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  1. The club is making progress however while he’s still on the books and with Sim happy to make public his unwanted views on the matter, I always feel like there’s a car crash waiting round the corner. We need him gone before we can properly move on.
  2. Are you suggesting that our board aren’t good with corporate governance?
  3. There’s a name that I had completely forgotten about! I’m sure he was touted for us around the McKinnon/Locke years!
  4. I wanted Thomson from the start but not too disappointed at Murray. As someone said before me, it’s better than some of the names mentioned! Time to get the season tickets and the new strip on sale as well as cancelling a certain players contract and we can all start looking forward!
  5. The way I see it is, if we wanted ‘stability’ then we should have gone all out to keep Mcglynn… we didn’t. A large number of fans were fed up with stability. If we want someone who’s going to look to really push us forward, Kevin Thomson ticks that box. Albeit it’s a bigger risk.
  6. I don’t really want Murray. He’s got Airdrie in and around the playoffs but hasn’t been able to go that one step further. Most people who wanted Mcglynn gone were critical that he had perhaps taken us as far as he could. I don’t see what Murray has done that would make people think he could have us punching above our weight when he couldn’t do the same at Airdrie?
  7. TBH I wouldn’t look at it like that. Both are more than good enough for us, but you can only pick one!
  8. The courier guy on twitter mentioned that we had interviews scheduled for the week before last and more this week. That would suggest one of the candidates was on holiday last week.
  9. I see planning permission has been granted for the community hub at the north stand. That’s good news. Hopefully a small step forward in repairing links with the community.
  10. According to Alan Temple at the Courier, we interviewed Thomson and Fox last week and have interviews planned for next week so there won’t be a quick appointment.
  11. Wow… you’ve been thinking about this while trying to get to sleep last night haven’t you?
  12. So today is D day for the applications. You’d like to assume that anyone who wanted the job would have applied by now and not left it to the last minute. The board have already begun the interviews so let’s hope for an appointment by the beginning of next week. I see Dundee have hinted at a management restructure next season, I wonder if Thomson will hold out for that one?
  13. Although I’d definitely not use Scott Brown in a pub quiz team, I actually think he might be a decent appointment with where we are just now… The fans and sponsors seem to have dropped away after the Goodwillie saga and we need to generate a bit of interest in the club again. Scott Brown would bring that. We would have a lot of media interest and it would capture the imagination more than a Mcpake or a Murray would. I’m not sure what he would be like as a manager but he’s certainly a proven leader. We have the basis of a good squad already under contract for next season, with a few positive additions we should be pushing for a top 4 finish. I think we are in a perfectly good position to take a gamble.
  14. I’d like the club to stipulate to a potential new manager that they need to give the old ‘I’m only concentrating on this club’ when asked about former clubs. It really sticks in my craw when I see current players/managers commentating on ex teams.
  15. I’m genuinely gutted to see him leave, especially for another team! I just hope you guys realise what a special man as well as manager you’re getting.
  16. We appointed her while all was well in the world. Everything that the board do is under the microscope just now so they will be thinking that showing due process is a good thing.
  17. Correct. I think the board are probably just trying to show transparency and that they are following a correct process. Adverts like that probably wouldn’t have been made public had we had faith in the board.
  18. I’ll be gutted if he goes but we only have ourselves to blame if he does. Allowing his contract to run down to the final week before offering him anything is a terrible way of doing business. That coupled with the fact that he was the only one who was sent out to speak to the media after the Goodwillie fiasco. All in all a truly appalling way to treat someone who’s done so much good for the club.
  19. Remember it well! ‘Another player not playing in Europe next season’
  20. I think he’s 100% right in what he’s saying but I also agree that it shouldn’t have been printed in the programme. We need to move on from all of this now. Grandstanding like that won’t solve any of the issues he’s mentioned.
  21. That reads as though you want Rory McKewon to do it, you sick and twisted man!
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