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  1. 1 hour ago, Brian Carrigan said:

    Surely £0 - given that Raith approached Clyde about taking him back. I assumed the idea was that Raith would find him a place to play his football to keep him sweet and therefore more likely to accept a reduced-terms payoff.

    I would say that surely Clyde haven't committed to any wages or reduction in owed transfer fees to bring him back, because that would be extremely stupid, but the Clyde board/Phil Caplan/Glasgow branch have proven themselves to be among the stupidest people that have lived, ever.

    I think if you believe this then you’re massively wrong. Why on earth would Raith want to keep him sweet and pay all his wages? He would have been more likely to accept a reduced pay off if we were blocking him from playing football ever again. He’s contracted with Raith until he’s 35 mind. 

  2. Did anyone who’s listened to the gaffers interview think he was a bit of a dick to the interviewer when asked about Varian going off at half time?

    Just on Varian, what a half he had last night. I’ve been a huge critic of him but my god he didn’t half lead the line! He bullied Stokes from the start and had a perfectly good goal chalked off.

  3. I think we need to get away from the whole ‘I don’t want to contribute to DGW’s wages’ stuff. The reality is that if you’ve put any sort of money into the clubs coffers in the last year then you probably will have contributed to his wages in some way, like it or not. 

    Continuing to go to games and put your hand in your pocket will only help to strengthen the club once we get out of this mess. The alternative is far worse.

  4. Just now, Hawk89 said:

    It is all fine and well saying they will look to rebalance the board, my assumption here is that to be on the board you will likely need to invest? So not only do they need to find someone willing to give their time but also a sum of money to club who aren't having their finest moment. 

    And presumably have experience in running a decent sized business. Like you said, these sorts don’t exactly grown on trees. 

    One of the most annoying things about this whole episode is that the current board have done wonders through very difficult times recently in growing the club and running things very well. One stupid decision has brought the house down.


  5. 46 minutes ago, Michael W said:

    I would much prefer that the club finished as high up the table as possible. I will admit the events of the last 10 days have gotten me to a point where I am bothered more about what might have been rather than our last two results, which I really wasn't arsed about. It is the opportunity blown 1) by bad form and 2) by the decision to sign Goodwillie that has me wondering what could've been instead. We had a wonderful opportunity this season and have blown it spectacularly. 

    Saying that, I want the club to finish as high as possible. That £200k hole in our accounts needs to fill itself somehow and there is £125k gap between 4th and 5th. There is an additional £150k gap between 4th and 2nd as well, but I can't see us finishing above Partick or Killie. 

    As to where I'm at currently, I can't even be arsed streaming the Celtic game on hesgoal, such is my enthusiasm for us at the moment. 

    You should probably be wearing black for a few week too by the sounds of thihgs.

  6. 29 minutes ago, Florentine_Pogen said:

    What point am I missing.?
    The way your post is worded gives me the impression that you're vehemently opposed to anything Val McDermid has to say and re. Andrews, you're the "Oh, whits he like?" mentality.

    My point is that now Val has led the campaign to get rid of David Goodwillie… rightly so in my book, she’s now going off on how all footballers need to be whiter than white. That’s a step too far for me and an indication of what happens when certain people have their ego inflated.

    The example I used was Marvin Andrews, a club legend and a hall of famer. He’s publicly come out a few years ago with strong views on homosexuals. We also have our own club captain who was charged a few years ago with assaulting his ex gf and a couple of her friends. Our old captain was charged a few years back for bottling someone in a nightclub.

    Now the issue with her calling on fit and proper people checks means where do you draw the line? Rapists 100% but what about assault charges etc? What about people with questionable views on homosexuality?  You run the risk of tarnishing players who have played a massive part in our recent history if you start going down that road.

  7. 17 minutes ago, Nairney said:

    Can you explain why you feel it should fall to her to attempt to fix the issues that led to her walking away?

    She’s made it very clear what she felt the issues were. These issues were caused by the actions of people employed by the club and 4 of the board members. It’s unclear to me why she should need to be responsible for saying what should be done to fix things. That kind of change / action can only come from within the club.

     Change can’t come from within the club without others being able and willing to step in. The whole board can’t walk away and leave no one funding and running the club. A few folk don’t seem to realise this.

    Val is someone who has both the finances and the experience needed to help run the club. She’s made plenty of comments about how she loves the club, but is she going to be proactive in trying to turn it around? The same could be said of Gordon Brown. Has money, contacts and very good business sense.

    These people have no obligation to help, but I find their supposed love of the club rather questionable when we are struggling and they are sitting on the sidelines watching.

  8. 5 minutes ago, basher brash said:

    In a nutshell to be honest !
    John Sim has to put his personal feelings / differences to one side regarding individuals for the betterment of the club , Heal the deep division with Val McDermid as she is the one to turn this around IMO 

    Is Val even interested in returning? For someone who was instrumental in speaking out, and part of me thinks of it wasn’t for her and her connections, this might have been another ‘Clyde scenario’ where it would’ve died down, I think she’s happy to walk away with her reputation bolstered along with her book sales.

    I’d love to be wrong but I certainly don’t see her as actively vocal about trying to fix the issues. 

