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  1. Hope he's been told he wouldn't be guaranteed a start in our midfield everyweek. He should have been told weeks ago if a contract hasn't been agreed were going for someone else. Seems we have waited on a decision too long. Still I'm sure the management team will have other targets we can make offers to now. Onwards and upwards.... Mon the (stripes) diamonds
  2. Maybe an announcement tomorrow before Saturdays game? To be fair the big guy looked more like bambi than eto in the nl Cup. If we are to play the passing style we have seen so far then why sign a big target man? Especially one who can't hold the ball up.
  3. Delighted with an unexpected win. At times it looked liked some very very good passing that the saints couldn't keep up with but also at times it seemed liked they stood off and let us play. My only complaint would be at times a little too much passing were a ball into the box or a shot looked the better option. Also a little surprised but pleased to see us play confident from the back against a Premier league team. The sending off did change things. Looked Maybe a little harsh from the main stand. Looked like he was unaware the player was coming to head the ball and he's stuck his foot up to control it. Fair play though he's checked he's OK and took his punishment. It definitely made them sit back and try for counter attacking but they couldn't get on the ball to make passes till the last 15/20 mins. I'm sure the St mirren team we saw tonight won't be the same in 7 or 8 weeks but they need a spark in midfield they were missing tonight. Edit to add my disappointment in seeing the saints fans getting grief from the stewards for trying to add a bit of atmosphere to the game. I get the stewards have rules to follow but usually we don't see fans having a good time in our league and the stewards don't understand how that works. The kids over our end were delighted to see something we don't see every week.
  4. I'm getting used to names and squad numbers. Must admit I want be pleased when undoubtedly we have a number 75 or 92 etc as some tribute to the clubs history.
  5. Has been said we are looking for a replacement for Easton. I do hope it's not another epic level Thomas Robert replacement. Belter of a description for a job application. I'm not sure how many players we have had down the years could be described in such a way. This post has just made the NL cup a lot more interesting.
  6. Hope we don't have to wait for to see how a bunch of trialists will go in the Broadwood Cup before the squad will be completed. Pre season begins soon and we still need 11 or 12 to make a squad. The loan market doesn't usually warm up till teams play a few friendly games but we can't wait for possible loan deals. We need to build a strong squad ASAP.
  7. I'd agree with league reconstruction of some kind would be good for a lot of clubs. Also agree regarding the rovers doing Well to still be a league 2 side. I think it's more impressive they didn't cave to development companies and sell Cliftonhill to move to little one stand corner of Coatbridge like quite a few others eg dumbarton and East Fife. The only thing for them keeping their own ground is the other one stand plastic pitches can be rented out to make a different source of income. Much like our own stadium has more than one regular home team.
  8. Matty mcdonald has joined the open goal, broomhill fc for next year. The first few games with us he looked decent but after missing a few months with injury he didn't look the same. Interesting choice to go to a team that finished 15th in the lowland league. Seems with the open goal/ si ferry link they could will be the next lowland league side with higher ambition. Also moving to Broadwood this season have to say I'd be sad to see the wee rovers drop out of the senior leagues..
  9. I was thinking with the work going on at the stadium with the pitch has their been anymore on a safe standing area at the stadium? I know it was talked about a few seasons ago before covid. Anyone know if it's still being considered or is the idea a non starter?
  10. As the management team will be lacking in experience I'm sure I've heard there aunt is shelly kerr. Plenty experience and I'm sure sold advice to offer.
  11. Definitely a surprising choice. I did ask for the manager situation to be resolved quickly. One question that does come up though is with a manager and assistant both on the pitch how does that work. Delighted booth are staying but I've heard many times before their still needs to be someone on the sidelines to make decisions. Good luck to both clearly they struck up a good partnership on the pitch last season so let's hope that continues.
  12. I'd be interested to see some of the applications we get. Their is always some big names get touted but the usual list ends up like recently retired ex pros like a Kenny Miller or former league 1 managers who did well like an Allan Johnstone. Their is usually a surprise or two in maybe coaches or someone from down south who wants to try Scottish football?
  13. Disappointed to see the manager go. I did think he would want to stay one more year and try to keep the core of the squad together. Now it's a case of waiting to see and the questions that brings in terms of who will he want to keep or bring new ideas or players. The only problem I feel will be time will be against us. Unless a new manager had been identified we are still a few weeks behind our competition for players also. The likes of Dunfermline, Falkirk and Queens have known for a while longer what league they will be in and we have had to wait for the out come of the play offs. I just hope it's resolved quickly.
  14. Wow thanks for the I heard someone say that they heard. We all know he's being chased by a few clubs. No need for the shit post about hearing rumours.
  15. I'm not on Facebook either but I'd think it's a bit petty. Plus it goes on league registration with managers in the technical area I think. Also as its owen coyle and sandy Stewart they both have earned the freedom of the stadium so welcome to stand where they please.
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