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  1. No idea why they started with the Main Stand if that’s what they’ve done. Would’ve been easier and better for atmosphere if they had just put all the ICT fans in the North Stand.
  2. Agree. It will be ugly. And I think it will happen. ICT won’t be as bad as the first hour again and if we go even one behind I fear for us.
  3. Wrong. We were still all over you until OUR subs on about 65 mins. Then we threw it away by defending deep and stopped passing the ball. Great free kick though, I give you that.
  4. I had to watch on TV tonight. I noted we had 24 shots at goal after about 65-70 minutes. Around the time of the subs. We finished the game with that same amount of shots. Says it all.
  5. He said we were poor in transition in the last 25 minutes. That’ll be the last 25 minutes where the two key players ‘in transition’ were Hallberg and Middleton and he’d just taken them off. What a clown.
  6. And where was his response when they got back in the game? No more subs to make an impact. Just let the game carry on. If there had been ten more minutes we’d have been beaten.
  7. Absolute disgrace from Davidson. The game turned on the Saints subs and change to a more negative approach. I think that was our chance to put the tie to bed in the first hour of domination. Can’t see ICT being so bad on Monday. I think we’re going down.
  8. Ok now I’m depressed. Radford is right. I’ve no idea where my recent optimism prior to the Hibs game came from. Just praying Zander Clark doesn’t go over his ankle in the coming days or that will leave zero doubt.
  9. My stream froze just before they scored. So it’s not happened in my opinion. We’ve played some neat football which is highly unusual. Weak links are McPherson and Ciftci who stick out like shite on a football pitch.
  10. Haha no! She is presumably going to be interviewing Callum and it looks like she’s been up clearing out the loft in the background! Anyway I guess I’ll have to miss out on whatever gems he came out with in the interview. Probably a good thing.
  11. I’m getting a 30 second ‘preview’ of some woman’s loft ladder. Do I need to be a subscriber in addition to a season ticket holder to watch his pish now?
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