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  1. I don't understand why McGlynn is persisting playing Bowie instead of Baird. Bowie has been struggling for weeks.

    Maybe if Baird had been given a run out against Falkirk he might have gotten us a winner in that match too.

    Agree about Bowie. I’d add Hendry to the list of players that need rested too.

    I don’t think Baird can play on the side of a front three though. I assume he’s wanting to play two quick players up alongside Maclean.
  2. Having watched the highlight back, it’s clear that there was no foul by Miller. He’s clever enough to know that he’s bigger and stronger than Davo and Munro and he just positioned himself in front of them and stood his ground, knowing that if they pushed him, it would have been a penalty. What we should have done was have someone like Maclean in front of him to try and clear it. Munro doesn’t exactly cover himself in glory but he’s got two players blocking him so he couldn’t get to it.

  3. I don’t think so Raith will collapse and do well to hold on to 3rd.Montrose look more likely for 2 nd . Falkirk will stroll it by 6 or 7 points and will win tonight by at least 2 and never look back. Having said that only 3 or 4 of our players are good enough for the championship, so that’s how bad this league is. After failing again to get promotion again Raith will go part time and become a mid table team in the seaside league befitting of their stadium, fan base and hellhole that is Kirkcaldy.

    We are all Ian Ogilvie
  4. What's your problem exactly? I work 2 Saturdays out of 3 and most of the games I've made it to this season have ended up being away, last time I was inside San Starko was 22nd of February when we beat Clyde 1-0. And how am I an absolute doom merchant - what have I posted that has been negative exactly? I'm never on here and I've learned over the years not to take watching us seriously so never get overly angry at the inevitable despair that comes with supporting the Rovers.

    My problem, going with the theme of the conversation at the time is with ‘fans’ who plaster negativity all over the Facebook site.

    Here’s an example from a game we actually won!
  5. P&B takes some flak but the people who post on Facebook are horrific for a whinge. Usually there'll be tears and snotters after any loss from folk who only follow on social media as part of some nostalgia from when they grew up in Kirkcaldy.

    I’m calling out Mark Braid and Ian Ogilvie and betting that they haven’t been inside Starks Park since the Nelsons Tipped Cigarettes roof was on the South terracing. Two absolute doom merchants!
  6. Agree with the first part but we are 5 points better off than we were after the same number of games last season. I think the overall standard of the league is better this season too with decent Clyde and Peterhead sides replacing hopeless Brechin and Stenhousemuir teams. I’d say East Fife, Airdrie and Montrose are improved too.

    5 points? I’d have thought it would have been more than that to be honest. I agree with the standard of the league comment being better.
  7. The club can f**k right off firing out the no inspection planned tweet. I've cut a trip away short to attend and I'm already halfway home. 

    We're the biggest tinpot minter in Scottish football. 

    We had to play an outfield player in goals for a whole game and loaned our best player out to you lot who effectively relegated us. Wouldn’t think you’ll be taking our biggest minter crown anytime soon mate.

  8. Jack Smith going out on loan to Dundonald. I thought he’s looked pretty good when he’s played. EoS is a really poor level.

    Yeah I was a bit disappointed when I heard that too. I’d have hoped he could have gone to a league 2 side and got game time there. At least if he gets 12/13 games under his belt between now and the end of the season, he will be sharper come the friendlies.

  9. 3 cup finals, yet no trophy. Europe was defeat to a bunch of fishermen from Iceland and a Swedish lower league side wasn’t it?

    The point he was making was that if we were regularly in cup finals and Europe, we wouldn’t be too concerned about where the money was coming from. Just because it’s a rival team doesn’t make it any less true.
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