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  1. 50 minutes ago, baillieinleeds said:

    Rovers just go through these daft phases. It’s not the first Pink Top we’ve had. It’s not Virtue Signalling either. If it was the sponsors would all be Rape Crises and Feminist causes. 

    Agreed… and even if it was, so what? If the club is trying to build bridges and get people back onside then great!

  2. I was really impressed with us last night. I know Peterhead were poor but we pressed them so high up the park and didn’t give them a second on the ball. Our attacking play was impressive too from a quick tempo point of view.

    This was the first glimpse of Murray’s promise of out working other teams. Once we get a few more bodies in the door we will be in a very good place.

  3. 7 hours ago, Raithie said:

    I sold a number of Rovers tops last year on ebay and got a decent wedge. Got nearly 100 sheets for the half n half top when we won the 2nd Division under McGlynn. I managed to get my hands on a reproduction of the 1989/1990 top and it's fookin spectacular. 

    100 sheets? You better keep them hidden from the Pars fans, they will have them painted in no time!

  4. 17 minutes ago, RRFC_Liam said:

    A lot of premiership teams are already back in pre season training and playing friendlies/bounce games already so if we are looking at the loan market for a CH or forward then I think it will be the next week or 2 before anything is clear/rumoured to be on that front 

    You’re probably right with that. I wouldn’t be surprised if we faced Peterhead with the same squad we have just now. Thankfully they seem to be struggling too so it buys us a bit of time.

    With regards to Jim McInally’s piece on player recruitment, I don’t think it’s remotely comparable with our situation. Theirs is more to do with geography and presumably the cost of fuel.

  5. 24 minutes ago, stevoraith said:

    No, it’s not just you, it just so happened you were the latest one to say it.

    I agree that I’d much rather know who the targets are and have a warm fuzzy feeling that we’re going to bring in who we need, but football at our level has never been like that so I don’t understand the criticism of the club over a lack of updates.

    Unless people genuinely think it’s as easy as popping to strikers-R-us and picking one off the shelf.

    I get that side, but you have to balance out against the commercial side of getting your business done quickly too.

    Season ticket sales started off really well but I bet we won’t have sold many over the last couple of weeks. If we had an exciting squad already built and had been firing on all cylinders then we probably would have sold more.

  6. 21 minutes ago, Railwaystand said:

    Absolutely mind-blown at some of the reaction on here for pre season games. It’s all about fitness and for the new manager to assess what he has, Or In some cases, hasn’t. 

    some real overreaction and bed wetting going on here. 

    imaging booing a pre season friendly 😂😂 

    I really do feel for Murray. Luckily if It does go tits up for him we have a few experts on here who seen to know what they are talking about and will fill the void…..

    While I completely agree that booing (I didn’t hear any) at a friendly is way over the top, I don’t think it’s an over reaction to be unhappy at how we have played in the last two games. While some may be happy to go with the ‘it’s just about building up fitness’ line, the club are still charging people to come and watch these games so the players should still be expected to perform to a certain level. 

  7. 49 minutes ago, Scottydog said:

    Ok still a friendly same as QotS was but where is the "high press and quick attacking football" cos' I'm yet to see it.


    As I say very early days but with age comes experience and tbh I'm concerned.

    Yeah I’m with you there. One of the things Murray mentioned in his first interview was that teams would never out work us. We might not always win, but we would always work harder than the opposition. That’s not been the case in the last two games, both against ‘lesser’ opposition.

  8. 22 minutes ago, grumswall said:

    I'd be surprised if we signed another midfielder even on loan. Yes the two injuries leave us a little short in there but we can change the shape to suit what we have available should the need arise.

    I’d rather we used Scott Agnew as a stop gap to cover injuries than waste a loan on another centre midfielder.

  9. Watched the lotto draw online and noticed the club shop full of home tops. I phoned the club to ask if if they had a medium in stock to be told they are sold out are expecting a delivery later today. I asked roughly what time as I’d nip in and get one. The lady told me they hoped to get them in so they would be on sale at tonight’s game. I said that I had noticed them behind Tom Morgan in the video, only for the lady on the phone to get a bit embarrassed and say she didn’t know what the state of play was…

    I don’t mind them wanting to give people at tonight’s match priority it they are upfront about it but to tell a fib is a bit out of order.

  10. 16 minutes ago, Daz80 said:

    Not sure if you are referring to me, but I’m certainly not a hard man and I wasn’t so much criticising the video. But it was strange that they had two lads on it that only months before said they wouldn’t be back. I’m mates with a guy that still refuses to go back even though he is missing it badly, full respect for that, it wouldn’t be me though. I don’t think I’m a purer fan than others, but if you back to some of the tweets by people who was in that video then see what they were saying then I would say that was weird behaviour by grown adults. 

    Just because people were upset by the clubs actions a few months ago doesn’t mean that they feel any less passionate about supporting them. You’d have been hard pressed to have found many fans who weren’t pissed off at the time. Some were just more vocal than others.

  11. While there may be a few negative reviews from his former clubs, I’d like to think Ian Murray, being a former defender and playing at a good level, would be more than qualified to spot a good defender. I’m more than happy to trust his judgment on this one.

    I’d go as far as to say Murray is probably more likely to start himself at centre half next season than Liam Dick. Failing that it’ll be Scott Brown filling in until we get someone else in the door.

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