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  1. Glad to hear, was this on twitter or just league been contacted etc?
  2. What’s been said on Eyemouth? Any official word? Also great news on Edinburgh south they’ve a nice wee pitch and pavilion area with snacks for their youth teams, not quite EOs standard yet but only bits an pieces I’d assume. Good luck to them both.
  3. I see hearts have stated about 50% wage cut across all staff. Is this legal? Could it be phased out at lower levels of the game like the EOSFL which I do take a keen interest in. Also as a player or club do you feel obligated to receive or pay wages?
  4. I’d personally say null and void this season. It’s brutal, however extreme circumstances and by continuing means that we will be playing catch-up in years to come. The players who receive wages on a professional contract should be honoured them. I know it’s tough for clubs to operate like this, but there should be a way to ensure that players are looked after. I completely agree also on they will have families and plans for summer, that is in fact if we are back playing for summer. What has happened is very serious and football is life or death to me, but some fans, referees, committees, managers and even players may be affected by them and may never recover(I severely hope this is not the case) and every club at most levels will need to re-evaluate their position and operations in the aftermath of this. I get excited easily with football, but I fear that this is a long slow process and if we have to sacrifice the football for a while to benefit everyone else so be it.
  5. I meant for east of Scotland league in regards to promotion relegation, see little chance of games being played anytime soon
  6. Didn’t mention juniors in SFA statement but I assume leagues Gonna be off for now. Will they revert to just calling season and starting again when safe?
  7. There’s plenty ways to look at it. Personally I think that pyramid is definitely best going forward but each club ultimately has to go for what they and the fans want as well as what they can manage. Also my opinion is my opinion and that’s all, I have spoken to few West Lothian clubs and unless things change it looks like they’ll remain. Lochore could go either way and still have plenty travelling. They would lose the Scottish junior cup though which usually is the best gates for most non league teams, that’s all dependent on if they West region teams go or not. I think there won’t be any change really til the deadline closes.
  8. They’d probably be better going juniors one last season before the inevitable when everyone gets lumped over. 30 mins every week probably more reasonable than chance of a fife team a few times a season and long trips to borders and also other clubs in the east region, they’ve got to look at what they will achieve, will the basement boys here go and win the conferences, I think not but crossgates did have an excellent first season eos. That’s just my opinion though, ultimately they will decide. I’m sure if you looked at last two seasons for the someone as big as Arniston for example, I Would struggle to believe any benefit they’ve found, they could’ve probably competed better in junior ranks.
  9. There’s every chance that’s what will happen but time will tell.
  10. I wouldn’t count your chickens before your eggs. You’ve probably heard what’s proposed for the region. I won’t say what it is out of respect, but I’ve certainly heard a few concrete plans/rumours for the east region.
  11. I see lots about WRSJFA, not much else been said about ERSJFA and NRSJFA. I’ve only heard most Fife teams leaving for Eos the rest staying juniors?
  12. Any more on the east teams staying or going’s
  13. I have no clause in place but for the reasons I have heard I think respecting the confidentiality of what happened is best for both the club and Jc. Maybe a a change is needed, they have not suffered greatly this season though as have had a good year so far and in contention to win things. They got a cup final last year also which shows they were right to stay, however with far fewer clubs in league their hand may be forced to move now. I can’t say what will work best for their club as I’m not sure what the future holds. Musselburgh however have taken a few steps forward. They had good momentum from winning the premier season before move then finishing well last year so club will do well, only time will tell how long they can compete with the big boys. Also for somethings it’s better not knowing and just letting those in charge live by their decisions as it’s their club not the fans of others. I’m not taking anyone’s side here though. I know many clubs have benefitted from moving, some not as much.
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