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  1. First is a who classic excellent tune the gmbler would be Kenny Rodgers surely. This could be an exciting league this season pity no fans in grounds.
  2. It is good start for the big 2. The WHU striker was frightened he may not get a place on the bench let alone a start thought be easier to get place on WHU bench.
  3. Always better to be optimistic specially being a Diamond. Not seen all the games but what I have seems we will go with most of last seasons players with one or two of the new guys starting . All managers have their style of play personally I think we can be over cautious with more defensive minded set up. I would suggest playoffs are a must and while would love to win league 2nd or 3rd would be successful. Here's hoping for a good start and a win first game to set the tone for the season.♦️
  4. Oh know few tunes from then first away game 1967 v celtic 2 all my first Scottish cup away game v Cowdenbeath had some fantastic players in those days not that Airdrie fans moaned much then lol
  5. Hope everyone has been well. You got me on that one had to Google it won't say see if anyone else knows. Missing the football and the banter had few chats and seems they expect to be successful this year. That said who would have thought with all our ups and downs last season we would have been hit with this virus puts things in perspective cause it is so clever cause u can't catch it eating a mac cheese in the local cafe but you will defo catch it eating mac cheese in a restaurant.... thank goodness their shut lol
  6. Hello folks not been on for a while was waiting for the real stuff to start. To Early to judge the team so far. Wee bit of caution team looked like last seasons team to me pretty much same old hopefully some of the new chaps make a difference if played cant fault effort some decent football played are we good enough to win the league........ Time will tell if I get a return on my annual bet lol .... go on the diamonds ♦️
  7. Can anyone remember the song Airdrie played before games late 60s early 70s I was extremely young then obviously lol♦️
  8. Fair point .. I hate every other team except Hearts because the have a good song. ... old days Falkirk Thistle were good out with Motherwell. ♦️
  9. Hope everyone is well miss the old diamonds games the odd moan even settle for 3 5 2 with Robert's on the bench eh!!!. Had a brief look at the other threads and thank f+++ I'm an Airdrie fan ... some of the posts suggest they have been isolated to long from the real world. Anyway rant over keep safe ♦️
  10. Hope you are all well. I also hope your not too disturbed by the who should win the league or relegation posts on other threads. Difficult time for all. There will be a lot of clubs seriously struggling be better planning to help them and move forward. Missed the footie, still was in a well known supermarket on Saturday and theres folk scrapping over loo roll lol♦️
  11. Only a game so have a drink chill take the opportunity to start summer football create 2 leagues of 18 let the "elite" in the premier get on with it have another drink and chill sorted.♦️
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