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  1. Tbh the speculation on what may or may not be the cause of Allan’s absence is pretty poor. Think he’s due his right to privacy.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong in people discussing the reason a player is unavailable. When the statement from the manager was so vague, it’s always going to get people speculating. Should we all just ignore the fact he’s not been playing and kid on we aren’t curious as to why?
  2. I'm no fan of Mendy but it would make sense for us to recall him, at least on a temporary basis, while we are dealing with these ongoing suspensions in defence.

    Agreed. We could surely do what Hibs are doing with Gullan. Recall him, put him on the bench while he’s needed and if, come the end of January, Anderson, Miller etc are all back then we can loan him out again.
  3. Don't think anyone is burying their head in the sand. It's pretty much universally recognised that the numbers don't make good reading. 
    However, it's a good chunk reduced from how it was the year previously. It's a step in the right direction, and doesn't include this season where the club have reduced the playing budget further and incorporated a part time element. 
    We were never really in a title race last season, so every home league game from Jan onwards was a nothing game. Whilst Starks Park will never be filled to the rafters, an extra few hundred fans through the gate if the team are going for the title will help. 
    I would imagine that going totally part time alone wouldn't make enough of a chunk in the deficit. Its also a far too simplistic view. A totally part time Rovers side would likely be pretty shite, meaning gates would be lower etc. Granted, another season in this league would mean we have to look at additional ways of trimming costs. 
    The club are trying to address it. The best and most obvious route to help the situation is by winning promotion which leads to higher gates and greater prize money. The club have tried to maintain a competitive squad whilst reducing the costs, and have released initiatives such as the players fund which has almost £5k per month.
    Add to that a new hospitality/sponsorship lounge and a range of Cup anniversary merchandise that sold out very quickly. Nobody at Raith Rovers are sitting on their hands hoping this will go away. The harsh reality is that the club need promotion, and are trying to achieve that in a measured way. 
    It's not burying head in sand. Its a complex situation that has no easy answer, but steps are being taken and there at least some small signs its moving in the right direction. 

    Excellent post! [emoji122]
  4. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel Scotty boy. You seriously going back a decade to Willie Gray? 
    Even if he was (I have no knowledge of this) it's hardly relevant to Raith's massive unsustainable loss now is it?
    You need to take less sugar on your Cheerios neebur.

    When you say ‘unsustainable loss’ you do realise we have been in the red for about twenty years? Seems to be sustainable enough to me.

  5. We have 3 options for rb in Miller (when fit) Watson and mckay. Davo has done decent enough there in the past aswell. I'd prefer we looked for a left sided defender incase macdonald gets injured. Think I said this in August aswell and he's not really been injured. Striker seems a necessity, but I'd imagine it will depend on if baird is staying or not. He's maybe not scored as many goals as we'd like but he has contributed and is a good influence among the squad.

    Interesting point, not sure I’d be too keen to sign someone as cover for MacDonald though, seems a bit of a waste. We could always push him into midfield though.

    Sending Munro back and using Thomson/Mcgurn and using the loan market for someone else may also be food for thought.
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