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  1. The thing is they knew Val would pull the plug. They knew the fans would be upset. They knew that the media would jump all over it. To decide that it would be worth it knowing all of that why would they do a u turn. I don’t think they knew the full extent it would cause. I certainly didn’t expect Nicola Sturgeon to be discussing it today!
  2. As with any contract, there will be a legal cooling off period. Not with the transfer fee but with the contract itself. It’ll leave him a free agent. For me, it’s the only way forward.
  3. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a U turn on this. That would explain the lack of the promised statement.
  4. I’m utterly baffled by this decision. I don’t blame the gaffer, his job is to look after the football side and to put a good team on the park. From a football sense, it’s a good signing. What I don’t understand is that the board thought it would be ok after the backlash a month ago. Did they think that there would be a bit of a moan and then it would all die down? If they did, I think they have made a huge error in judgment!
  5. Whoever sanctioned this has balls bigger than the Carrs flour mill tanks!
  6. Out of interest, if this deal did happen, would you really stop supporting the club altogether because of it?
  7. We are so used to training/playing on an artificial pitch that we don’t like grass ones anymore. Especially not in winter. We are the football team equivalent of foreign players that wear gloves in the summer.
  8. Ethan Ross has been rubbish for weeks as well, apart from his strike at ICT. Are you going to turn on him too or is Zanatta just the east option? Just because a player has been struggling for form doesn’t always mean they don’t want to be here or that they have a bad attitude.
  9. I don’t think Liam Dick’s problem is with getting forward, I think it’s more that he can’t defend. I’d go with… Macdonald Tumilty Lang Berra Dick Matthews Stanton Ross Gullan Zanatta Varian I don’t think Gullan is the type of player to play up top on his own, sitting as a 10 is prob his best position. Although I don’t rate Varian, in the absence of another striker, he’s probably the best we have for that role.
  10. I think the gaffer got it wrong yesterday with the formation. We had 3 or 5 at the back, no width, which meant there wasn’t really an attacking out ball. Especially when Arbroath were set up to be tight with everyone behind the ball. That kind of set up is fine when we are away to ICT or Killie when we are probably going to be happy with a point but it’s nowhere near what’s required when we are at home in a game we need to win. Get the wingers back, get the tempo raised and I think we will be fine.
  11. Wait… Partick Thistle have released a public statement on something they aren’t happy about?… definitely not like them…
  12. Probably written by the same person who deems it safe to park two large land rovers on the ramp leading into the stand when Gordon Brown visits.
  13. There already has been plenty from the club in terms of replacing their youth system. They took over the old Real Fife squads a season or so ago and brought them into the Raith Rovers Community umbrella. We now have teams ranging from young kids right up to teenagers. I hate to use the ‘pathway’ word but that’s exactly what it is.
  14. I don’t buy into this at all. If he was as good as you’re going to get at unsettling defenders then there would be some end product, either scoring himself or creating goals for his team mates. He’s doing neither. He looks a decent prospect and it wouldn’t surprise me if in a few years he’s playing at a decent level. At this moment in time though he’s not the man to lead the line for us.
  15. Jeez… just goes to show what having a few drinks before the game does to my memory of the supposed chances I remembered! On the Varian thing, we have had far worse strikers who’ve managed to score more goals than him. He does work his arse off but doesn’t quite have what it takes yet!
  16. Disappointed with the highlights from yesterday. The team sheet showed Keatings and Fotherinham playing. No sign of Stanton’s (I think) chance in the second half or Tumilty’s shot from the half way line.
  17. That’s pretty much where I am with him as well. I think if we had a prolific striker in the squad I’d be happy to sign him but he’s not what we need at the moment.
  18. I doubt they will both start. It’ll probably be Matthews and Stanton with Ross as the attacking midfielder. Assuming everyone is fit and available that is.
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