  9. I’ve heard Mr Sim has started to respond to a few fans who have emailed the club/him directly. He’s apologising for his lack of judgment and admits that him living abroad means he’s out of touch with what’s going on. He’s also said that him being the chairman while being far removed from the day to day running of the club isn’t the way forward. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Against The Machine said:

    I think we need to be careful with corroboration on stuff like this. There are so few routes for information to leak from the club now that 70% of the workforce have left, there's a significant chance that what we're hearing is the same source (which could be completely true or completely false) echoing through different second- or third-hand routes. 

    Although, as someone else laid out quite eloquently earlier, it would be quite surprising if the people left in the boardroom/bunker aren't further entrenched in their original beliefs. That's quite natural in situations like this where everyone in the world is against you. 

    To be a little cynical, though, it doesn't really matter what John Sim (or Tom Morgan or Karen Macartney etc) actually think, at this stage. What matters is what they put out into the world. 

    When the doors are locked and they're sitting in private, if they want to think they've been hard done by and that there's been some sort of witch-hunt, then that's fine. I don't agree with it in the slightest, but each individual is entitled to their own opinion.

    However, the club's stance, and the club's actions, cannot reflect that. There needs to be contrition, acknowledgement of the hurt, and a commitment to improve. At the weekend it felt like that had to come as soon as possible, and I think some of that immediacy has died away. If it doesn't come until Thursday now, I think that's okay, as long as it's an adequate response when it does come. 

    (And obviously it has to be before Sunday, they can't go into a game on live television having not responded to this.) 

    Fantastically well put and hits the nail on the head. 

    I also wonder what’s going on behind the scenes just now to reach out to the volunteers who left. Have they been contacted by anyone at the club looking to re build relationships?

    I know the Raith Tv guys post on here, it would be nice to know if there’s been any contact from the club. I also understand that they might not want to discuss that on here though.

  11. 41 minutes ago, oneteaminglasgow said:

    As someone who listens to the podcasts, they frequently pointed out that David Goodwillie is a rapist when discussing anything to do with Clyde.

    I’m not sure if you’re defending the point made or not, but it’s absolute bollocks. 

    I wouldn’t say I was defending the point however I do agree with what Denise Clair said in the Sunday paper, which I’ll paraphrase… The whole of Scottish football needs to take some accountability here. DGW has been playing for 5 years pretty much unchallenged. Everyone who’s supported him, lauded him etc should probably reflect that they should have done more rather than just clicking into outrage mode last week.

  12. 22 minutes ago, AsimButtHitsASix said:

    Ye say that as tho' that podcast/website also doesn't have previous for reminding everyone that Goodwillie is a sex offender


    The people who report on and discuss Scottish football aren't the decision makers. None of them signed David Goodwillie for Clyde. When he played for Clyde where they to refer to him like some evil wizard/guitarist for The Dwarves as "He Who Shall Not Be Named"? Are you gonna go into the League One forum and castigate anyone who said Goodwillie had a good game against them? What a fucking ludicrous take. 

    Raith fans have said they don't want Goodwillie at their club and are absolutely free to react however they want to that signing. They can't tell Clyde fans who can/cannot play for their club. If Clyde do sign a rapist should all other fans or writers just ignore his existence on the off chance they get annoyed their club signs him years later? 

    What a fucking nonsense.

    The guy he’s referring to, that does the podcast is a Raith fan. Not sure if you know. I think what he’s trying to say is that he raves about him on the podcast, giving him media attention but then complained when he signed for his club.

  13. I don’t really get the big deal with Mcglynn. If he’s been asked by the board and he’s said something along the lines of ‘Yeah he’s a good player but are you sure you want to risk the consequences?’ The board have then discussed the bigger picture and make their decision.

    Just because he didn’t refuse point blank to have him in the squad or resign the next day doesn’t make him a rape apologist or whatever other term you want to come out with.

  14. 1 hour ago, Ro Sham Bo said:

    I thought we started both halves well but faded. A draw was probably fair but if Hamilton had won there would have been few complaints from me. 

    I don't understand why McGlynn is persevering with Gullan as our main striker and that's now two games in a row that Varian has been brought on to play wide right. Baffling stuff.

    Frustrated  that Lang was allowed to play on after his initial injury, although Frankie was much improved today from Tuesday.

    Pretty much this to be fair. Gullan as a number 9 isn’t working. He’s done absolutely nothing from open play in that role. 

  15. For anyone who missed Bill Clark’s interview here are some brief highlights…

    He thinks Mcglynn is blameless in the Goodwillie signing. Clyde contacted the club over the weekend offering him to us. By the time it went in front of the full board on Monday morning, a fee/contract has already been discussed.

    Andy Mill left the board in no doubt of the ramifications of the signing and that it certainly wouldn’t blow over in a couple of weeks. This was ignored.

    He doesn’t believe that the story was leaked by the club to the media in December to gauge opinion. That perhaps answers why Val felt lied to when Karen M told her we didn’t intend on signing him. 

    Karen McCartney’s role is beginning to conflict with team matters. She’s married to Smudger and she had no dealings with that side to begin with. Now she’s negotiating signings, there’s an obvious crossover.

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