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  1. 2 hours ago, OhnononoGeordieMunro said:

    I don’t think we need a massive overhaul in the summer but I’d be happy to see the back of Musonda, Dick, Tumilty, Varian & Poplatnik.

    If we can use that money to add some proper physicality and pace in the forward areas I think we can kick on again next year.

    I’d keep Poplatnik if it was possible. I think there’s a decent striker in there if given decent service. He reminds me a bit of John Baird.

  2. 4 hours ago, Paco said:

    If Stanton had a six month deal I don’t think we’d be clamouring for him to stay.

    He definitely isn’t a bad player, and can come good. Landed into a terrible team and that isn’t his fault. But I’m not really sure what he’s been bringing, particularly over the last couple of months after a stronger start.

    I’m with you on that. Also slower than a week in the jail!

  3. We must be the only team to ever be singing the managers name on a Sunday then be hounding him out on the Wednesday! 

    To put a bit of perspective into this debate, if someone had offered you mid table championship football and a cup win just as covid struck two years ago, you’d have been commissioning that statue. 

    For what it’s worth I would give the current management team another crack, if we don’t make the top 4 next season then it’s time to part ways. 

  4. 40 minutes ago, Michael W said:

    The cup win in 2014 undoubtedly saved Grant Murray's job. Although we finished 7th that season, we finished 2 points ahead 9th-placed Cowdenbeath. It was a season that saw us win a pathetic 3 league games in the second half of the season, which I really hope we avoid matching. 

    Was it that season that Malpas was brought in?

  5. 22 minutes ago, Rob1885 said:
    1 hour ago, Jilted John said:
    Would expect the Pars to raise their game for this one. They normally do against us. We are their Everest, their cup final. 

    Does anyone know how many bedsheets they have sold ahead of this one?

    Not even our main rivals m9

    You’re right, you boys prefer to rival teams closer to your level, like league 1 Falkirk. There’s no point in picking teams like us that play at a higher level to hate.

  6. 15 minutes ago, Zen Archer (Raconteur) said:

    McGlynn was suspended after getting sent off last week, he spent the entire game in the stand directly behind the dugout, nothing strange about that.

    Ahh fair play. For some reason I thought he was called up in front of the beaks and his suspension wouldn’t be until then! 

  7. On 23/03/2022 at 16:06, TxRover said:

    Look up Liam Dick on Transfermarkt and select by all competitions and by season…then you can see where he played, what he was playing and for how long. It isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty solid.

    Well Tx looks like I need to apologise. I don’t think he’d go with Dick at CH but it appears I was wrong!

  8. 47 minutes ago, TxRover said:

    With us, CB vs Killie a few games ago…7 games at CB for Alloa last year…3 games at CB for Alloa in 19/20…6 games at CB for Alloa in 18/19…1 CB for The Sons and 3 RB for Stranraer in 17/18…that enough?

    Well he didn’t play CB in either of the two recent games against Killie for us. Even when him and Mackie have both played and we had a back 5, Mackie has been the one playing CB, to the left of a 3. He got thrown in there briefly on Saturday but that was it.

    Where are you getting the stats from that he played there 7 times for Alloa last season etc?


  9. 9 hours ago, TxRover said:

    Yes, Mackie did…but over the years, Dick has spent time across the back that Mackie hasn’t, and his recent work at LB has been a wee bit disappointing.

    When has Dick spent any time playing anywhere other than left back across the years? I’m all for stats but please don’t just make stuff up. 

  10. 1 hour ago, SandyCromarty said:

    Totally understand your frustration with the referee I would feel the same but you're all spending too much time focusing on the various card scenarios, look again at the two late goals, Chalmers was given too much time with that ball with not one challenge towards him till it was too late, again the second where he had less time to pull the trigger yet he is in the clear.

    The fact you were down to ten men with minutes and 2-1 up clearly meant Raith should, to a man, have been just in front of your goal.

    You’re right with that last paragraph. I’d also add that Bene needs to look at himself, a terribly unnecessary tackle after a terribly unnecessary attempted mazy run! It’s easy to highlight the referee’s mistakes… of which there were many, but if we have kept 11 on the park we would have won today.

  11. 7 hours ago, TxRover said:

    If we want to toss out names…

    Jim McInally…Peterhead are struggling in League One, and even so are punching above their weight. Might be interesting to see what he can do with a reasonable budget, and he might be tired enough of the struggle up there.

    Ian Murray…Has worked under a tight budget and certainly out performed expectations.

    Kevin Thompson…But would he be willing to leave Kelty, where he seems to have an ideal setup and a lot of funds.

    Paul Hartley…But he’s about to be in the Championship anyway, with a team he’s built and rebuilt.

    Dick Campbell…But it’s more likely he’ll be poached by a Premiership side soon, if Arbroath doesn’t become one.

    How has Ian Murray outperformed expectations? Are Airdrie not one of only two full time teams in that league? Reaching the playoffs is hardly pulling up trees for them.

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