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  1. Quite agree. Fair play to thistle. I'll be happy adding 10 quid. Cheapest away game scince the guy who let me and my boy into peterhead away for free.
  2. Cheers mate. Listening to a couple of peterhead guys commentary will probably need subtitles though.
  3. Really liked that away shirt last year. Thought the colours were smart and worked well. One thing though does the colours of the shorts and socks not have to be different from home strip?. With the colours of the other teams in the league it probably wont really matter anyway.
  4. Camera much better tonight. Couple of little slow parts and again wanders if if ball not returned to play quickly. Over all much better. Sadly cant say the same for the game. As has been said previously it's a preseason friendly so cant read to much into it. Also have played them the week previously. Things from tonight Gallagher is not a winger. 1st half looked much better when he came into the middle and got his goal from getting himself into the box. Big mbayo looked solid 2and half and a bomb scare 1st half. Ritchie has played 3 game and 3 different positions. Good to see we have guy who can cover different positions. Tough shift for the trialist as lone striker 1st half the very little service. If in doubt long ball tactic didn't work last year and isnt working again this year. One more preseason game to go and still pretty much same problem as last season creating chances. Still plenty more to come.
  5. Camera definitely worse than the rovers game. Think camera struggling to find a ball with the sun and our yellow strip. If the ball goes out and is not returned quickly the camera wanders and takes too long to find the ball again. I had to create a new login to pay for the game also. I'll give a few weeks to see if the problems can be fixed but not waisting money every week on this.
  6. Get the pies in. Next time were awe commin round to yours. 🥳🤣
  7. Personally I think crighton and fordice have to be kept as the main central defence. Good to have solid players who can come in for injuries and suspension though. Fordice showed last season he can play right back very well but in the middle covers much more. With McDonald right and McCann left we had a very solid back 4. Kerr did play well at the end of the season but had a shaky start and got dropped then we looked more organized and solid with crighton and fordice in the middle. We have quite a few players who can play in different positions if needed but the back 4 played well in most games I really dont see any need to change that. With McKay as a defensive midfielder I think all we are missing is a creative midfielder. The way Murray used hawkshaw and young glass when we had them was as attacking central midfield with wingers and holding midfielder. Maybe the plan will be the same to use Robert as an attacking no10 rather than a winger. Over all I'm pleased we have kept the core of one of the best sides we have had in years. Couple more midfielders and we should be competing at the top end again.
  8. I do agree with the 1-11 on the shirts. Got used to seeing squad numbers help identify who new players were. Then the names appear towards the end of the season. Always thought the little number in the diamond at the back was our thing maybe almost as much as the diamond. It perhaps made our top just as distinctive. Not sure on the rules in domestic football are like europe with set size of letters and numbers but I'd love to see the little number return.
  9. The evidence I shall give will be the truth. Somewhere near the truth and nothing like the the truth.
  10. It seems with a legal challenge rather than have the vote or decisions made over turned it would be much easier for the start of a new season to be delayed until the the courts have time to review the legal process. This more often than not is not done quickly. Any new tv deal would have to be delayed also as courts could give a decision to over turn a vote and complete the previous fixtures and the previous tv deal would have precedence as it's still part of the 19/20 season. Everyone has pretty much resigned to the 20/21 season beginning with the same structure. Quite a few have grievances and about how it's all gone but now most are willing to get on and build for a new season the only problem is hearts. They are the only team with the money and mindset to mount a legal challenge and this could delay further decisions and start dates for 20/21.
  11. From what's being said among most clubs this proposal is the one that has most support across the 42 clubs. So if reconstruction is going to happen this is how it will be. The only real blocker is clubs cant agree on the term. Premier league want to change back as quickly as possible however most do not want the possibility of their club being in a relegation spot when it does. Also a few have concerns over a 27 game season giving some more home games than others and having to offer a 13/14 game season ticket. Then the same principle as above filtering down. Meaning dont relegate 3 team now but it means we could be in relegation zones for any future change. Personally I don't see any change happening due to the self preservation but I just want it sorted.
  12. 27 game season with 14,10,10,10 leagues. Seems to have to most support between the top level clubs. Also lower leagues. As an airdrie fan still thinking we could have had a decent chance of promotion (ok probably play offs) from an early finished season. Probably is the fairest as no teams are relegated and league winners get promoted and 2nd placed teams and Kelty/brora go up. They only arguement with this plan is for how long.. no teams are losing out in the season to come however when 3 are relegated from the top it filters down. St mirren, Hamilton, Ross county all agree with the principle but dont agree on the terms (2/3/4 year). Will be the same for championship bottom 4 and league one. Surely now it has to be agreed or nothing. Leave as is or promote lowland/highland league winners and 2nd place teams or leave as it is. Ok hearts, thistle and stranrar will lose out as will Kelty and brora but Scottish football is the real loser. This has been dragging on so long. All the different proposals from teams who want to "keep it fair " but funny enough it still has our best interests included. No team even those with money can offer contracts to players with no knowledge of what league they will play in. Sort it now or there will be arguments till October. What if this and what if that. No relegation is fair and unwanted colts told no. Just fcukin decide. Up or down. 14, 10, 10 ,10. Yes or no.
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