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  1. Zico’s alter ego posts are right up there with the guy who posted that he had buried a bag of the clubs cash under the pitch and wanted help finding it before we dug up the grass and put the astro down!

    Is Zico/steakandgravy aware of how IP addresses work? I’d love a mod to confirm them being from the same computer!

  2. Airdrie support weren't in the North Stand. We had the South Stand the day we won promotion.

    Tory Boy, I owe you an apology. I assumed you were talking about the Scottish Cup QF in 1995 when airdrie brought a big support through. Serves me right for being a lazy git and not reading the thread properly!
    The crowd figure from that game will just be made up. Close to kick off here were still loads of Airdrie fans still outside so they just opened the exit gates and stewards stood with buckets collecting money.

    No they didn’t. I was selling programmes at the North turnstiles that day and can confirm that’s 100% bullshit.
  4. I don’t think S Anderson is good enough to defend in a back 4. He’s too slow. I think he needs a couple of centre backs beside him to get the best out of him.

    Grant Anderson has been deployed at wing back in the past, could that have been a better option than Mackay in a game that we knew we needed to attack in?

    Why have Victoria and Tait (until last night) been given any game time off the bench lately? We know we are going to need these guys eventually, not getting them on the park won’t be helping their match sharpness!

    Why on earth would you start with Allan and Baird up front? That pairing must be a centre backs dream! Neither is mobile or creative!

    I’m a massive fan of John Mcglynn, I think he cares massively for the club but his selection and tactics are baffling at times.

  5. Yeah, there was so much flair and class in that side that a player like Ally Graham was always going to stand out for the wrong reasons. You tend not to appreciate a player that does the ugly side!

    As an aside, the song that was sung about him when he left for Falkirk and they got relegated was genius! To the tune of Don’t look back in anger by Oasis...

    Sooooo Ally can’t wait, he knows it’s too late cause they’re going on down...

    I’m so glad to say, and don’t come back you w****r, I heard you say!

  6. That was purgatory today. How we're through to the next round I have no idea. That first 30 minutes Peterhead absolutely destroyed us and even after they ran out of steam they still had comfortably the better of things.
    Taking Baird off was a mental decision unless he was carrying a knock of some kind.

    I thought putting him and Allan up front together was a poor decision and a waste of a substitution. He didn’t look happy when he came off.
  7. We need to drop some of these jobbers for Tuesday and take a gamble with youth. Thankfully Davo's banned, he was shite today.

    Gamble with youth? You do know we don’t have a youth team right? The only youth we have who didn’t start today was Dylan Tait and he will be a certain to play on Tuesday due to injury and suspensions I’d imagine.
  8. Who would be in everyone's team of the past decade? (or whatever the time frame is the ffp are running with) there's a few certainty's for me such as mcgurn but I'm struggling with a few positions so will see if anyone else jogs my memory before I post my team.




    Jason Thomson

    Marvin Andrews

    Mark Campbell

    Laurie Ellis


    *Grant Murray*

    Ross Callaghan

    Regan Hendry


    Lewis Vaughan


    John Baird

    Brian Graham


    *Was going to put Murray at left back back wanted to put Laurie in the side!

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