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  1. Remember it well! ‘Another player not playing in Europe next season’
  2. I think he’s 100% right in what he’s saying but I also agree that it shouldn’t have been printed in the programme. We need to move on from all of this now. Grandstanding like that won’t solve any of the issues he’s mentioned.
  3. That reads as though you want Rory McKewon to do it, you sick and twisted man!
  4. To be fair, I’d be amazed if Falkirk hadn’t, at the very least, sounded him out. It’s common knowledge that he’s out of contract and has a proven track record of getting promotion from league 1.
  5. I knew he celebrated it with a chippy but I’d be very surprised if Valente’s was open that night!
  6. To be fair if he had actually played Poplatnik in the first half of the season he probably wouldn't have bothered to sign Gullan. For a pre contract with Poplatnik was the way to go if he had been given games. It may not have been possibly but for me he is far better. I think if he’d played Poplatnik from the start of the season, Gullan wouldn’t have been the only striker we wouldn’t have signed…
  7. I might be reading too much into it but I know Berra didn’t go on the Xmas night out, he also chose not to lift the cup aloft when it was passed down the line to him. Has he purposefully been trying to separate himself from being one of the boys?
  8. According to one of our players at the gig on Saturday night, there’s a few of them think Berra will get it if Mcgylnn left.
  9. So you’d sack him after one bad run despite everything else he’s achieved? Even if you look at the players signed in January, they weren’t additions, they were replacements. Williamson and Stanton replaced Tait and Spencer. Gullan replaced Vaughan (then got injured himself) only Mackie was an addition to the squad. Personally I’d give him a 2yr deal and if we are unable to get a top 4 spot next season then it’s time to part ways. He’s got enough credit in the bank to deserve another crack IMO.
  10. Yeah you’re right, but surely you’d have to judge a slightly bigger picture than the last 4 months of league games to decide whether he needed to go. Had the season been flipped on it’s head and we had a poor start followed by a great run towards the end, we probably wouldn’t be having this discussion.
  11. Although I completely agree that the manager was backed, I’m struggling to agree that he hasn’t delivered. Since he arrived he has had us promoted, reached the playoffs, won a cup, got to another cup final that wasn’t played and established us as a championship team, losing out on the playoffs by 3 points at worst. Missing out on the playoffs is a bitter pill to swallow but let’s be honest, we wouldn’t have won them. To say you want him gone as he’s failed to deliver in his time here is completely bonkers.
  12. I think there’s a bit of apathy around the club at the moment. It was the poor run coupled with the off the field nonsense. Although people aren’t necessarily calling for his head, there are definitely a fair few that want a fresh start.
  13. I just hope that if he’s not going to be here next season, we find out before Friday so he’s given the send off he deserves!
  14. You’re right… John Sim has done a lot of good stuff for the club since he got involved but his recent comments paint a picture of someone who, if he doesn’t get his own way, will spit the dummy and have a tantrum. Cutting his nose off to spite his face in the process. I’m not overly shocked that he continues to try and justify the signing, my main concern is with what may happen next time he doesn’t get his own way.
  15. Ach well, it was getting a bit quiet in here I suppose…
  16. I’d keep Poplatnik if it was possible. I think there’s a decent striker in there if given decent service. He reminds me a bit of John Baird.
  17. I’m with you on that. Also slower than a week in the jail!
  18. We must be the only team to ever be singing the managers name on a Sunday then be hounding him out on the Wednesday! To put a bit of perspective into this debate, if someone had offered you mid table championship football and a cup win just as covid struck two years ago, you’d have been commissioning that statue. For what it’s worth I would give the current management team another crack, if we don’t make the top 4 next season then it’s time to part ways.
  19. People like Alex Penman wouldn’t take it on these days. Penman wants to be top dog in a room, not answering to Sim.
  20. It’s been that long I don’t think any of us can remember what we mention when we win
  21. I just hope that if we aren’t going to renew Mcglynn’s contract, it’s made public knowledge soon so he can be given the sendoff he deserves against Kilmarnock.
  22. I assume Dick was still suffering from the effects of that head knock on Sunday. Not even Mcglynn is radge enough to go with that back four unless it was forced upon him.
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