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  1. do the club send a new streaming log-in code for each game to season ticket holders?
  2. Come on ICT. Where do we buy the stream? Are you oot taping the camera to the stick? Let us into the secret.
  3. It’s a great read for any Ayr fan. Highly recommended
  4. McCardle standing alone, hands in pockets, like a dog walker watching a game down the park looked pretty pitiful. Kerr’s excuse-laden BBC interview also devoid of passion or any hint there’s a clear plan. Anyone got Yogi’s number?
  5. Good luck to him. But got to admit I had the same fear listening to it. Loaded with jargon, hopefully not overloading the players and making it too fussy
  6. Given how many leaks you usually get before an announcement, surprised more Thistle fans haven’t claimed it’s def happening based on inside info.
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