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  1. This times 1000. I was concerned seeing the lineup because Spoony neither has the pace/stamina nor tackling ability to be in that position. We’ve seen it before (against Aberdeen I remember funnily enough) and it’s just not his position. However, to be fair to him, he put in an ok performance and did win his fair share in the middle. I fear against a side in better form they would have exploited this weakness though. Not sure what the answer is other than either replace McCann or get Bryson fit again and make him last the rest of the season, somehow. Or put Liam Craig in a time machine. Now that Murray looked in a bad way what’s the midfield for Wednesday??
  2. Who’s in centre mid with Murray? Surely not Spoony?!
  3. There’s no way Efe is the central of the 3 and the organiser. He might fit into Kerr’s old role quite nicely on occasion. The issue is still who takes Gordon’s place in the middle. I’d be very surprised (and worried) if Efe starts as the central one of a back three. Hopefully Dendonker turns out to be awesome in that role but obviously don’t know anything about him.
  4. Looks really fucking good on the video clips of him playing too. Almost enough to get me over last night’s dramas.
  5. Is there any point in having a youth setup and trying to ‘develop players’ if you’re just going to give them away for not a lot of money considering the years spent on them?
  6. This really would cap the whole thing off in outrageous fashion if this deal falls through.
  7. The reaction is the same as on here. I don’t think you can blame anyone for having a meltdown after the news tonight.
  8. This is all quite scary. I expected more I must say even from Saints. Potentially our two best players leaving for low money and replaced by three short term loans. Yeesh.
  9. Who? Where does he play? Was he playing against us on Sunday? Doesn’t ring any bells…
  10. Likewise. I was expecting a centre half to replace Kerr, a proper announcement of Eetu and that he’s clear to play and I was hoping for a goalscoring striker out of nowhere. Alas, none of these have happened. There’s time yet…
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