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  1. By all accounts Shippy run out of steam but took credit for pushing an in form BU all the way
  2. From what I’m reading it’s all about BU,s having an off day. Let’s give Burntisland some credit here a team two leagues below and what a performance.All credit to BU,s for the result but give the Shippy boys a bit of credit too
  3. Correct me if I,m wrong but I thought this was an open forum where free speech and opinions were welcomed and and not shouted down because some sanctimonious morons disagreed with what was posted. Twice yesterday I was abused on here for voicing my views . 8Milebonehead began then was quickly followed by LTL who had the audacity to bring my I.q. into question. For too long on here the pair have tried to drive their holier than thou attitudes against other users with the attitude of we,re taking the moral high ground, my opinion matters and screw others. So my advice to you both is by all means raise issues and reply to posts but keep the personal insults to your inbred selves.
  4. Pot and black here, it’s only months ago that the band hall in Bo’ness was burnt down
  5. Think the Shippy will do quite well next season Possible dark horses
  6. The Dunipace bros. tag team at it again give it a rest lads for f##ks sake.
  7. Your calculations are correct, however with that your assuming that Kinnoul, Leith et al will win every game they play which is impossible so therefore your calcs are quite incorrect
  8. Pmsl if The Rose were in that position the bonyuckers would be falling over each other to scrap the season
  9. And play Burntisland in third last game who have already beaten them at home earlier this season so yes tough run in
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