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  1. At least we know the divorce will be an entertaining one
  2. Quoting this again because it made me laugh more than anything in months
  3. God not even that far, I think you have to collect 4 of the map pieces and I only vividly remember collecting one
  4. I've never finished Monkey Island 2
  5. Happy for Tommy if this is the first step towards him going to the Northern Ireland job, he's had a lot of success at St Johnstone and he deserves a shot at a biggest opportunity in his career. Leaves Saints a bit shafted, especially with the talk of the Browns looking to sell. Hopefully it turns into some crazy overseas sporting investment opportunity, that'd be exciting after years of boring but safe (and sometimes sexy) St Johnstone. More likely some money grabbing oligarch comes in, sells Hendry and Mccann for gift-shop prices and we'll have a couple of years watching Chris Kane bag hat-tricks in the re-arranged 16 team championship against East Fife and Stranraer and Blairgowrie FC Footballs always changing lads, thats what makes it exciting
  6. My furlough ends today which seems like a bizarre attempt to a) respond directly to what our competitors do and b) respond directly to what England do
  7. I worked with Paul Tosh a few years go, you could tell he absolutely loved himself, came across as a right arrogant c**t
  8. Spend your money how you like mate, if you want to throw £400 away I'll take it off you
  9. The sad thing about Scottish Football is there will be plenty of fuds who would happily buy a Season Ticket for a non existence season "cuz it pure supports the club like".
  10. Uncharted 1 is total garage but its alright because the rest are good
  11. Doctor

    Dota 2

    I still play, plenty do, its almost always the second most played game concurrently on Steam behind Counter Strike edit: It is an old game though, Dota has been around for 15 years ago this point but then Counter Strike started in the 90's, there was a fall in the player numbers around the turn of the year but they have grown since thanks partly to the lockdown
  12. i just want 2 weeks off work, a fortnights supply of Fray Bentos and the football back on the telly
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