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  1. lol, just slamming the red button on every post now, the co-op must have ran out of cheap lemonade for his gin
  2. Remember someone at school saying a long time ago that the Line at the beginning, middle and end of every barcode has a line thats the same length as the line above all the 6's so that every barcode sale was a deal with the devil or some shit
  3. @virginton outing himself as an alcoholic itt
  4. as a fellow 5'5 hobbit your no gonna score points off me for swiping at @Bairnardo
  5. i dont know what i have is necessarily depression, i wouldn't say i feel down or hopeless or anything like that, i just find myself constantly intolerant of other people, i'll lose my temper and go on a 5 minute rant because the person in front of me is using their footbrake rather than their handbreak at a red light, i'll see another person as sub-human-scum just because they choose to wear a face mask with a pattern on it i really dont want to call it depression but i don't know what the word is for just realising you hate being a human being and sharing a planet with a bunch of other human beings and how much better the world would be if none of us existed
  6. i wouldn't be going near a pub with all thats going on right now but 6 in a night? really?
  7. I didnt enter a single pub when I was out the other week who werent taking names how many pubs did you go to?
  8. Why do you actually give a f**k then?
  9. Biffy Clyro are just a scottish version of the arctic monkeys except they replaced clever melodies and clever lyrics with power chords and screaming
  10. People with designer/patterned/logoed face masks... talk about missing the fucking point. Any opportunity for this miserable species to differentiate themselves and they grab it with 2 hands
  11. I dont know why you take such offence at me saying a game looks like its for 4 year olds. Why don't you just downvote the post and move on rather than trying to spark some kind of internet forum feud Fair enough ill say a lot of games arn't for me but you are the only poster on here that takes it as a personal attack. Lol.
  12. I have no idea when I first heard their music but I vividly remember thinking it was great to hear there was a Scottish guitar based band who were breaking through and then every one of their songs is just loud, overly aggressive crap with a horrendous weegie accent on top (yes i know they are from kilmarnock)
  13. Biffy Clyro have always struck me as being a band that scottish people love just for being scottish because it can't be for their musical output
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