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  1. 22 minutes ago, AsimButtHitsASix said:

    Ye say that as tho' that podcast/website also doesn't have previous for reminding everyone that Goodwillie is a sex offender


    The people who report on and discuss Scottish football aren't the decision makers. None of them signed David Goodwillie for Clyde. When he played for Clyde where they to refer to him like some evil wizard/guitarist for The Dwarves as "He Who Shall Not Be Named"? Are you gonna go into the League One forum and castigate anyone who said Goodwillie had a good game against them? What a fucking ludicrous take. 

    Raith fans have said they don't want Goodwillie at their club and are absolutely free to react however they want to that signing. They can't tell Clyde fans who can/cannot play for their club. If Clyde do sign a rapist should all other fans or writers just ignore his existence on the off chance they get annoyed their club signs him years later? 

    What a fucking nonsense.

    The guy he’s referring to, that does the podcast is a Raith fan. Not sure if you know. I think what he’s trying to say is that he raves about him on the podcast, giving him media attention but then complained when he signed for his club.

  2. I don’t really get the big deal with Mcglynn. If he’s been asked by the board and he’s said something along the lines of ‘Yeah he’s a good player but are you sure you want to risk the consequences?’ The board have then discussed the bigger picture and make their decision.

    Just because he didn’t refuse point blank to have him in the squad or resign the next day doesn’t make him a rape apologist or whatever other term you want to come out with.

  3. 1 hour ago, Ro Sham Bo said:

    I thought we started both halves well but faded. A draw was probably fair but if Hamilton had won there would have been few complaints from me. 

    I don't understand why McGlynn is persevering with Gullan as our main striker and that's now two games in a row that Varian has been brought on to play wide right. Baffling stuff.

    Frustrated  that Lang was allowed to play on after his initial injury, although Frankie was much improved today from Tuesday.

    Pretty much this to be fair. Gullan as a number 9 isn’t working. He’s done absolutely nothing from open play in that role. 

  4. For anyone who missed Bill Clark’s interview here are some brief highlights…

    He thinks Mcglynn is blameless in the Goodwillie signing. Clyde contacted the club over the weekend offering him to us. By the time it went in front of the full board on Monday morning, a fee/contract has already been discussed.

    Andy Mill left the board in no doubt of the ramifications of the signing and that it certainly wouldn’t blow over in a couple of weeks. This was ignored.

    He doesn’t believe that the story was leaked by the club to the media in December to gauge opinion. That perhaps answers why Val felt lied to when Karen M told her we didn’t intend on signing him. 

    Karen McCartney’s role is beginning to conflict with team matters. She’s married to Smudger and she had no dealings with that side to begin with. Now she’s negotiating signings, there’s an obvious crossover.

  5. 1 minute ago, Ro Sham Bo said:

    I'm afraid that anyone hoping that a scenario arises where McGlynn can be absolved of wrong doing here is almost certainly kidding themselves. 

    There was an article in the Courier which said that McGlynn identified Goodwillie as his number one target and there is also the confirmation from McDermid that we tried to sign him a couple of years back when she was still on the board. 

    It's a gross misjudgement, and that's putting in its very best light. 

    I doubt he'll resign but he'll surely leave in the summer. 

    I think you could be right about the summer resignation. 

    I have a lot of time for Mcglynn like we probably all do. I’d like to think it was a gross misjudgment, I don’t think any of us really thought it would go as nuclear as it did. I think he and the board looked at Clyde and thought it would eventually slip away to a few boos from opposition supporters.

    it’s what these guys do next that will determine what lessons have been learned. I’d like to see us use Rape Crisis Scotland as our shirt sponsors next season to replace the ones we lost for starters.

  6. 12 minutes ago, Broken Algorithms said:

    That was a really good discussion on K107's pre-recording for the Saturday Sports show. I think the media focus will understandably die down over the next few days, but it's the Rovers fans who will be left to sift through the wreckage and figure out what the f**k we're going to do. We've known for years that John Sim has been the kingmaker and that his decision was final. I think it's time for our fans to start asking some very tough questions. There was a lot of talk on the show about the lack of diversity on the board. I'm not sure if @rentonwas listening in at all, but both myself and Margie Robertson (who joined later on) spoke about how there's a conflict of interest in the situation between Smith and McCartney. 


