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  1. I thought Talbot played better football in the second half than recently and that freed up their attacking skills. Both Shankland and especially G Wilson on todays form will destroy most defences. I can see what some punters are saying about the 2nd goal and I was too far away to comment on the penalty, buy it was the speed of attack. the intensity and 1st touches that created the opportunities/
  2. The thing is Talbot always play a straightforward 4-4-2. Apart from when they don't and bottle up the midfield forcing the opposition to play long. Bit of advice-------Junior teams are good at headers you need to work out how to play through a packed midfield. One of Talbot's strengths is that the players realise they are not good enough for Barcelona so don't try to play like them and they are coached to use the skills they actually have.
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