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  1. Dry yer eyes, game off, deal with it
  2. It's aw about the Talbot, sooner you minnows realise that, the better.
  3. When you starting the Talbot Voyeur Channel. First subscribers Darvel Legend, AlanfaeCamelon and Gordo
  4. Obsessed much DL? vested interest, your best chance of winning the cup is if Talbot go out.
  5. If Talbot move to the pyramid, I doubt the fans would be trawling the junior forums slagging all the teams who choose to stay and their fans. In fact I'm sure they would wish them the best of luck.....thats the difference though, we appreciate the grade and what it has given us regardless of where we might end up. Alan has so little pride in his team, his source of enjoyment is born out of resentment for junior teams. Very sad and pathetic.
  6. Glad the grade move has worked for you Alan and you ve been able to forget all about the juniors.......well almost
  7. Alan... like a pyramidal terminator sent from the future will the sole function of ending junior football
  8. Wow 1 fan, who was swiftly shot down, and you use that as basis of an argument...keep trawling the boards of all the Junior teams....who's tomorrow night's viewing, is it Pollock board, Cumnock, or mix it up and go to the Championship?
  9. Who is moaning about it...I'm looking forward to the game. It seems to me your the one who can't leave the grade behind...regardless of grade, im confident Talbot will flourish due to their loyal fans and excellent committee. Same applies to a number of West Teams.
  10. Doing a grand job Kennie. Alan seems to comment a lot on the junior threads. Not sure you will see so many junior fans commenting on the EoS thread.
  11. Horrendous weather. As previously said I can't remember Camelon having a shot at goal. 2 going on 6.
  12. Never a 6 1 game, 1 each after 60 mins, they had a man sent off at 2 1. Score flattered Talbot.. kilwinning would beat Kelty.
  13. Not sure regarding the 'Big Fish' comparison. The population of Auchinleck is substantially smaller than many surrounding towns. Talbot achievements are not down to weight of numbers or financial backing like a Celtic or Rangers. It down to being a well run club, with a connection to the community that many people do not understand. As for getting hammered, I've seen Talbot dismantle Camelon , Dundonald and high flying Kelty at their own ground. Quite frankly thought standard was poor. Why would we move to an inferior standard. Keep chasing your dreams and trying to turn your clubs into something their infrastructure or support can't match.
  14. Total agree with the column. Well written and accurate summary.
  15. I'm glad your team has been turned around for the better. Is the improvement a result of joining the pyramid or an overhaul of the personnel running the club. Have you seen an improvement in the football?
  16. Maybe so Alan, however, I think a number of posters are happy at the apparent demise of junior football.
  17. Really enjoy the show guys. Great to see the passion for the junior game. Unfortunately the critics are always more vocal. Im sure the majority realise you guys are trying to promote the grade. Guests have been on from a variety of divisions, also managers, players and chairman.
  18. He's as delusional as ever. Head still gone after that 'Draw Cup' two years ago.
  19. Amazes me how opposition fans go to so many Talbot games that they can pass judgement on the style of their football. When you have pace and skill with the likes of Wilson, Shankland, Glasgow, Samson, and Boylan, the last thing you're gonna do is punt it long. Although the common theme amongst Darvel and Nocknosh is they both support teams mired in mediocrity, and the only pleasure they can get is to criticise Talbot. Laughable but also quite sad really.
  20. Talbot fans getting bored m8?? Are you kidding?? Junior cup finals, cup finals, chasing down rivals in the league, Senior cup runs and watching a host of quality players who are proud to play for the village.
  21. Lots of talk about a penalty that had no real affect on the final outcome. Good advert for the juniors. Some quality football in testing conditions from both sides, particularly build up play for Talbots goals. A fine highlights package yet again from Talbot TV.
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