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  1. I was at that game v Clyde at Broadwood when Carcary scored the hat trick.

    I remember him scoring one in a 0-3 win for us there when Colin Hendry was their manager. What a player he was on his day. Another player who’s career was cut short through injury.

    I can see us going 4231 this week with Bowie, Gullan and Armstrong behind Allan. If Mcglynn had any intention of playing McKay in a back three, he would have tested it against Glenavon first I suspect.

  2. 100% agreed. I mean he was class like, but says volumes about a boy when the attitude changes. For example when Craigen had pre signed for Falkirk, if anything he upped his game. Christ what a player, still bizarre to me that fans didn’t take to him.

    James Craigen would have been appreciated and utilised more in the current team I think. Bags of technical ability and one of the most two footed players I’ve even seen. Used to take corners with his right then the next one with his left!
  3. Well, I took in the first leg of Raith Rovers (upper half L1), and QotS (rank rotten Championship). The gap in quality between the two was a bit of an eye opener tbh. Queens midfield had no-one remotely close to Tidser, yet they absolutely tore Raith to shreds, and dominated all over the park. 

    Shite.... clearly didn’t watch any of the two games.
  4. When he’s been putting balls in to the box, so far though, are much better than previous also, I wonder if it’s because he’s been playing as a striker and now realises actually that’s where I would want them so that’s where I’ll stick them

    I don’t think you need any experience playing as a striker to know that you don’t want to be hitting the first defender with your crosses.
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