe some of the pish on dot net. Three or four ex junior players just backing each other up despite getting it wrong week in week out. We just need to click, Forbes produces pieces of magic, Moffat is unlucky. It's down to terrible coaching and having the wrong players for the league. Ryan Thomson and Whittle are hated by them yet they do no wrong despite getting played out of position all the time yet no mention of Millen or Bryne who do no wrong. Same people predicted Callum Woods and Bamba were hopeless and were never players. How hard is it to train people full time, to add muscle or strength or speed? It's not impossible but every one of our players weaknesses has stayed the same for three years. Millen can't get up the line. Martin can't win 50/50 headers. Bryne is excellent but fades every game. Moffat tries to walk it in? Geggan has lost it completely since he got the armband. Josh does a lot but makes bad decisions when it matters. Williamson can't cross. Fais is a headless chicken. Look at Buchanan, he came from the juniors and with a year working part time looks miles ahead of most of our team, physically and mentally. We need to stop saying we are unlucky and ask questions about why none of our players are working on weaknesses. Coaching, considering its full time, is a joke. Nothing more to it.
  9. Sorry fans can see they're not getting value for money. The second half performance summed us up. Bullied by a part time side. Embarrassing and unacceptable for any manager or coach even after two games. It isn't his first game, I thought he might tweak the team but he's made us just as ineffective looking as before. No width, no clue, no bottle, no fight, no strength, no chance of winning the league. Disgusted.
  10. Going for a walk next week, anything to avoid the Pars. If you said here's petrol money and a ticket I still wouldn't go. What's the point of seeing the same shit happen week in week out? Nothing will change unless we spend money we don't have on players. We signed the best centre half and striker and best winger from last season somehow got worse despite staying full time. Out coaching and training must be a total farce. Look at Airdrie they were the opposite yet are now better than us. Absolutely embarrassing and a shameful waste of the fans hard earned money. Wish McCann would just stay at Sky and Potter is clueless. God knows what the point of JJ was at all? What a farce.
  11. Someone needs to explain to me now Airdrie can lose Buchanan and their other centre half to Morton and still defend better than the teams they went to for full time training and more wages? Bollan deserves great credit, would love to see him at the Pars instead of diddies like Potter and McCann. They play to their strengths week in, week out and get the best out of their players. Completely the opposite to the Pars and Morton. Major reality check for the two full time sides this season.
  12. Martin showed today that he's not good enough for this level. Bullied all day by Mcallister and gave away the pen.
  13. Aye the relegation playoffs. Absolutely terrible today in the second half. Lost every tackle and second ball from the kick off. Yes Peterhead were dirty but we missed several good chances. Ugwu would've scored at least one of them. Terrible players, coaches and we're going downwards fast. Unhappy new year, feck off pars.
  14. Watched a documentary on Jim Davidson last night. His view was that the BBC was trying to get rid of working class presenters and comedians and replace with middle class, more PC people. I don't feel sorry for him but I do think he was hung out to dry a bit. Moreso when you consider that they covered up all the peados for decades. I can't really connect with programs like Miranda or University Challenge but I can't get angry about them. I do think the BBC need to push ethic minorities into shows to look PC though and it annoys me that the same half dozen actors always get the part regardless of suitability. Go on just chuck a hajib on love. Muslim box, ticked.
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