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  1. Played extremely well for most part keeper poor at first goal to let them back in. Disappointing as we gad enough chances to win several games still can't gubsmacked how we dropped two points. Still only way is up
  2. Good performance today liked the pace and movement up front today perhaps the opposition wasn't the best but a good show all round
  3. Happy New Year to all Diamonds fans hope its a year full of joy good health topped up with promotion for the mighty Diamonds
  4. Disappointing had the chances didn't take them then started to fall deeper lost bad goal sadly you could see it coming. Imo showed them bit to much respect. Like Gal but not been at his best for me need to get McCabe back into midfield. The only way is up
  5. Trying not to get involved but does anyone seriously think in this day and age any professional football club would get away with not investing serious accusations of this nature. I don't no what the outcome was and I wasn't there however you would assume the police would be investing would you not
  6. It would hardly be surprising if he's told the board to shove their club. Or maybe he'll be the bigger man and had just asked for time to get his head right. Outstanding day superb performance superb support 2/1 on the coupon... superb The only way is up
  7. No sure but they were missed. Getting some grief as it was my daughters pals brother who scored today
  8. Disappointing result in the end strange and very tight league this year one or two things need to click and McCabe defo missed that said we can more compete with anyone in this league. Agree we do need to get back on track next week. A word on the ref thought he was very poor
  9. Having been brought up in different times there were songs and chants that are unacceptable today but we can't change history abuse is not acceptable it comes in all shapes and forms and we should get older and wiser u can get ur religious beliefs and ur parenthood questioned just for being an Airdrie fan that we are all right wing hooligans. I believe passionately in equality for all and fight for people's rights in employment. I was brought up to believe we are all born equal sadly some people from all walks of life go to far. Society is the issue when you see the tweets from journalists politicians and people who should no better just in the last few weeks it is hardly settling an example. I often wonder does the people who do this realise the pain they cause. This is my humble opinion and not meant to cause anyone offence.
  10. We are not exactly cup specialists under Mr Murray get pumped usually regardless of the cup competition though there were some valid excuses for Friday. Imo the problem is we haven't taken the chances to kill games off and again imo I am not overly impressed with any team we have played so far though we do have some fullback issues we will be ok this season if we don't have to many injuries. The only way is up
  11. Nothing wrong with ur post as always ur on the ball. Can't even get a proper moan today with the game being off
  12. Take that result few missed chances and wee panic at the end but all things considered played some good football. Only way is up
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