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  1. I think there’s a bit more truth in it that you think. If we don’t finish in the top 4 now, it’ll be seen as a failure given our season so far.
  2. Beaten by the better team today. A poor game from us, brightened up a bit by ‘Fairmer’ who I could listen to all day!
  3. That’s because the BBC know nothing and are making it up as they go along.
  4. Imagine him and Frankie at the back together! I get the feeling though, especially after games like Saturday, that it’s more likely he will be replacing him.
  5. Yeah that’s true! Perhaps that’s why the club chose to announce this one!
  6. I think, after the Calum Elliot fiasco, announcing Pre Contracts should be banned. It also puts the player himself under pressure with his own clubs fans for the rest of the season.
  7. Ditto the comments regarding the commentary. Really good set up. The only negatives from me were the camera changes when the ball is on the left hand side of the pitch and the Goolan thing [emoji85]
  8. Bit harsh on Cardle. I thought he was decent enough while with us. We are also in the Jamie Mole victims group!
  9. That’s correct. We were after Rory Loy who signed for Dumbarton instead. We then turned to an unknown Kevin Nisbet who’d been freed by Partick Thistle and had a poor loan spell with Ayr United! The only thing any of us remembered about him was an open goal he’d missed while playing for Ayr!
  10. I think the club would rather have an evening kick off to maximise tv streams. Most folk are working during they day, even if that’s from home.
  11. I disagree. We would never have made anything significant from him even if we had a sell on clause when he signed for you. Nesbit moving on allowed Bowie to break into the team and make us a good profit. I definitely don’t think we are ‘losers’ in the situation. Since Nesbit played for us in league one, our club has gone from strength to strength both on and off the field. I’m more than happy with where we are just now. Can Dunfermline fans say the same about their club?
  12. Two Million is f**k all to an English team. Especially for a goalscorer. If he gets himself into the Scotland squad and does well at international level, his value will rocket. Anyway, back on to tomorrow night’s game. Is it likely to be on?
  13. 1: I think you need to lighten up. I’m pretty sure he was having a laugh. 2: What did he give up? He got released from Celtic and was a free transfer when we signed him.
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