    Is there really though?  I don’t think McCartney gets much of a say. She may be the CEO but she doesn’t run the club. She also doesn’t get to vote on board matters. I would agree it’s a strange set up however.

    I’ve read a lot on the Goodwillie thing about how he never admitted his crime or sought forgiveness in order to deserve a second chance. I’m prepared to give the current BOD a chance to admit their mistakes and see what they aim to do to put things right before I lose complete faith in them.

    The running of the club in recent years has been superb, let’s see what they can do now to rectify their own cluster f**k! Let’s be honest, we probably don’t have many others battering the door down to mount a takeover.

  7. We are stumbling from one PR crisis to another here. The club is crumbling! 

    I thought this morning that the Raith Tv decision might be the final straw, that the club would realise that having no media outlet would put them back into the dark ages, along with the loss in stream revenue and it might lead them to do the right thing, then I see the Bene statement!

    Can some tech savvy youngster let me know how I can delete my profile picture on here please? I don’t think it’s right that I continue to use that one in the current situation.

  8. 1 minute ago, Its not only a game said:

    😂. Seriously, None of us should be making moral judgements. Do what you think is right is my advice to my Raith pals. Show your displeasure, in  the way you think best. The club was here long before these idiot custodians arrived, and guess what will be there long after they leave.!No doubt the club has gone backwards which is so weird when you could almost taste further success at the club. The danger of raw ambition…!!!!But its your club not theirs.

    Brilliantly summed up

  9. 1 minute ago, RandomGuy. said:

    I'm afraid that asking people to just ignore it and move on is the last thing that should be happening.

    If he wants to "just talk about the football" then he should probably hound the club as much as possible to remove a rapist from their ranks or find another club to support. 

    No one’s saying it should be ignored. There’s about 100 pages on the Raith thread about it, why not use that one to condemn the clubs actions? I’m pretty sure the Hamilton fans would rather use this thread to discuss the game too. 

  10. 23 minutes ago, RandomGuy. said:

    f**k off.

    You're exactly the type of c**t who the board are relying on to try and force people to move on and just accept your scummy fucking club has hired a rapist.

    Thankfully you'll never have another match thread on this site without it being brought to attention.

    That’s out of order. The guy wants to use this thread to discuss the actual match. There’s plenty other platforms to discuss the rapist. It’s certainly not his fault the club has taken the action it has. 

  11. 2 minutes ago, Hammerafc said:
    7 minutes ago, Jilted John said:
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see a U turn on this. That would explain the lack of the promised statement.

    The thing is they knew Val would pull the plug. They knew the fans would be upset. They knew that the media would jump all over it. To decide that it would be worth it knowing all of that why would they do a u turn.

    I don’t think they knew the full extent it would cause. I certainly didn’t expect Nicola Sturgeon to be discussing it today!

  12. 1 minute ago, Donathan said:

    £1k a week for 2.5 years is £125k. Add the reported £50k transfer fee.


    If a u turn is incoming they’ve spunked £175k, only some of the sponsors/fans will forgive them, and he’ll likely rejoin Clyde.


    What a trainwreck for Raith 

    As with any contract, there will be a legal cooling off period. Not with the transfer fee but with the contract itself. It’ll leave him a free agent. For me, it’s the only way forward.

  13. I’m utterly baffled by this decision. 

    I don’t blame the gaffer, his job is to look after the football side and to put a good team on the park. From a football sense, it’s a good signing.

    What I don’t understand is that the board thought it would be ok after the backlash a month ago. Did they think that there would be a bit of a moan and then it would all die down? If they did, I think they have made a huge error in judgment!

  14. 1 hour ago, Scosha said:

    What's his issue about the pitch? It was definitely a mess last season due to Hopkin training the team on it every day but this year it's getting back to good condition

    We are so used to training/playing on an artificial pitch that we don’t like grass ones anymore. Especially not in winter. We are the football team equivalent of foreign players that wear gloves in the summer.

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