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  1. Nobody has been assigned the task. I'd like to engage with fans at clubs and get more input and felt it best to ask real fans for it. Alot of people say the media don't do enough to cover Scottish football, we'd like to change that which is why I've reached out as I've used PnB for a long time myself. As for the lower league thing, no need to be upset, it's just banter because the other user had a go at the channel and I gave a bit back. We do indeed speak about the Championship as well.
  2. Scott Allan comes on to PLZ tonight along with former Hibees Tam McManus and Alan Rough. They discuss Hibs, Scott Allan explains why Porteous can go on and star for Scotland, while Tam McManus also reveals which Old Firm star used to scrub his boots. We also find out who some of the stingiest former Hibs players were. Watch here and feel free to subscribe for more:
  3. It's perfectly understandable why you personally haven't heard of us. We only cover the top flight, a competition that doesn't affect you and doesn't look like it will be affecting you any time soon.... oh and some of the people above have just said they've heard of us
  4. Here was me thinking we go to pressers outselves and gather and produce our own content. Glad you give us a month, even though we've been going for years. To answer others, yes, it's Peter Martin and Roughie's show. We also have Tam Cowan, Tam McManus, Barry Ferguson, Darren Jackson and others.
  5. I know, same as Soccer Am, Soccer Saturday and the rest of it! Don't shoot the messenger
  6. PLZ Soccer are a Scottish Football Online News and Broadcasting Service who are working hard to promote our game. With a team of panelists, pundits and former pros, we're now looking for input from Scottish Football fans into the content we produce so we can continue to deliver the best for Scottish Football. Feel free to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram and like, follow or subscribe to us and let us know what you think. We're also looking at speaking to Scottish football fans about everything related to your club and Scottish Football across the board. If that sounds like something you'd like to do, then you can also download the PLZ Soccer app for free and use the Video Reporter section to give us your views and we'll use the best feedback we have! Want to know more? Get in touch. Thanks PLZ Soccer https://plzsoccer.com/
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