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  1. Great to see some positivity about Somerset. Don’t think with what we have we’ll be anywhere near relegation play offs I would have thought comfortable mid table. A couple of quality signings eg Sibbald and Cuthbert could even see us in with a chance of plays offs at the right end of the table
  2. Does anyone know if the live stream will still be in place next year? I stay 400 miles from Ayr but have bought a season the last couple of years because of the stream. Would be hard to justify a season for the 3/4 games I actually get to if stream isn’t in place.
  3. The criticism Mcginty gets on this thread is way over the top. Every mistake is criticised. Pity we can’t pay £50 million for the perfection that is Harry Maguire!! He is a leader and our captain and is trying his best for the team and played well today imo. Give him a break ffs.
  4. High ball after high ball to Zanatta. Feel sorry for Zanatta he looks decent when ball is at his feet. Absolutely clueless from our manager. Time to go I'm afraid or inevitable play off defeat to Partick on the cards on the assumption we don't finish bottom. Our best hope is null and void for Bottom 2 leagues.
  5. This proposal makes Dominic Cummings seem reasonable. Lets relegate four teams from league 1 and not promote Cove. Let the championship take gates from Dumbarton and Montrose away supports etc and see a far less competitive league Let 3 teams come down from premiership and then reconstruct again to what actually works at present. (unless of course Hearts were one of the three!) After all it is all about what is good for Scottish Football and nothing whatsoever about self preservation.
  6. What a shambles. Game was a farce from the start and should never have started. No consideration for travelling fans whatsoever. However Ayr had a huge advantage going into the second half, having fought very hard to be level at half time, and I have little doubt we would have won. The weather was no worse at half time than at the start of the game so why was it stopped then? If it was going to be stopped it should have been as soon as Arbroath equalised direct from the corner!! Also do we get refund as highly unlikely given where I stay that I would make the rescheduled game?
  7. Doolan is also contracted to the end of the season so why would we accommodate McCall by letting him go in January. Despite other views in this forum he shows the right attitude on the pitch and could be an asset to us as the season goes on.
  8. How exactly is a goalkeeper at fault for a free header from 8/9 yards out!!!
  9. Give the guy a chance ffs. If appointing a rookie manager is good enough for Rangers it is surely good enough for us. It gives us continuity and he obviously buys in to the way we currently play in no small part due to Mark Kerr I would think. He is well respected and has captained 3 clubs two of them in the premiership. Good luck Mark Kerr.
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