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  1. Where are you all reading this top quality Turkish banter please? I’m assuming Twitter but who’s Twitter pages etc? I’m not that au fait with it…
  2. Me too. Any idea if there are any daft rules for Wednesday? Like arriving stupidly early? And I take it we as away fans are allowed in or is it a hide your colours job?
  3. We need to keep them all unless stupid money bids come in. The first one we sell for a bargain price will set a precedent and other cheeky low bids will come flying in and unsettle them all. I hope Callum has a good bit of influence with the players in question and they may stay for another year.
  4. "They saw my CV on the football pitch," Grant says. "I don't believe in putting a CV in because, if I did, I would blow everybody else away anyway. I don't mean that disrespectfully." What a knob.
  5. This is mental! Wouldn’t it be great to get into some kind of group stage? We’re so used to panic booking flights etc at short notice. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to have the luxury of time to arrange flights and more time for the covid situation to improve in other countries etc. Fingers crossed for a Man U win then, I guess?!!
  6. Hopefully they’ll bring out a double winning strip yeah, and we can all get Rooney 32 on the back!
  7. This is exactly why I would never buy any of these tops before a final, incase we get beat. I wouldn’t wear it!
  8. I’m so confused. I thought we needed Chelsea to get top six and win the CL. They’ve come 4th so how does it now not matter and we’ve now no chance of the EL playoff round? EDIT - Cancel that! Just seen the bit about needing them to be 5th. Didn’t know that!!
  9. Just watched the Sportscene highlights show. It was bloody great! I think that might just make up for years of putting our games on last! 🤣
  10. Woke up at 5:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep. We’re winning this. COYS
  11. A fit Drey Wright would appear to be perfect for our system. Although does he have enough end product? Probably not but that’s in comparison to Rooney who has been all about end product this season.
  12. Cheers man. Apologies, I didn’t see your last post as it was lost in amongst adverts. So if Chelsea or Villarreal win then the Scottish cup winners get straight into the playoff round? And if Chelsea and Villarreal lose then the Scottish cup winners go into round 3 (round before the playoff round) seeded but a potentially really tough opponent. That right?
  13. Ok I opened that link and my head nearly exploded. Translation anyone?
  14. I agree with this. I get the feeling Callum seems to be leaning back towards the 2 behind 1 striker with the changes against Livvy. Plus he rested Kane. It obviously worked in the semi and the recent trip to Easter Road although slightly different personnel than mentioned above. No reason to say it can’t work again .
  15. Watching the FA cup final. Shows how much better it is with fans in the ground. Even a couple of thousand at each end would have made a huge difference. More gutted about us all not being able to go. It’s all very sad really. ☹️
  16. The Livvy 5 should be off. Deliberate elbow in the puss. Wouldn’t expect this ref to see that though.
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