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  1. 1 hour ago, Scary Bear said:

    If we’re not careful this could end up as a re-run of last season?

    Just like last season, the midfielders were scoring enough goals to win us games. Goals tail off a bit as we head into Winter.

    Connell doing well enough at allowing the midfielders room to find spaces to score (see Ethon Varian last season) but we change things in the hunt for a goal scoring forward. Last season it was the awful DG signing. This season it’s been trying to integrate injured strikers (Vaughan and Gullan) back into the team.

    We haven’t had an out and out goal scorer since John Baird, and he was in the twilight of his career. It’s been a massive problem for us for a few seasons now and one that I can’t see being fixed this month. 

    I think, in the absence of a proper number 9, we need to play two up front but Murray doesn’t seem to want to.

  2. I just look at the whole thing as a marketing disaster. Surely if Sim wanted to sell up then he’d try and promote things a little better in the press. Complaining about funds not being allocated throughout the game, losses every year etc etc isn’t a great way to entice a buyer. Why not focus on the fact we gained promotion, won a cup, finished in the playoffs and have a fan base who regularly help the club out?

  3. 39 minutes ago, Enigma said:

    To be honest Arnott is probably wasted playing at that level with the ball flying over his head again and again…

    I’d be of the opposite opinion. Brechin are a team who like to get the ball down and play. Some of the opposition might be ‘hammer throwers’ but he’s then getting the best of both worlds. His team who play football and opponents who play long. That’s a good way to develop being exposed to both.

  4. The first half was as good a performance as I’ve seen in many a year from us. Second half was all about game management and not picking up any injuries etc.

    Liam Dick looks a completely different player this season. Even Ross Millen has turned a corner in the last few games. Although he’s not the marauding wing back Tumilty was, I think his crossing is excellent. 

  5. 10 minutes ago, Raith_Raver said:

    More or less my perception so far. I can't get the idea that "something is up 'though - what could be up other than not getting breaks, having a sub standard forward line and the fairly regular defensive brain freeze ? That explains our situation for me.

    I’d have to agree with this. If you take Saturday’s game as a prime example of where our season has been. We lost by one goal… Conceding once  in an away game to a side higher up the table isn’t a huge issue, it’s the fact that we can’t score at the other end that’s the problem. We have plenty creativity in the side, we just can’t hold the ball up or finish when the ball is in the box.

  6. While I agree the plans look great, I can’t help but feel slightly worried that the costs involved will have to come out of club funds either directly or indirectly. If SSP is spending lots of cash on this, does it mean that less is available to be invested in the football club?

    Lets be honest, why on earth do we need a new 4 storey building when the main stand has changing rooms, hospitality and conference suites available that already can’t be filled.

  7. That was a massive win for us yesterday. Not just to get consecutive wins on the board but getting minutes into Spencer and Matthews as well as starts and decent performances for some of the fringe players too. Add to that the imminent work permit for big John (hopefully).

    Cove has proved a difficult place for us recently so to get that particular monkey off our back with a makeshift team is another plus point. 

    Murray hasn’t had it easy so far since he joined. Let’s hope this is the start of things to come.

  8. 7 minutes ago, RedEd said:

    It has never officially been part of the anthem, and fell out of use shortly after 1745. At the time of the Jacobite rebellion the song was a hymn, not a national anthem and the verse wasn't included when it was adopted as the anthem later in the 18th century.

    Well that’s not true. The line is still part of the anthem and it was decided, as recently as 2010, not to remove the verse in question…


  9. I’d rather they didn’t do a minutes silence after seeing what happened at Tynecastle the other night. It just turns into a toxic atmosphere with fans turning on each other.

    If we need to do something (if postponing Saturdays game wasn’t enough) then do a minutes applause. That way people who don’t want to join in can do so without upsetting anyone.

  10. 35 minutes ago, Against The Machine said:

    I was a bit taken aback by that too. I can't be far off having seen every senior minute that Arnott has played, and while he's been broadly fine, with the odd good moments, I've not seen anything to suggest he's a legitimate squad option in the Championship at this point, let alone "good enough to start". 

    We're already at the point where we'll be leaving a good, senior central midfielder on the bench, and we've still got Matthews to come back. 

    If we'd just won two games on the bounce as opposed to losing two, nobody would be complaining about this. 

    Couldn’t agree more with what’s been said above. I’d also add the highland league is probably a far higher standard than some people are giving it credit for. It’ll certainly aid his development.

  11. 16 minutes ago, Bandohope said:

    Why would Goodwillie want a lump sum pay off unless he has an account of shore? If hes working elsewhere hes paying tax at a lower rate than max.Pay of would rob him of at approx 40% in one go.Even Mr Dean Park wouldn't pay out if he had any sense


    I’m not sure that’s accurate. I’m sure your tax code is calculated based on a years earnings.

    If he was paid 1,000 a week for a year (52k) he would pay the same amount of tax as he would on a one off 52k lump sum payment. 

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