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  1. “Wouldn’t bother a number of people if he did go”. Not exactly a compliment, is it?
  2. You’re a member of staff who regularly presents yourself as being “in the know”, presumably on the basis of gossip you overhear around the club. For me, that does put a responsibility on you to think that bit more about what you post, particularly when it involves other people at the club. A failure to do that last Summer led to you playing an indirect role in embarrassing the club over the Todorov debacle. But it’s a moot point, as the club clearly aren’t fussed about your indiscreet comments on this forum, or something would have been said by now. Historically I’d have put that down to a lack of professionalism at the club, but Mathie is changing that and it still doesn’t seem to be a concern.
  3. Don’t be thick. In any normal workplace, posting a comment like that on social media about another member of staff might well lead to a discussion with a Line Manager.
  4. Is the club really happy with someone posting nasty comments like this about another member of staff?
  5. Watching matt mattmans vlog on YouTube the hand ball and the push on tomi looked stonewallers to me. Felt a bit sorry for Maxwell as he looked like a fish out of water playing at the top of the diamond. Kenyon doesn’t look like a serious option so if Murdoch isn’t fit next week I wonder if Maxwell could drop deeper and more central with McInroy. Smith did well too, but might be asking too much to throw him in from the start.
  6. Smith did pretty well. Kenyon was miles off the pace and if I’m honest looks seriously out of condition.
  7. Credit to the players for digging something out, but I really don’t know what to say about that starting line up. Worse than the actual personnel was the formation. A midfield diamond that somehow managed to have no width while at the same time left us a man short in the middle. I like Maxwell, but no way should be playing at the top of a diamond - he looked completely lost. Hard to avoid the conclusion that Bullen has absolutely no idea what he’s doing.
  8. Adeloye must be on crutches if he’s not fit enough to start in front of Bryden. Think we started with a midfield diamond with no width, Maxwell at the top of it and Grampa Simpson at the base. Random and awful.
  9. That reflects a lack of confidence in Bullen’s decision making rather than any negative attitude towards the player. The truth is we thought that in appointing Bullen we were getting a proven and experienced manager in the mould of McCall who would come in and hit the ground running. In reality, he is actually a rookie appointment who has only filled coaching roles to this point. I guess it’s always bothered me slightly that despite being a massive club legend, Sheffield Wednesday twice declined to appoint him manager, even though he’d been a coach at the club for years. We can only hope that he is capable of developing into the role and that there hasn’t been too much damage done in the meantime.
  10. He’s hardly been demonised. But playing an unproven 17 year old up front by himself has smacked of either desperation or delusion, which certainly isn’t the players fault.
  11. We’re getting humped at East End Park. That’s priced in now. 2 home wins and avoid defeat at Queens and we can still finish 8th. Seems doable until you look at the raw stats, which are horrific.
  12. Since Bullen took over, we’ve played Morton twice, Hamilton twice, Queens and Dunfermline once. We’ve taken 4 points out of a possible 18. Zero wins. We’ve shat the bed in every 6 pointer we’ve faced. Even Duffy managed to conjure wins against Queens, Dunfermline and Hamilton.
  13. We’ve been relying on Dunfermline being pish for far too long. Was always likely it would catch up on us. Points are still there for us, but we’ll need to win both our remaining home games at least, which is a worry given we haven’t won at home since the beginning of January.
  14. Best of luck to Hewitt, but slightly puzzled by the 3 year deal. If nothing else, he’s recovering from an extremely serious injury - a ruptured hamstring has finished plenty of players most obviously Michael Owen and Ousmane Dembele. Don’t recall him playing at right back, but maybe that was his preferred position at youth level. On the occasions I did see him, he showed a lot of honest endeavour in a Hopkin team that we immediately knew was utter dugmeat, but I don’t remember him being as impressive as some comments have suggested. Probably another example of a player getting better the longer they’re injured, but hopefully there is something there.
  15. That midfield of Murdoch, McInroy and Dempsey looked great. I knew we wouldn’t see it again.
  16. Ayr United wouldn’t exist anymore if it wasn’t for Cameron. It really is that simple. He put a fortune into keeping us alive when no else lifted a finger and in the end wrote off that fortune. And he also waited for years to find someone credible to take the club forward and clearly saw off carpet baggers and Walter Mitty type characters at various points. I think he accepted long ago that he was the wrong person to run the club on a day to day basis given he lives in the US, but as a responsible custodian, I don’t think the club has ever had better.
  17. Bullen has clocked the fact you are short in defence and has decided to really go for broke. I appreciate it doesn’t look that way on paper, given we are playing 1 (one) 17 year old school wean up front, by himself, with no support. But I reckon this could be a goal fest.
  18. Bullen has lost touch with reality. Are we seriously starting with Bryden up front by himself?
  19. Calm down, it’s obviously a bit of kidology from Bullen. I confidently predict Adeloye and Dempsey will both start the game.
  20. I think McKenzie can hold the ball up reasonably well. In theory Moffat could play behind McKenzie, but the general consensus within the club seems to be that he is done. I’m not sure we’ve actually seen Moffat play in that role all season - was hoping to see him play in behind Tomi at some point, but i can’t recall any of our many managers actually trying it - maybe Dave White did in the 2 interim games we won….
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