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  1. Just hope we try a few shots. England weak point is their goalkeeper. Good to see gilmour get his chance to show what he can do. Hope for more on the right side. Also hope the manager is brave enough to make changes in the game that impact on game. Cmon Scotland.
  2. These boys need to be given tournament experience. Even to help progress for the future. O'Donnell offered nothing in attack or defence. Everything ended up down the left as the players seen he was having a shocker. Why could the manager not see it.
  3. My reason for asking is full time players will have more chance to improve as footballers. Quite a few are unimpressed with the new signings. If the they play and train full time they can gel as a squad quicker and maybe avoid the problems of past seasons where its taken a few weeks into the season for them to play as a team. Part timers are fine but will naturally take longer.
  4. Just a thought, are all these guys full time? Are we still going with this hybrid system as last season?
  5. The manager needs told these players almost got dumbarton relegated. He seems to think adding a couple from east Fife and a couple from our squad last season and they would have been atlest play offs or title contenders. 🤔
  6. Challenging to win the league? Would the players we have signed get into Falkirk or cove teams for next season? Does this mean Leon's away? I work with a guy who's a Falkirk season ticket holder and ok they will most likely have a bigger budget but said their would be uproar if these players signed for them.
  7. Not a chance. He contracted to clyde till atleast the end of 2023 season so would cost to buy out his contract. Would add to the cost of losing a good few fans including myself as no way I'd be renewing a season ticket and having to explain to kids why everyone shouts beast everytime he goes near the ball.
  8. Also pleased to both are staying. We need a statement from the club to say what the targets are for this season. If we are going to push for a league win the we will need a bigger budget to attract better quality. If its play offs and budget is the same the expect more signings from clubs at our level. When I read managers comments saying this season promotion is the only progress then I'd expect a higher caliber of player to come. My thoughts are if we are signing players from clubs who finished lower than us last season and fans of these clubs saying the not bothered to lose them then that's not improving the starting 11. Maybe improve the overall squad unless it's the best players from these teams and their fans are disappointed to lose them.
  9. Yes. From last season where the target was reach the play offs. Morton games showed squad weren't able to compete with a poor championship team but we were missing a few in each game who would have started those games. Now it's about upcoming season. If serious about winning the league we need better than what we had last year. Like I said we need to see who stays first then improve on what we had last season.
  10. Having a laugh at what?. I was just saying I'd give the guy a chance. If he is an every week starter then good luck to him. We still have to sign quite a few players for upcoming season. Watching the morton game won't show how this season is going to be. A few seasons past we signed page and everyone thought he was a good signing but turned out to be pish. Nobody bothered about signing Hutton as gk and fans from other clubs were quick to say he was poor and went on to get POTY. Will see who else we sign then I'll judge from there.
  11. I Welcome the guy to our club. Good experience in this league and possibly an upgrade on guys like mbayo as more likely to push for a place. Just depends if the manager tries to play him in midfield like he has others. Will have to see who else signs up. Not exactly what I was expecting for a push to win the league to be fair I'll give him a chance. Can't be worse than some we have had. Even if it's cover for rb/cb cant be worse than jack mckay playing there.
  12. Motherwell. Queen of the South airdrie. Annan . Queens Park in the league Cup. Should be good. Hope the motherwell game is at home.
  13. We have had a decent season just blew up at the end. If robert has signed for livi no way he's ready to go to the Premier league if he's not an every week starter in league 1. No complaints though. Were a good league 1 side just to many games in too short a time.
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