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  1. I’d rather we used Scott Agnew as a stop gap to cover injuries than waste a loan on another centre midfielder.
  2. Watched the lotto draw online and noticed the club shop full of home tops. I phoned the club to ask if if they had a medium in stock to be told they are sold out are expecting a delivery later today. I asked roughly what time as I’d nip in and get one. The lady told me they hoped to get them in so they would be on sale at tonight’s game. I said that I had noticed them behind Tom Morgan in the video, only for the lady on the phone to get a bit embarrassed and say she didn’t know what the state of play was… I don’t mind them wanting to give people at tonight’s match priority it they are upfront about it but to tell a fib is a bit out of order.
  3. Really like the top. If the away one is white with navy pinstripes it’ll be a cracker!
  4. They resubmitted the lineup with him in it. Macdonald, Spencer and Matthews missing from the squad though. Also thought we might have had Agnew on the bench too
  5. Guessing it’s him rather than the one we had previously
  6. Just because people were upset by the clubs actions a few months ago doesn’t mean that they feel any less passionate about supporting them. You’d have been hard pressed to have found many fans who weren’t pissed off at the time. Some were just more vocal than others.
  7. Superb bit of work. I’m sure they speak for all of us.
  8. While there may be a few negative reviews from his former clubs, I’d like to think Ian Murray, being a former defender and playing at a good level, would be more than qualified to spot a good defender. I’m more than happy to trust his judgment on this one. I’d go as far as to say Murray is probably more likely to start himself at centre half next season than Liam Dick. Failing that it’ll be Scott Brown filling in until we get someone else in the door.
  9. In the nutmeg clip you can hear them shouting ‘Tony’ at the end… wonder who that could be?
  10. Murray did say that the squad would swell over the next few weeks to bigger than it’s ever been… or words to that effect.
  11. I don’t think it’ll be Matthews that will go. If anything, he will be the captain. When Murray talks about hard working players, no one in that team works harder than Rossco. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Zanatta go. Potentially someone might want to buy Ethan Ross but I doubt Murray would want to lose a player of his ability.
  12. Just to add to that, I also saw the post online about the Raith U14’s winning a cup. A side featuring Kieron Bowie’s twin younger brothers. It’s so pleasing to see the community side of things starting to shine through again!
  13. If you look at last season’s squad, apart from the youngsters we had three first team players, BRS, Keatings and McKay all loaned out that were deemed surplus to requirements. We also had Musonda who struggled to get a place in the team and was shoe horned into whatever position was available just to try and give him game time. If our new squad doesn’t allow for these kind of surplus numbers of obvious first team players then we still won’t be in a bad place.
  14. https://www.fifetoday.co.uk/sport/football/new-raith-rovers-boss-murray-set-to-trim-squad-size-3724657?fbclid=IwAR1irdVuMS-7cWWmY45Yhe0l0PaYeL136XKAlNkzkjEN-u7Vu4erdNGssUY&fs=e&s=cl When you see the number of players we had on the books (29) there’s no wonder we need to reduce that. I wouldn’t panic at that headline, it doesn’t mean we are in trouble.
  15. I remember thinking we would never get another Craig Wilson or another Jason Thomson, now it’s another Tumilty. These guys can all be replaced.
  16. He seemed to have a bit of a chip on his shoulder with us in the game at Starks. Scored two goals and made a point of giving the South Stand the ‘Get it up ye’ celebration both times.
  17. I think we have had the best midfield in the league for the past two seasons now. We just need someone up top!
  18. The article is a hard one to read, we have been praised in the past for our treatment of injured players, or more the fact that we have paid for operations etc. I can see why Mcglynn wanted him to train full time. We had just scrapped the hybrid model so he wasn’t going to want ‘anomalies’ otherwise he wouldn’t have changed the model in the first place. On the other hand it makes our due diligence look almost non existent. Surely there was a discussion had in the signing process about training expectations. As a few people have mentioned, it now casts a bit of doubt over our ‘bad luck’ in the long term injury department. I definitely think this new fresh start was needed, all things considered.
  19. Whether you buy one just now or wait until he’s been paid off, you’d still be contributing to his wages. Whether we like it or not, we all are!
  20. Pretty much exactly how I see it too. Mcglynn laid solid foundations. We just need someone to come in and add a freshness to it. So far so good for IM
  21. Don’t do it. You’re setting yourself and your son up for a lifetime of misery!
  22. I don’t think welcoming a new manager, the dawn of a new beginning etc etc is the right time to be asking about that tbf.
  23. The club is making progress however while he’s still on the books and with Sim happy to make public his unwanted views on the matter, I always feel like there’s a car crash waiting round the corner. We need him gone before we can properly move on.
  24. Are you suggesting that our board aren’t good with corporate governance?
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