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  1. While I agree the plans look great, I can’t help but feel slightly worried that the costs involved will have to come out of club funds either directly or indirectly. If SSP is spending lots of cash on this, does it mean that less is available to be invested in the football club? Lets be honest, why on earth do we need a new 4 storey building when the main stand has changing rooms, hospitality and conference suites available that already can’t be filled.
  2. Hold on… you and your wife are both gonna be wearing them? Together?
  3. That was a massive win for us yesterday. Not just to get consecutive wins on the board but getting minutes into Spencer and Matthews as well as starts and decent performances for some of the fringe players too. Add to that the imminent work permit for big John (hopefully). Cove has proved a difficult place for us recently so to get that particular monkey off our back with a makeshift team is another plus point. Murray hasn’t had it easy so far since he joined. Let’s hope this is the start of things to come.
  4. Na I’m not buying that. If he got injured training for us before he’d signed then he’s be screwed.
  5. Well that’s not true. The line is still part of the anthem and it was decided, as recently as 2010, not to remove the verse in question… https://www.thenational.scot/politics/19831872.line-crushing-rebellious-scots-god-save-queen/
  6. I’d rather they didn’t do a minutes silence after seeing what happened at Tynecastle the other night. It just turns into a toxic atmosphere with fans turning on each other. If we need to do something (if postponing Saturdays game wasn’t enough) then do a minutes applause. That way people who don’t want to join in can do so without upsetting anyone.
  7. Couldn’t agree more with what’s been said above. I’d also add the highland league is probably a far higher standard than some people are giving it credit for. It’ll certainly aid his development.
  8. I don’t think Killie would be too happy at loaning us another striker if it’ll only push another one of their strikers further down the pecking order. Kind of defeats the purpose of the loan.
  9. Were there any directors in there at the time sitting with a whisky whilst discussing signing targets with fans?
  10. I’m not sure that’s accurate. I’m sure your tax code is calculated based on a years earnings. If he was paid 1,000 a week for a year (52k) he would pay the same amount of tax as he would on a one off 52k lump sum payment.
  11. I wouldn’t say the price of hospitality is particularly bad, I think it’s the experience that’s the issue. I did it last season and I thought there was a lot the club could have done better. To begin with, the Raith Suite felt too sterile. Dim the lights a bit and get some music on. The menu was something along the lines of steak pie or chicken and gravy. How about modernising it a bit and offering a burger and chips, or pizza or something a bit less boring.
  12. Although I never thought I’d say these words, I actually think Liam Dick has played quite well this season so far.
  13. Someone on loan from Killie who Murray had at Airdrie apparently
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