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  1. You have an Oasis member as your profile picture. You’ve lost conversation privileges
  2. Literally makes my week. A couldn’t think of anything better than watching Iain Davidson going in thigh height on some Airdrie boy for the hell of it.
  3. Nope. Away at a birthday gaff. Also playing in Carnoustie the next morning so too much hassle. I’ll try.
  4. Normally I’d be Rover the moon, but since it doesn’t go with my plans for that weekend I’m going to cause a fuss about it. At least I’m honest?
  5. Since when was the Partick semi final on a Friday night for fucks sake?
  6. Just seen McKay’s mistake and you’re all blaming Davo 🤣
  7. How poor was the ref? Saw that the first penalty was harsh, any truth in that?
  8. To be ahead until the 77th is a great achievement from the lads. Hearts (who are 7 places below Livi) pumped Airdrie 5-0. Surely a good sign...
  9. Did Bravo Davo give away both?
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