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  1. I thought I'd try to contribute a reasonable point. I'm certainly not a brain dead nationalist. Internationally, taxation on oil and gas production is largely based on where it was produced. Under what circumstances would this be different in the event of a yes vote?
  2. I'm not sure if you are being serious, but companies are given license to explore and produce by the UK government and are taxed on production in the UK and UKCS. So if you produce in the UK, you are taxed on that production in the UK. Scotland would put in place a similar taxation scheme. It wouldn't matter where you were based, tax on production in Scotland would be paid to Scottish government.
  3. Craighead is overcoming the bad reputation it had when it opened. It's a lot longer than balcomie buy well worth playing. Gil hanse was the architect, he was also involved in castle Stuart, budget would have been much much less at crail. Mum used to play off 6 at crail (club champion four or five times), but when she started playing more in st Andrew's and elie she went up to 10. Rangoon and Kirklands opens were both cancelled this year. One is for high handicaps and one for low. They used to play on the same day in august but they moved one to may.
  4. Think I agree with you on that. I used to play at crail, now play at gog magog in Cambridge. Two courses, one was a regional open qualifying course until recently and the other hosts a major amateur event each year (Donald and Westwood both won it in the past). I got down to 8 a few weeks ago, but I think at crail I'd easily be a few strokes less. There are a lot of easy pars and birdie chances at crail on a calm day. Doesn't help that I've had three doses of the shanks this year, and I couldn't do anything last night - no flexibility in my back :s
  5. I think short game is something you cam improve on your own with a lot of work at home. I have "almost golf balls" that I used to use in my flat and use them around the garden now. Get one of these cheap synthetic putting mats and draw some chalk lines on it to help groove a stroke. Books help. I used to swear by Dave pelz, but his books are like text books and can give you too many technical things to think about. Been using Stan uttley's books since Christmas, he has a more feel based system so it's less about mechanics. Certainly making a difference this year (currentlu off 10 buy was round in three over in a match the other night - all about getting up and down).
  6. Have a shop around online. You can get pro v1 marked "practice" for about £20 a dozen. These are packaged and sold by titleist and only have blemishes, no structural deficiencies. They are not x-outs and are legal for competition use. Alternatively get down to somewhere with lots of American visitors like kingsbarns, beach/rocks/dunes you'll find decent balls - Americans have too much money. I'm just over 1000 for a former open qualifier in Cambridge. Three times what I paid at home (crail) for a similar set up.
  7. Don't lay the draw at half time after backing before kick off (missed out on 30 profit last night in Spurs Man Utd!). Abuse as many free bet offers as possible. Take advantage of 'risk-free' stake returned offers. Listen to my mates tips more often and when he tells me not to place a bet, then don't place a bet (explicitly told me not to back Peterhead yesterday, I did anyway!).
  8. I'm small time I'm afraid. Just abusing freebets!
  9. For some reason that game made me think of: "Uh Oh, Happy learned to putt". Just me? Ok. Patriotic betting is not good. Bet on Murray to be Nadal, 1/3 of my winnings are on him tonight, another 1/3 on over 40.5 games and another 1/3 on Croatia. Kinda hoping one of those wins!!!!
  10. Girlfriend and her dad did the marathon yesterday (she came in just uner 5 hrs and her dad did it in 3 hrs 30). I got hit by a few manky old t-shirts while waiting at the start line! Good atmosphere around the start and finish lines. Think I might have to give it a go next year!
  11. Does anyone remember kissyfur? It was a cartoon about a bear and his dad who lived in a tree. anyway i downloaded the theme tune and its sort of a ritual to listen to it when we're steaming before a night out.
  12. Craig Farnan? Sure he played for all four.
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