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  1. There’s obviously been a lot of plaudits for the likes of Berra and Zanatta recently but one player who I think has gone a bit unnoticed lately is Brad Spencer. He’s filled the ‘Hendry’ role since he left and while he’s not at the same level, he’s been fantastic this season.
  2. It’s a great version to be fair. He’s done a really good job to make a Scottish folk song into something a bit modern.
  3. Liam Dick has been at fault a fair few times this season already. While many on here are crying out for a striker, I think we maybe need to look at the left back situation if we are going to stop conceding as many. At the other end of the park it’s great to see how well Zanatta has been playing recently. He’s made a tremendous impact.
  4. The fact he’s doing extra training isn’t the issue. I’d be concerned as to why he feels the facilities on offer at your own training centre aren’t sufficient enough that he feels he needs to go to an academy that trains kids off the street to improve. Do Dunfermline not have coaches that could have helped out with 1-2-1 training?
  5. So Dunfermline have a first team player who’s going for 1-2-1 sessions at a kids football camp to try and get better…. And they have the cheek to call us the wee team!
  6. I can’t believe in 2021 we have grown men on here slagging a young guys appearance. Get a grip of yourself guys.
  7. I’m just really surprised we haven’t seen more of Keatings. Him and Vaughan are quite similar players and I always thought having them both in the team would be difficult. I just expected Keatings to fill that space when LV got injured. He seems well down the pecking order just now.
  8. I think even the most optimistic of us knew this day would come again. We just didn’t want it to be so soon. We need to support him with the private health care and make sure he’s at least in a position to go about his everyday life with as much normality as possible. What does this mean for his future football career? I’m sure we know deep down but that’s a conversation for another day.
  9. I’ve got a slightly left field few on some of the guys that were locked out and missed the start… I got into the stand about ten minutes before kick off. Just as I took my seat, the lights went out. If there were another 500 fans still outside ten minutes before kick off then they were missing the start of the game anyway, power cut or not. You can’t rock up at a big game a few minutes before kick off, knowing there’s going to be a large crowd and knowing it takes longer to scan a barcode than it would to just tear a ticket stub and moan that you can’t get in before the game has started.
  10. I think the way Gordon Brown’s police escort was parked in front of the south stand was a bit of a health and safety risk too! Talk about causing a bottleneck!
  11. On a side note, did anyone manage to get an air fryer yesterday?
  12. For anyone that’s interested, here’s Ziggy scoring a beauty for Fulham u23’s on Monday… https://www.fulhamfc.com/news/2021/august/U23-Sunderland-Highlights/
  13. Who was the other boy that played in that game? Local lad with curly hair. There was a cult following wanting to get him signed up.
  14. I’d be asking them if they know what a ‘troafe’ is (or however you spell it). The Raith Tv boy used it in both of our last games as well as the Davo interview!
  15. What’s the story with the Brechin game, are tickets on sale for that? Apologies if I’ve missed this.
  16. Ok so here’s my tuppenceworth so far in no particular order… I’m quite surprised that Berra has taken a bit of stick on here so far. I thought he looked decent enough in the two games. Connolly looked useful. I think once he gets a bit of sharpness about him he will get back to the player we had a few years ago! I’m not convinced that Vaughan/Keatings will work as a front pairing. Both are too similar. Tumilty is the best right back in the league. Coulston and Mitchell have very bright futures ahead of them.
  17. Interesting to read a fair bit of ‘disappointment’ at the prospect of Zanatta and Connelly on the wings next season. If we go with the preferred 433 formation again, it’s not inconceivable to have Keatings and Vaughan either side of a central striker, leaving the afore mentioned duo on the bench. These two may just be seen as squad players, I wish people would just keep the negativity at bay until we see how these guys actually perform!
  18. In another international match where we had a dug in the race today, Kieron Bowie came on as a sub for the Scotland U21’s.
  19. I was thinking the same thing earlier. Unless he’s looking to move down south/abroad then he’s not going to get a bigger club up here. On finding a replacement for Hendry, surely we would just be looking to promote Tait to a first pick? He’s been in and out of the side since breaking through. Yes he’s a different kind of player but he’s one who will need to come of age now if he’s to realise his potential. A midfield three of Matthews, Spencer and Tait would still be very strong at our level. We would only be looking to replace Hendry’s place in the squad rather than trying to replace him I’d say.
  20. Based on the comments above, I’m probably in the minority here but I don’t think losing Kieran Macdonald is as big a loss as some are making out. I thought he had a fantastic first season in league 1. Last season, in my opinion anyway he was steady, but certainly not a stand out. I think John Mcglynn will be able to replace him with similar, if not better.
  21. Ironically the big man had his best game in a Raith shirt in his last match. Someone I always wanted to succeed as he seemed a great guy. He had all of the tools, he just couldn’t put it all together. I found myself just waiting on a mistake happening.
  22. Was thinking this morning that this is probably the first time since 1994-95 and 1995-96 that we have had successive feel good seasons. Have I missed any out?
  23. I see Scott Boyd is now head of football operations at St Johnstone. I assume that means he’s no longer with us?
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