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  1. The Sunday Express has the story as well:- SNP MP Mhairi Black caught on camera breaking the ScotRail booze ban - Scottish Daily Express
  2. Apparently Mhairi Black supports Partick Thistle and was at Somerset Park to watch the match on Friday night. What happened on the train back to Glasgow makes the Sunday Papers today:- SNP MP Mhairi Black apologies for flouting Scottish train booze ban | Scotland | The Sunday Times (thetimes.co.uk)
  3. Alex (Dixie) Ingram was the 4th highest scorer for Ayr United in their history with 117 goals many in the top flight of Scottish football. A good proportion of his goals were headers from corners. He would start his run from well outside the penalty box and meet the ball at pace with his head. This tactic could have been a factor in him developing dementia at the age of 67. In 1970 he was transferred to Nottingham Forest for a fee of £40,000 which paid for Ayr's first ever set of floodlights. Dixie returned to Ayr later that year for a bargain £15,000 and scored from 35 yards on his first game back. I recall watching him in an Ayrshire Cup final at Rugby Park which Ayr won 3-0, with Dixie scoring a first half hat trick. He was selected for the Scottish League while playing for Ayr United being selected ahead of both the Celtic and Rangers centre forwards at the time. Dixie will be remembered and sadly missed.
  4. I suspect that Adeloye doesn't come out very well from the data produced by the GPS tags that players wear each game and the manager uses as a measure of performance. It's possible that either Adeloye will get less match time or he will start to cover more ground during games to justify his place.
  5. You are correct in stating that Nicola Sturgeon will reinstate crowds for the rugger. Not because she likes rugger, but because Scotland's first game at home to England, on Saturday 5th February, will be played in Newcastle if she doesn't.
  6. Does anyone know how much the club are making from the live video feed on match days? How many people are paying to watch home games online? Do all the proceeds go to the club? Why don't they offer concessionary prices for the live video feed like they do to attend matches in person?
  7. Anyone know who the Ayr player was that was booked in the first half?
  8. I thought about Peter Murphy as well, but I see his recent results record is actually worse than Mark Kerr's which must rule him out.
  9. From today's interview in the Times with new Ayr United Chairman David Smith:- It is a labour of love for Smith, but it is also a business project. Ask him what he expects Ayr United to look like in a decade, and he replies: “Please don’t underestimate my ambition. I didn’t take this role just to sit in the directors’ box and have a beer. That’s not my style. I like to build things. I want Ayr United to be in the Premiership. And I’d be disappointed if it took ten years to get there.” People might think I’m mad, says new Ayr owner David Smith | Scotland | The Times
  10. Nicola Sturgeon rightly criticises the violence from Celtic fans after their defeat by Ross County at the weekend but then widens the issue by warning Rangers and Ayr United fans not to do the same thing. This was out of line by Sturgeon in my view:- Rangers hero McCoist asks why Sturgeon mentioned Ibrox side and Ayr in condemnation of Celtic anti-Lennon protesters (thescottishsun.co.uk)
  11. Congratulations to Michael Moffat with his 100th goal for Ayr United. Ayr 2 Dundee 0 16 minutes
  12. I've got the live feed now. I just had to click in the box in the acknowledgement email.
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